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  1. I will probably get banned or receive more warning points for this and if so, that will be a perfect example of spiritual hypocrisy. For a few years now I have followed Leo's teachings. Since his channel took a dark turn into solipsism and utter madness, I've watched people go batshit crazy and descend into some of the worst cases of depression imaginable. @Paul92 actually tried to kill himself and there are almost certainly other cases. I hope you're still with us, Paul. I'm sure that as I write this there are many more poor sods out there thinking that their loved ones don't exist and they're all alone. If you're one of those people, please hang in there because I'm here for you and have experienced the sheer terror of what you are going through. I have to praise Leo for his "extraordinary human mind" as he puts it himself. Had Leo stuck with engineering, his contributions to the field would have been utterly groundbreaking to say the least. Alternatively, If he had kept as a personal development as opposed to the personal destruction platform which it has now become, he could have hugely enriched the lives of billions of people given the time. Well tragically, he will not be the driving force behind any of those great things. More and more people are beginning to see through his sickening brainwashing and mind games. Zzenn from Unspirituality, a few other people and myself will work to expose leo, reducing the amount of lives he ruins. When Leo gets exposed properly, he will be forced into the shadows where he now belongs. Leo's brainwashing would probably not work and the things he says would be instantly dismissed as psychopathic ramblings if it weren't for the very strong following and foundation of credibility he has built for himself over the years while he was creating genuinely helpful content. He was, in my opinion, unmatched. He was the go to source for getting your shit together. His brainwashing and gaslighting techniques are subtle, intelligently crafted and extremely effective. Every person has this feeling within them at times that there's maybe more to life or that it contains some deeper mystery. Leo skilfully exploits that aspect of you by making statements like: "Deep down you know this." or "You're too afraid to accept it" And I'm detecting an undertone of desperation here: "It's the absolute truth." With that statement, he is now on the level of a bible bashing Christian from Texas. He presents in a very arrogant, yet charming and authoritative manner which makes what is being taught all the more convincing to both your conscious and subconscious. He drums his toxic ideologies in deeper by using his killer phrase "You can verify this in your direct experience" This is after he has told you over the course of two plus hours what HE wants you to verify during your psychedelic trip! HE is the one who takes the DMT and in his trip concludes that I, am god! The utter absurdity of it is immensely hilarious yet tragic. I saved his most powerful and dangerous phrase for last: "Don't believe me" You will believe him though and he knows it. It's exactly what he wants. The statement is used to make Leo come across as totally genuine. My ultimate test of Leo's teachings Test 1 Leo. I am alone. I created and am imagining you. You have no experience of reality of your own because, you are just an illusion I'm imagining. In that case you will not mind at all sending me say £500 every month? As you don't exist and are a man who promotes infinite love and selflessness, you can not possibly have any issues with this relatively small request whatsoever. After all, you are now fleecing the gullible via Patreon to the tune of $4,225 per month on top of what you were earning previously. (The cash will be used to develop affordable battery management systems and inverter technology for electric vehicle projects). Test 2 I am god, there is no other than myself. Delete all your videos containing this teaching and tell the world that Shaun is god. If your teachings are really true, you will have no issues with that one either. Of course, you can't do that. You can not possibly say that Shaun is god as you know that will not work. You know you're presenting to millions of people therefore you use "you" so that you can delude every individual person into your sick doctrine of solipsism. I can see straight through you, Leo. You fooled me in the past, almost to the point of suicide. You will fool me no longer. Be proud to be human. Be proud to Exist. There's much beauty to be found in that.
  2. There is another assumption made here that the people living in the duality side are "contracted and trapped" in that duality. One can see many examples of unenlightened people living some of the most fulfilling lives imaginable while doing great things for humanity at the same time.
  3. You assume that something stops existing when someone is not looking at it.
  4. I would advise you to have a look at Rupert Spiras video called "grief is not essential to you". Your loved ones are not fake cardboard cutouts. That's solipsism.
  5. Is there any truth to this at all? Please let me know your thoughts as this used to be a great source of joy and wonder in my life.
  6. Well, as you have said to me before Leo, when you appear to be addressing someone else, you are actually addressing me. So my question to myself is how can I totally shut down reality in such a way that it will never start up again? Please help me out on this one.
  7. My view on it is that it's impossible to prove since all experience is subjective - meaning that it must appear to a perspective, whether that is a fly, human or camera or whatever else. Could there ever be an objective experience? I doubt it. The strongest piece of evidence there is for an objective something, be it a physical or mind/consciousness based world is that you can hold up an orange and every sane person will agree with you on what and where it is. This suggests there may be something that is objective and exists independently of your current experience. I hope this helps.
  8. You're right there. Humanity needs to get rid of meat and dairy completely. It's almost as bad as the holocaust yet not enough people are complaining.
  9. Yes, very irresponsibly. Until the the planes are electric, I won't be flying anywhere.
  10. Correct. You don't try to fly by flapping with your arms, because you know it wont work. I am dead. You are utterly brilliant. I laughed harder than Elon Musk when he did meme review.
  11. I love the way you think.
  12. I hope to fuck that its really this way. I just want to create a really good life and then be done with it forever.
  13. Everyone: We will remember them. Leo: The first world war is imaginary Everyone: