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  1. Happy belated birthday Leo ! Thanks for everything
  2. Hi Leo, Welcome back! :-) The yogis teach the following : Spirit is infinite and purely creative with infinite power for creation. Always looking to create. A person can express as much of this power as much he/she can consciously realize his identity with the spirit or consciously connect with the spirit. The degree of his manifesting power depends on his degree of conscious realization , connection or identity with the spirit.But after the evolution or unfoldment of that particular person along this line ,this power passes down to the subconscious plane and now expressing this power becomes easier and can be done even in waking states, it becomes "his second nature" as it were and many things are now automatic. After that passing down the individual always feels a sense of freedom because he is always conscious of this realization or connection with the spirit and its power (to create or change "destiny"). This is not a mere intellectual assertion, it is a very deep knowing/being state which comes from within all the time. But it is not just a knowing, it can also be expressed practically for manifesting powerful changes in the world. Basically, the model can be summarized as: Identification/conscious realization/conscious connection with the spirit is possible. Higher the degree of that conscious identification or realization, higher is the manifesting power of the individual. Up to infinity. After the evolution of a person along this line it becomes his second nature, the power now can be expressed in waking states and many things are automatically taken care of. After it is internalized that particular aspect gives him an inner knowing or feeling according to the "flavour" of internalization. For example, the individual might feel like having all the freedom all the time, a feeling of being eternal etc. But that internalization is not just a feeling, it can be expressed in the practical world as well, as it gives the skills or powers related to that particular realization or facet of reality. You described and mentioned a lot of facets of reality or attributes/aspects of God in your solo retreat notes. My doubt is that does the above model apply to the following facets of reality or attributes of Spirit? · Infinite intelligence · Infinite love · Infinite creativity · Infinite pure consciousness i.e. Can I have a realization of infinite intelligence? Can I express it in my ideas, creative ideas, genius ability by pulling it out of that field? Can I increase the degree of it? Can I feel that divine love all the times in my waking consciousness? Can I feel the inner consciousness of it which would make me unselfish? Can I increase the degree of it?... Any advise ,hint or tip would also be very appreciated :-) Please let me know if I need to make myself clear on some point. P.S. These are some of the best metaphysics books I have ever read. You need not buy them if you do not want to, you can also just click on the title of that particular book to get it for free. Thank you for reading!
  3. Very good advice.Thanks! I suppose it comes from intuition, right?
  4. The Buddhists go so far as to assert that “The Will to Live” is the real Creative Power of and in Nature—and which is the “cause” of the continuous process of Creative Evolution. The following quotation from Subhadra Bhikshu, a Buddhist writer, gives a general idea of the Buddhistic conception of the power and offices of Desire as the Creative Principle of Nature. This writer says: “The Will‑to‑Live inherent in all of us, and the essential factor in our being, is the true creative power; it is the cause of our existence, and is, in fact, the Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer of all things. The term ‘the Will‑to‑Live,’ in the Buddhist sense of the word, does not merely imply what the Western world understands by ‘conscious will,’ but rather that instinctive life‑love which, partly consciously, partly unconsciously to themselves, is inherent in all living beings, animals and plants, as well as man. In this term, ‘the Will‑to‑Live,’ or craving for existence, are summed up all those functions, powers, desires, inclinations and disinclinations, which tend to the preservation of life, and the acquisition of comfort and enjoyment. “The Western student of Buddhism must be repeatedly reminded not to confound ‘the Will‑to‑Live’—that is, the desire for life, cleaving to existence—with the ‘conscious will’ or the so‑called ‘free will.’ Conscious will is but a fraction of the whole ‘Will‑to‑Live’—namely, such portion as passes through the organ of the brain, which is the vehicle of consciousness. But the greater portion of ‘the Will‑to‑Live’ never reaches consciousness in plants and animals, and but imperfectly in men. It shows itself as a mere blind instinct, an inveterate cleaving to existence, an effort to grasp at everything that makes life pleasant, and to avoid whatever hurts or endangers it.” If anyone knows then please tell me as well :-) Thanks for reading
  5. @Leo Gura Thank you very much for the valuable insights and warning. Thank you for responding
  6. @Leo Gura Thank you so much for taking the time to answer! I see the problem and will act accordingly :-) Last question. I intend to give value to people in another field that I love (related to personal development and growth). I am one of the best in that (narrow,specific) subject as verified by industry veterans and have comprehended about 6500 hours worth of content + research and later verified my ideas and what I learned by giving real-world ideas to those who can implement them for me and also applied them on me (and some of my close friends ...) . It works ! My main intention is to "stand on my own feet" so that I can start providing value to the world (I mean I will already start it but I do need some capital for the expenses and early-stage growth/momentum) ...Is it all right if I do day trading to keep up with with the expenses while doing so? I also do not have any other way to get capital for this project of mine for the next 5-10 years and if I wait the opportunity cost would be very, very significant.
  7. @Girzo It is not really quick ,overnight or easy ... nowhere close to it... Thank you for sharing your approach...
  8. @Shiva Thank you for your time and advise, it really helps :-)
  9. Hi Leo, You said on this forum that "Trading stocks and currency is super dangerous. Because fundamentally you aren't offering any value. You are just trying to be a leech. So karma will get you." What if I offer some kind of value. I have a lot of connections and mentees already...I can easily get 50-100 mentees and coach them on a 1-on-1 basis on how to make money from the stock market so that they can be financially independent too.1 hour daily chat + live trading and 1 hour 1-on-1 guidance per member per month to guide them to their success. Will do it for free. Can do the above really competently because I consistently make money and have really solid metrics (as verified by industry veterans that I connected with and paid for their mentorship) I am not doing it just for the sake of earning positive karma or offsetting the negative karma as suggested in what you said above, I really mean to do it. I have 2 questions: 1. Will my above attempt to provide value offset significantly or overpower that negative karma you suggested in what you said or it won't? 2. Any other way you think I can add/provide value while day trading? If I am making an error I am genuinely willing to correct myself but I really need some advice. Thank you for reading! P.S. I do not really want to do day trading forever or even long-term...just need some capital to express my ideas and build a product ( which provides value ) and having a fall back plus a source of income and capital while building an MVP and experiment with my idea(s)...
  10. Hi guys, I suppose that some of you guys are researching about Akashic records ,intuition and accessing information so I'd share this... This is channeled by Neale Donald Walsch(author of Conversation With God books): “Just know that when you need to know anything in particular, you can access it. You can reach into the Akashic Records, the Eternality, the All of It. You, and everyone else, can access all the wisdom, all the understanding, all the truth, all the awareness, all the insight you need when you need it, by inviting your mind to go to the level of Soul, which will then reach into the Allness of Everything and bring back a particular piece of information as it serves you to have it. And you will know it clearly when you see it. There will be no problem of recognition.” Looks important to me, especially when I connect this with other facts that I collected on this subject. :-)
  11. @Leo Gura Thanks for the reply. Can you please confirm, deny (or neither confirm nordeny ) that akashic records are the infinite intelligence that is the source of genius?
  12. @Leo Gura Care to list the ones that you found worthy? I think the last time I checked I did not find a book on that topic on your book list, maybe I missed it. I have been researching on that for quite a while and any help would be very appreciated. Leo, Is it true that akashic records are the infinite intelligence that is the source of genius?
  13. You mentioned on the above (time stamped) video that there will be future episodes on how to connect with the Infinite Intelligence. Could you please give us a rough estimate of by when the next episode(s) are expected to be released? Asking because it will have very significant personal growth implications.
  14. @Leo Gura Can you please explain that statement just a bit more for me? (especially the insights part...) Any guidance would be much appreciated :-)
  15. Yes, it does. The higher your state of consciousness is, the better and more certainly it works. Check out Bending Reality by Vishen Lakhiani ...It is free and you can google the name.