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  1. Very welcome ! Hope it helps you _/\_
  2. @LfcCharlie4 Hi Can you please tell me the cost of their services ? Thanks :-)
  3. A lot of that is based on second hand knowledge. There are many biases common in smart people for example the bias of oversubscribing to the materialistic paradigm in the scientific community. That holds true even after such people are able to arrange a lot of data and make apparently compelling cases. Since the internet after 2000 the developments have been becoming more and more distributed. The real problem being a very rigid and low grade education system. Quite similar to the US but in the US the culture does offset that quite a lot , to my knowledge.
  4. @moon777light thanks !
  5. @Aquarius thanks, will try! @Serotoninluv hit it spot on. That's the problem I am having. Not enough grounding can be attained by visualization at this point. @hamedsf thank you!
  6. Hi moderator, There is no copyright on the second book's PDF as per law. The author died about 100 years ago. The particular format or rendering of one PDF maybe copyrighted but not its contents. So any publicly available link does not come under copyright as well. The same is true for many other books of that period as well.
  7. @hamedsf that requires trained or concentrated attention which I have lost due to depression and ironically its medication as well.
  8. Hi :-) Can you please share visualizations or strategy to break from the whole day monkey mind lack of productivity cycle ? Visualization of negative behaviors' outcome works a bit. Visualization for becoming conscious of death a bit less and visualization of working hard daily doesn't work at all for me. Could be because of anti depressants but want to get back now. Thanks ! P.S. I am off the anti depressants.
  9. There is a good general method given in the book the science of breathing by yogi Ramacharaka ji.
  10. @Hatfort Glad you liked it :-)
  11. Om swami Jis book on Kundalini , mantra science and his memoir answers the question.
  12. Can anyone tell me the best alternative to heartmath's heart rate variability training device (inner balance sensor or emwave 2)? I read that a couple top executives started using that in office to have control and mindfullness 10 hours a day. But it would look weird on me if I were to do it publicly :-D . So if possible I am looking for a chest strap with same type/level of training as heartmath's as that is very good.
  13. Okay. Thank you for replying
  14. Hi :-) Can you please tell me how should I go about mastering high quality content creation for public speaking gigs (in psychology , growth etc.) like you did ?