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  1. Go low fat vegan.
  2. This is not merely competition it's exploitation. Competition can be done when both parties agree to create in their own originality according to a standard of judgement they agreed upon.
  3. You guys, one can definitely become more in tune with their feminine and masculine side. It's not something you are clear about by default with yourself.
  4. Once on a hot summer day, two bats were hanging from a branch like broiled brats, when suddenly they saw a trace of a paw on the garden below from a cat who was chasing after a rat then the other bat thought and chat to its friend that it be funny to scat from our slat onto the grass bed for the rat and the cat to step at and so the plan was set.
  5. Your problem here is wanting to be feminine enough for some skewed ideal not your level of femininity. If you are not attracted to strongly male dominated men, consider yourself lucky. Women who are accracted to male dominated men are not necessarily strongly female dominated themselves.
  6. @Vzdoh No, your whole comment is an attempt at justifying to yourself not accepting that. You will be a waft towards exactly that type of dating and relationship dynamics the PUA is talking about if you don't let go fo your man ideals.
  7. @Vzdoh Understand that men have a female side as well and it is not only in his nature to always complement your female side with his masculinity. Sometimes it's the other way around. If there is a balancing interplay between a man's female and male side and a woman's female and male side, is when the relationships are stable. Do not expect men to always be in male mode for you.
  8. @tatsumaru Are you sure this follows from competition and not exploitation? What is your understanding of the nature of competition, a definition. Can you not have a conscious way of competing and even out the results after a win?
  9. Because they imagine they can't deal with them or any possible probelmatic situation that comes up. It's just immature fears.
  10. Yes
  11. Nothing wrong with being an older women, you guys.
  12. @mivafofa It is not my intention to deny the atrocious acts psychopaths and alike commit, I am all for protecting people from such harm. Should anything I said trigger something personal I deeply am sorry for that. When I first wrote the post it was directed at Leokovski so I did not consider to formulate my response in more detail.