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  1. It really depends on the lands they are grown on, how it has been treated. but you should be fine, just peel.
  2. The rise of green will elevate these problems more and more slowly god i don't like using that spiral dynamics stuff
  3. doesn't he have a room?
  4. i don't know it depends on what organic in the farming practice. but if you peel them most is out. so they say
  5. Already done. Eat brown rice rather btw. it depends on where it has been grown, but mostly yeah it contaminated with shit from bad farming.
  6. well any lower level doesn't have the emotional resilience yet to do that to a significant extend compared to the higher. orange is too attached to certain ways of seeing itself within the world and seeing the world too let go of it. it is painful to let go of these things and they did not learn yet to subject themselves to consciously be uncomfortable to achieve something more than they are, yet. that is why it takes outside pain source for most to make them get out of it.
  7. reception of projected imagination is experience. in any form.
  8. uff, tough situation. maybe you can show her that studying is better than getting grades via seduction?
  9. Friend, i think Joe is just an easy girl, like one of those that Leo meets during his night adventures
  10. because it's funny yeah but he also does the same with other people. he just gives a platform to most people, even those that oppose his personal life style, i guess
  11. huh, that's funny. Is he though? I thought he was just using an inappropriate term for laughs and giggles
  12. I don't think policing joe will get you where you think it will Well can you explain why i wouldn't? What's his history?
  13. Okay, maybe. There are just better priorities to set i believe. I wouldn't go that fat.
  14. Well then that seems like a good attention signal for her podcast, i guess?
  15. if she got nothing else to do with her life