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  1. I am not sure if you are talking about the natural gift that women have with emotions and intuition. In that case, just get a mature enough guy. I manage with it well so does my best friend who invests a lot in personal growth. This synergy makes relationships much more fulfilling. So yeah, ideally a self-actualizer, somebody who invests in personal growth. If you are talking about erratic by taking unpredictability/playfulness to the extreme end then yes it is a huge turn-off for most of the guys. Generally speaking, I have seen that the guys who are attracted to this in the long term are themselves unable to handle being in a relationship and it is not worth being with them. They got issues.
  2. It is not Yellow. It gets many fundamentals wrong. Including fantasies of re-education of people. People don't work that way. Yellow understands this. Just using technology or basic planning does not make it Yellow. Plenty of Orange/Green does it in innovative ways. I would put it as Orange/Green. With more Orange integration needed. For eg. the issue of outside resource dependency still requires people there to face the same survival issues as the outside. Whether it is labeled such or not is irrelevant.
  3. I got older and,I could do about it. Nice article about systemic problems of projects like these along with personal experiences for the same. There are systemic issues that are ignored leading to the failure in such projects. The founder has fantastical ideas about skipping stages in both external survival issues and internal psychological development with "education". The "education" one especially always fails in the real world. People don't work that way in the real world. Auroville was founded 50 years ago. To this date, it is failing in most of the key areas due to the same systemic problems outlined in the article. Quality of life is still not good after 50 years, unable to attract more people or make it sustainable. A recurring theme enabling to observe some key principles.
  4. @Leo Gura Something looks fishy. For the other stages, the problem is of non-integration of the lower stages. But when it comes to saving your own set of values it is not enough spiral wizardry skill now? Are you saying this in the narrow context of MAGA or the broader contexts in which this problem is common?
  5. @aurum are you planning to shift there in the near future?
  6. @Preety_India Given your medical history, I believe there is only one way. Visualize your main specific goals (max 3) for 15 min. straight, for a period of 90 days, to rewire your subconscious. This is from Leo's LP course. You cannot miss it even for one day no matter what. Do it for 90 days consistently. It will fail if you skip it for even just 1 freakin' day. If you think you are about to die tomorrow still take the time to do this 15 min. exercise, just in case. At your current point in life, I believe that it will increase your productivity by 3-4 times. About 95 percent probability of success. Allow you to be productive for about 3-4 hours daily consistently for your chosen goal. (5 percent uncertainty is for trauma and depression-related conditions which are hard to predict). You can build the critical fundamentals as outlined by other people in this thread on top of this. Don't skip the 15 min. routine though.
  7. @lsd1-p Yeah. Reddit already has some of the most unique and toxic communities. In my own analysis as well the time for India to get the kind of achievements you are describing was about 25 years from now. So the insight you got is quite accurate. I am impressed How often do you trip? Do you get downloads like these every time?
  8. @Swarnim Not possible. From an engineering point of view alone the capability of such a system is about 1000-10,000x less than what is required. It literally could not host shit, let alone a social network. From a product intuition, great design that is updated frequently, innovating constantly to create a product that users love, etc. point of view again the capability is at least 1000x less than what is required. It has only worked in scenarios like Wikipedia which is basically just an archive and did not really create something new. The core requirements are exponentially less in cases like Wikipedia for eg. It is like asking a scientist to create an app for teleportation (or time travel) on a cheap android phone.
  9. @lsd1-p intresting stuff. anything else the mushroom predicted?
  10. @Danioover9000 I agree. These things take hundreds and thousands of years to scale. Forcing it and being impatient with it always leads to devilry.
  11. @Preety_India You are talking like Thanos now, bro. Integrate Orange please.