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  1. 1. From what I know in Canada truck driving is a lucrative career, training time is less, and the process to get a license is also relatively easy. You can check it out here: (with English subtitles). I understand if it is not worth your time. But if someone is really pressed for survival and it comes down to food bill issues then will definitely recommend considering it for the short-term in order to buy enough time to permanently solve survival level challenges. 2. Establish the one percent better Lifestyle You may be feeling overwhelmed now given that there are so many different skills and domains to get a handle on. For that will definitely recommend this book: Have the one percent better everyday philosophy as your lifestyle and you will grow enough to reach your goals in no time. If there is one book you will implement in the next 3 years let it be this. 3. Use the Law of Resonance You might have read about patients who can barely walk just after a couple of weeks of bed rest. It is fascinating that in just a couple of weeks of unuse, the muscles start atrophying to this degree, and retraining them to peak performance from there will take months of diet and physical training. A similar thing happens with many key skills and mental faculties which most people don't use since teenage due to a poorly designed education system. They are at the "barely able to walk" stage due to the atrophy. Law of Resonance simply states that as you get better the world around you gets better in order to match up to your level. A practical way to implement is to do a lot of personal development in areas like health, emotional wellbeing, spirituality, character(courage, peace, desire, etc.), intellect, etc. You can start with Mindvalley quests, Leo's book list, etc. You literally need not even begin working on career or finances for this as overtime successful implementations or executions of various ideals in even categories like character, and health leads to the development of those atrophied muscles and soon this Power of Effective Implementation that you have developed spills over to complex tasks like Carrer, LP, Passive income, etc. This is a key step. Just start doing personal development(get your dream body, train your mind to be worry-free, develop speed reading skills, etc. anything that you find fun) while measuring results strictly and the same abilities and mental faculties required to have a materially successful life are developed enough to pleasantly surprise you one day. You may start with 1-2 hours of personal development every day. 4. Disabuse yourself of the idea that you need degrees in order to succeed in the world today like other career certificates,hold a four-year degree. Especially in skills like computer programming. Look how Leo got a job at a studio. For these jobs, you just need to have an amazing portfolio, a high rank in competitions at CodeChef, etc. to simply demonstrate the skill you have developed with hundreds and thousands of hours of practice with resources that are freely available online at coursera, edx, interview cake etc. No need for a degree or university coursework.m 5. Work on interview psychology There are resources available to solve literally any problem under the sun you may face in the interviewing scenario and positioning yourself in the market. One of the best experts in this field is Ramit Sethi. His course Get your dream job is highly recommended. How to explain this gap in education and work experience to the company? Here: Similarly, dozens and hundreds of angles are already covered regarding positioning or any other obstacle that you may face. If you need help with something specific feel free to ask.
  2. Already realized it much before the video.
  3. @mmKay Which beeper did you use? I found one that vibrates once in every 60 min so was thinking of making one myself.
  4. @mihaipaulstd From what I understood, changing mindsets and beliefs according to the above model can help. For eg. 1. Imprinting a very inspiring vision of your Life Purpose or 3-5 year future. Visualization of the amazing opportunities, lifestyle, contribution, friends, financial freedom and complete abundance, etc. is very motivating and inspiring. You can couple that with your own why. Shakti Gawain's book on Creative Visualisation can give scripts for it. 10-15 min per day for few months reprograms the mind and one can feel his muse again. 2.Clearing resentments, fears, regrets, guilt, anger from the subconscious mind. It is important to note that we are talking about the subconscious mind here so you may not have cognition of all the blocks about the past as of yet but they may potentially weigh you down significantly. Sedona Method and journaling is good for this. Also a habit of reading self help books as that helps in recognizing the blocks. You can reprogram for past relationships that went wrong, money issues, circumstances, govt., yourself, god, etc. and that will start clearing subconscious anger, resistance, guilt etc. This is good for introduction: 3. Letting go of the how and attachment towards the vision. Nonattachment is not equal to nondesiring, in fact, nonattachment allows for the smooth flow of the flame of desire thereby increasing actual performance and results. Somewhat counterintuitive. Touched upon here: as the if....then model. Here as well: You can apply your own touch and perspective to the model, per your needs.
  5. @Husseinisdoingfine Basically, you need to balance skill and passion. Most people are not pragmatic about their passions. This does not contradict LP.
  6. @Elsiedottie Entrepreneurship is like making love whereas business is akin to fucking. jk
  7. @Javfly33 Ramit Sethi's Get Your Dream Job course is awesome for this. I've been through the training program. With it, you can become the top 1% of all candidates in terms of interviewing skills alone. The quality is comparable to Leo's LP course. It's like you hired a team of researchers who went through several interviews, collected several data points, created insights and approaches, and field-tested those to find some of the best approaches. Here: If you live in the US(?) ranking high on CodeChef and SPOJ will definitely help and there are training practices to get you there with certainty. If you would like you can PM me and I can share some of the best training programs and resources for that based on your country and the companies you are targeting. Hope it helps.
  8. @Preety_India People here are less judgmental than the avg. public. You are loved here.
  9. You are overreacting, my friend. I have seen you make several threads and thought maybe you could use OneNote as it offers better organization and options than the forum. It's not even about this one thread.
  10. @Preety_India You can use OneNote to want to post things that are more personal. It has options to create unlimited one-page journals such as these.
  11. @Gesundheit Place the angel archetype at number 10
  12. I know it serves both functions. Similar visioneering tactics are used by founders and business leaders frequently with great results. Including flying cars But the fact that it is going to come up in full manifestation before 2030 or anything close is leading him to worry so worthwhile highlighting that it is exaggerated like AI coming up in a couple decades etc. is.
  13. I like the diet plan in Wild Fit by Eric edmeades.
  14. It is greatly exaggerated though. Like flying cars, permanent base on the moon, AI, and heck even automation in some cases.