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  1. The poll was if they should exist. Not if they exist. Obviously they existed. :-D Error in typing.
  2. As stated above there is direct benefit as politicians manipulate and get some extra votes. Some extra votes can change careers. As stated above sometimes a policy may be adopted by a politician based on polls. But this is rare. Politicians' major use is for marketing and campaigning. They don't actually use the data in making better policy decisions or educate the people when they are wrong. For eg. Nate Silver, respected statistician, polled young people and found that their left ward movement is tiny. Basically same as the previous generation who are around the center overall. (Can't find the link but avail. On five thirty eight). Politician like Elizabeth Warren will see this data and see an extreme tax will not work. So she uses phrases like only "2 cents on the dollar" where as in reality her tax is like 90%. This data is very useful in Marketing. Consultants are paid. Marketers are paid. Researchers are paid. It has billions of dollars worth of value to any political group. You can see how this is atleast a multi hundred million dollars industry. Wall Street uses this data to adjust their activity to productively run the economy. Let's say 30 percent of the wall st. Is corrupted. The remaining part is still essential because banking is an essential function of the society in the 21st century. All this data helps them adjust. Sincere analysts can and do draw insights about the real growth direction of society from it. And leaders can take proper decisions from it. But still most political leaders use it for better marketing primarily. Not better policy. As eg. 70 or so years ago. (can't recall exactly) there was a Gallup poll with question if people with net worths more than 1 million dollars exist. About 40 percent said no and that was the public sentiment back then. They were ready to confiscate assets above 1 million dollars. If this was implemented then America would be much poorer today because of lack of innovation. Good Leaders today can learn from the the often myopic views that the populace had held, given such data, and take better decisions. But most political leaders only use it for better marketing and messaging. Similar data is avail. For sentiment around Automation and that can be used to get better insights as well by different groups in wall street, visionaries in academia, economists etc. mostly excluding the politicians :-D
  3. This is inaccurate for one more reason. There are two types of astrology calculative astrology and predictive astrology. Predictive astrology is done by the Astrologers. Even the best Software only has 4-5% of the capacity required to do Predictive astrology. The avg. should be around 1% based on my experience. Maybe in future it will increase. You are right about calculative astrology. Internet services do that really well. Most of the hype and culture of Astrology is around Predictive Astrology.
  4. That is irrelevant. The Masters of astrology had a different approach back then. In one classical text it is even written that Astrology is for the fun and laughter of "intellectual people". The approach was vastly different then. Technically as well it is corrupted. Few examples. Most Astrologers use a simplistic and inaccurate approach to calculate Mangalik Dosa. (Presence in the 5 houses as compared to the orignal of accounting for and cancelling out many other forces). In the Astrologer community there is no consensus on Kaalsarpa dosa, what it really means. It is made up. Seven and a half years of Saturn are promoted with Superstitious awe by Astrologers themselves. Harshal is considered as a negative by them. But in truth it is more complex and nuanced. The System of Remedies by Gemstones was not practiced originally. Now atleast 50% astrologers recommend gemstones plus close to 100% recommend other superstitious remedies. Eg. Wear this gemstone for an increase in wealth in order to counter the negative effects of a planet on your finances. All these above stated things were much more technically sound before. Say what you will but this a simple fact. As for researching, texts were avail. before. and the knowledge was avail. in a guru-shisya system (the system of education before). And it is also a Vedanga. Meaning a key aspect of the Vedas. The knowledge of the Vedas was common before. That was literally the curriculum or syllabus. So yeah it was not as hard as you imagine.
  5. It does not usually convince enough people. As evident. Sometimes there is pressure given the numbers. But that is rare. It does benefit politicians but polls can't really change everything. It is used in combination with memetic inoculation. Polls are just one way. They have other tools and all of them are used together.
  6. Another incentive is to collect a lot of data even for its own sake. 100s of thousands of data points are collected and then analysed later as per need. There is an entire machinery dedicated just for collection of such data.
  7. Overall, polls on the internet are easily manipulated which are then use to manipulate. So that is one incentive.
  8. Astrology as practiced today is mostly BS. Originally it was much better. One primary use was to calculate proper times for chanting and meditation to get the most benefits. Now percentage wise the fake and misleading approach is the primary practice.
  9. On top of it Astrology does not have methods to calculate law of attraction that you may channel, will, other elements of universe and mind, etc. So it presents a very incomplete picture. One of the yogic secrets goes as follows. "One who can change their own nature can potentially even change the nature of the whole universe". This element of the will's ability to control its own emotions (like anger, fear, etc.) and reinvent oneself such that the decison making changes and hence the outcomes in life change is also not covered in Astrology. Emotional control and reinvention of dominant emotions and attitudes is one great secret because then the decision making changes. Really hard to do in practice though.
  10. Have you read the book If Truth Be Told by Om Swami? It is on Leo's book list as well. The author has that superhuman intuition. He said that he meets about 4000 people individually,per year. Plus 2000-3000 people in groups. Total 6-7000 people. He noticed this interesting thing with his superhuman intuition. When people come to him and ask him if some of their specific work or goal or vision will be successfully accomplished or not 80-90% of the time the future is not even written. It is upto the person at that point. Before becoming a monk he read 15000 horoscopes. There also he observed the same thing. 80-90% future is can be changed. (With intuition it was found that it is not written. In Astrology he found 80-90% "future" is changeable. Subtle difference but yeah both are pointing to the same thing) This is where it gets insightful. The framing of astrology as practiced today is wrong. (Originally Astrology was practiced in a completely different manner). The framing of astrology makes it look like the dreams or vision cannot be realised because it is not written in horoscope but in truth 80-90% of the time nothing is written. From other perspective astrology can make it look like you don't have the power to realise/create your vision (at the moment). Through inacurate framing it is common for people to have such skill and power as their default state. This is a silly expectation because who does? It is not like that is the default state that we can all expect. But instead of explicitly stating it like this a game of framing is used to hide this approach of Astrology. If the approach was made explicit people will see through it.
  11. @thisintegrated I will be back online in some time. Will definitely discuss it in more detail.
  12. says%2C “Whereas some ascetics,outcome of these things.” Lord a star disturbs my,take good food and rest. There are quotations in the book Autobiography of a Yogi as well.
  13. I have seen people making very detailed and correct predictions once they master the whole system. (12 houses, movements ,combinations etc.) But the real masters of astrology (or saints and sages who have transcended the need to even look at it by having a highly developed intuition) consider it a pseudoscience and are against believing in it instead of believing in one's own will and effort.
  14. Great thread on key differences between the Left and the Far-Left/Alt-Left.
  15. I think their implementation will be inline with this principle but yeah it is a valid doubt. Time will tell. Hoping for the best. Let's see. It would be good if social media has a major innovation for users now. About time.