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  1. @montecristo Hi! The thing is that there is no consumer grade solution to it, as of now. It requires a certain degree of research and learning on your own part. The system is centered around the TAG Sync protocol. Some experiences regarding it from Reddit: "I feel like I am entering more into an "actionless" state that is only self-aware. I will still experience occasional thoughts but over time they have started feeling less and less important, I pay very little attention to them now, its like they are held in a larger space of awareness, its like a larger "pool" where the ripples they create are smaller. I feel like visualizations are similar to thoughts, they are like graspings at the conceptual mind level. Feelings will arise that are increasingly peaceful and blissful, but I think this is not the main goal but rather like an effect. The main point for me seems to be creating loops of self-awareness, seems to correlate with the phase resets so I use them as guides to shift my being. I will feel a sort of spacious awareness that extends way beyond my body, but I feel like awareness itself is beyond space." "I totally agree about that interpretation of TAG Sync, I experienced this very strongly in my last session. I have not studied mahamudra meditation (I am going to now though I think :)) but the effects were very clear to me. I felt the sense of really understanding how I could make the "phase reset" bell ring, and I felt like I could do this at will almost. I have experienced the feeling of consciously influencing the phase reset before but not this strongly, it all had to do with my awareness, and as you say awareness of awareness. It is kind of like a mirror reflecting itself into infinity. Awareness is not a thought, and I am not sure if it is even a feeling, we take it for granted for the most part I think so it is hard to describe what awareness is exactly." "The essence of 'attention' (which Entropy works well for), or the essence of 'awareness' (which TAGsync works well for). It seems like it should be a lot harder than that, because these are sought after faculties that can powerfully shape our experience and lead to experiences that are extremely potent or might even be called 'mystical', but neurofeedback will point to it well enough to serve as a good teacher on how to work with them, if you decide to use it that way. There's still a huge learning and skill component, but it takes a huge amount of guesswork and doubt out of it and makes it really fun and efficient." You can find more at: and here: Technical Guidance: The basic hardware/software requirement includes, Q-Wiz 4 Channel Amplifier, Bio-Explorer software, and the TAG Sync add-on/protocol design which can be bought from here: Gives a step by step plan to configure the software. Gives an overview of resources,step by step plan, technical FAQ etc. Important resource for reference while navigating this technically challenging setup. BioExp - Installation Guide (Rev 3 June 2020).pdf BioExp - Operations - Introduction (Rev 3 June 2020).pdf BioExp - Screen with Descriptions (Rev 3 June 2020).pdf BioExp - Using Your Live Complexity Training x2 Screens (Rev 3 June 2020).pdf Setup Guides with screenshots. Contact of Douglas Dailey (creator of TAG Sync): He also offers consultations which I think is valuable to learn the training as not many will figure it out themselves. Total Cost is expected to be about 2-3K USD. But could be way higher 4-5K if you choose to get guidance from multiple trainers or consultants online. Negative Experiences Dave Aspery, founder of 40 Years of Zen, said this when I asked him about the possibility of reverse engineering a potent neurofeedback solution at home. "I started out with this mindset as well. It is very easy to do unwanted or damaging things to your brain that aren’t driven by a neuroscientist. Honestly cannot recommend without a neuroscientist confirming. " Another example of negative experiences found here: "So important to do a Qeeg. You can always decrease the frontal alpha and theta. or do a smr up on the front right and low beta up on the front left while decreasing theta and delta (alpha should eventually auto correct." "Absolutely. But providing a protocol that encourages alpha/theta frontal increases to virtually anyone is dangerous and should not be encouraged. His screens require an experienced practitioner." And here: Personally, I will definitely caution against doing it without the right guidance also the learning curve is pretty steep and access to the trainers makes it way more easier and scalable across the population. Information provided without any guarantee at all, this is a complex technical field and there is at least some financial or health risk involved :-) If anyone has any important suggestion or insight then please do post it.
  2. In context with the latest happenings and the need to be actively anti-racist.
  3. @Trickyp As a Vaishnavaite , I doubt that. Even if it was written it was a misinterpretation of the true teachings available even then, to my limited understanding. Or maybe it is out of context. Pure could have ment unadulterated crap. Unlike love, in the human form, which can be conditional.
  4. it seems like you took the road less traveled in this case as well. @Leo Gura
  5. Lol , Leo.
  6. I thought about the gap between the real world skills required to pursue computer science engineering taking about a few thousand hours to truly master versus what the Indian system requires to go through , for the same few thousand hours in order to pass a competitive exam. What a waste.
  7. @Leo Gura Love and surrender is commonly considered to be the end of all as well as thrown out a lot in spiritual circles. Somehow you are a sinner if you don't let go of practicality. Love alone won't feed someone who is hungry , you need some form of power and thinking on your own to do this. I think power must also be one of the fundamental building blocks of reality and not just love/surrender. And there must be implications to that understanding in the daily lives as well. If properly understood. What do you say?
  8. @Leo Gura sincerely, how do I reconcile that with the fact that love without power is anemic?
  9. @electroBeam If there is no change then Everything , including its subset every possibility ,must exist simultaneously with Nothing.
  10. Love you Leo! Thanks for existing :-)
  11. I believe I have almost reverse engineered Leo's 100x meditation protocol(s). If I am able to get any hints regarding the position of the electrodes or the preferred sets of it then it will help me zero in on the exact one(s). The candidate design(s)/protocol(s) for the software are identified. And some sources from where to get the training as well. Seems realistic to complete it within the next 2-3 months given my schedule. I have also identified some more protocols that could possibly go even beyond this. @Skin-encapsulatedego Sure! Are 2 channel protocols enough or should I keep looking for 4 channel ones? @Leo Gura The Hawaii video hints a two channel protocol. But not sure if that is all to it.
  12. First Version: 1. Hardware: pocket neurobics q wiz 2. Software: BioExplorer 3. Training: Alpha theta training add on for BioExplorer. 4. Training and research resources for full training protocols: unsure as of yet. Cost <2000 usd.
  13. The device looks exactly like this. Some of you wanted the name of the device. I think that is it.