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  1. whats the state behind that name for you
  2. yes now here comes the tricky part. now physical reality is for everyone experience differently and there is something higher that allows those to have a sharing of certain experiences with others depending on the intersections of their perceptions. if the intersections are too few then realities diverge and will not be shared and eventually deleted as a memory from their past, usually. so you are generating everyone else and everything else, you are just generating your version of them and so are they with you
  3. yeeeeeah, no
  4. in a sense others do exists the same way you exist. god has no restrictions on any thing so it can appear as 2 separate things in different locations simultaniously with infintie speed, so in that sense, 2 people are from the same but still stand opposing eachother as seperate because the process of being 2 people is instant, not just an imagination of your human mind.
  5. wooooooooooaaaaa, wtf did i just hear
  6. doesn't need to be original. just do what creativity says and you like bro
  7. the only todd i know is todd howard
  8. integrate a solid healthy green and thinking won't be trap whole
  9. try staring your own shit
  10. the natives brew with pure plants and all that. you might have gotten poisons in there. the aya might have protected you by not letting you trip hard.
  11. @Leo Gura btw leo, black wizards cannot heal health conditions, because they dont have much heath themselves. for black magic you have to break your soul over and over. like with the sequence 1/2*n. it's really bad you went to one regarding your thyroid condition.
  12. no, he has complete surpressed his inner child. its crying for help it so unhealthy to him psychopathized himself so much
  13. i think ben shapiso has serious psychological condition
  14. sounds like a boring thing to do, why would you wanna do that