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  1. Hey, sorry to hear. You re right there is not much you can do and you are bound to suffering But There is hope. Intention and inner strength and self reassurance is a powerful tool to transform outcomes. you have gathered enough pain, you will grow in this and that will help. Meanwhile you can remove all sources of metals from your drinks and meals. Don't drink tap water, don't eat fish or cheese. Don't eat white cheap rice and cocoa and coffee. Try a proper plant based diet.
  2. What you guys don't see it what even you Oranges will benefit under Green. This whole what is a Yellow society is an Orange ego cry for avoiding self development into Green that started with putting itself on Yellow falsely.
  3. Green has ripe emotionality and morality. To understand Green you must understand it on an emotional level. Yellow won't stand for blue to be homophobic because it feels like it needs to integrate blue. Because lower stages are integrated. Im that sense yellow uses Green's emotional and moral ripeness to system forming as a whole. What yellow may do however is allow for a non dominant subculture to express its dark aspects.
  4. That's way better
  5. @ValiantSalvatore @ValiantSalvatore Lol
  6. @zazen @zazen Stage Green love is not a market and it's not like a market.
  7. @ValiantSalvatore @ValiantSalvatore Can you explain what yellow laws are? Veganism is a solid stage Green position and a solution to a lot of big problems.
  8. @Heinrich Faust I don't think this will lead anywhere It's perceptional difference we have not understanding.
  9. @Raptorsin7 Why?
  10. @Leo Gura Why? I have already done that.
  11. @zazen You're laying on a bit thick
  12. @zazen @zazen You're functioning under the same axiomatic problem again. You won't be able to the defeat it if you look at its results and not itself.
  13. @zazen @zazen You're just making it worse. Instead of simply answering you put on-top of your response another delusion for you not to rethink.