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  1. Leo's just an illusion that i am imagining. Same for everything and everyone else. Might as well take a long walk off a short pier because forgetting all the shit I've learned and experienced and going back to sleep in another incarnation really is the only way. Thanks everyone but I am done here.
  2. I'm just so confused and helpless because I experienced some aspect of truth last night. @Nahm Other people being imaginary or cardboard cutouts really doesn't feel good so should I trust my sensations or Leo because one of them is wrong here. If other people are really imaginary, that should feel really good as sensations are always in alignment with truth as you say.
  3. I'm still meditating but Leo's repackaged nihilistic solipsism tends to utterly shatter my motivation to do that or start my business.
  4. I just love your common sense. It's refreshing to see around here. My view differs a bit though in that the one consciousness imagines all beings (and their brains!) and also their experiences of reality. My little life is not the only one but one of possibly innumerable lives all taking place within the one infinite whole.
  5. Someone asked this a while ago but I can't find it. Why is it reality seems to be centred around me or my point of view if I am all beings?
  6. Last night I conducted an experiment within a lucid dream to try and find the difference between dreaming and reality. I was inside this old house where I became aware I was dreaming. At this point I went into a meditative state, looked around and noticed that everything looked as real and as vivid as it does during waking life. This frightened me deeply as this may imply the following possibilities: 1. Dreaming and reality are exactly the sme, meaning that solipsism is true and everyone are just cardboard cutouts in my experience. 2. Dreams are personal subrealities within each of our finite minds and the people within them are "cardboard cutouts" as you would expect. Those subrealities collapse when one wakes back up to the main shared reality.
  7. I once took a corner at speed on my bike, fell off it and smashed face first into the ground, breaking a tooth. I don't remember much pain, only shock but I don't know if this will apply to all things such as the extreme and persistent pain of toothache or the appendix about to burst. In these cases and many more, the failsafe often spoken about doesn't take effect.
  8. I am here because there are a lot of decent people here willing to help, @Nahm being a good example. What I have an issue with is solipsism and users on here telling each other that they are all alone talking to themselves. @Jed Vassallo Telling god to go away, like really?
  9. Yes, imagine other people. Totally not solipsism.
  10. Yes, I can't help but just laugh at myself and everything while driving.
  11. I know how it will go down. I take a stong dose of a psychedelic, break through, realise I am all alone and then I will spend the rest of my life in a care home because the experience of realising I am alone, whether true or not will utterly destroy me in ways you cannot begin to imagine. Can nobody here see my point? If I am really all alone here, there's no need for me to do anything with my life at all as there are no other people to benefit from what I do. It's logic at it's most basic.
  12. Thanks for taking the time to respond, especially in video form. I don't know why you did though as I do not exist. I am an illusion which you are imagining and then arguing with. You are all alone and talking to yourself.