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  1. I still want to kill myself but loved the read so cute
  2. Oh lawd I've got a lot to read. Thanks for all of your thoughful answers i was having a weird week when I posted this. More like just opening my mind to possibilities. Any possibilities. So many things I once accepted as unquestionable fact have been shattered and it just puts me in some very inquisitive moods.
  3. If I've learned anything its to never accept anything that isn't in your direct experience as truth. I want to hear what you guys think. Opinions. Go. this HTML class. Value is
  4. So I had my first attempt at meditating with my eyes open today and wow I felt like a newbie meditator all over again!! It was like a whole new level of monkey mind. I didn't even get through 20 minutes. Can anyone offer me tips on how to start this practice more effectively? Where? Do I look at anything? Can I blink? I mean I can't not blink. I was staring at a tree because I had this crazy realization watching Leos enlightenment experience video when he tried to draw the line from the tree to "himself" and failed. Crazy stuff right?
  5. I do yoga every morning. Its one of the first things I do when I wake up. its such an incredible way to wake up the body and practice mindfulness. Try internet searching a simple "sun salutation" there are different levels for whatever level is right for you. And when it feels right you can add in your own stuff. I really love 'Yoga with Adrienn' she has a YouTube channel. She puts a lot of emphasis on organic movement and finding what feels right and staying present. Hope this helps!
  6. @abrakamowse I don't know how to remove the quote but you get the idea.
  7. Brilliant. I was just over here being creeped out by pixels on a screen how silly
  8. When "I can't believe its not butter" takes on a whole new meaning. Yes I did personally waste my own time to create this
  9. I wasn't able to open the link, is it not available on mobile devices?
  10. I've had pretty normal skin my whole life until recently (im 22) my pores just started staying clogged. So bad. I eat super clean and drink about 3 liters of water daily and I was still having this issue. It may be the stressful circumstances going on in my life but its been a pretty stressful 5 years so who knows. What im getting to is that the past few months I've been trying so many different acne clearing pore unclogging products and the reality of most of them is that they do a lot more damage than good. I just started using organic cold pressed hempseed oil as a cleanser because it has a comedegenic rating of 0 and organic cold pressed jojaba oil as a moisturizer which has a comedegenic rating of 0-2. I have noticed an amazing change in my skin I wish I would have taken before and after pics. There's alot of science on skin care I think the most important part of getting clear skin is actually learning the science of how your skin works.
  11. I often meditate after my workout in the morning. I think it is so pleasant to be mindful in the endorphins running through your system. And this is just me personally but meditation leaves me feeling mentally energized so its a win win. I would give it a shot! I struggle with the same thing when I don't get my meditation early in the day.
  12. 22! I'm so jealous of people starting their journey so young. If I had been doing this at 19 life would be so different. So awesome for you!