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  1. It's been a while, but here is the trip report video - I also made a video comparing 5-MeO-MALT to 5-MeO-DMT - And a short simulation of the experiences' common themes
  2. @WaveInTheOcean Thank you for sharing the beautiful video, the quote, the book reference and nice words ?
  3. This was another video I made, I thought I'd share it here ? I'm also interested to hear others' encounters with DMT entities, and what they mentioned about love? Please share ?
  4. I have seen so many people abuse psychedelics, either to trip out to weird music, get smashes at festivals... Or many people get totally delusional and detached from reality due to the lack of years of self development and sober meditation. I've been thinking a lot recently if psychedelics are legalised and sold like alcohol, will 99% of people abuse it? Should psychedelic use be controlled, and limited to people who show an interest in spirituality and perhaps get some sort of licence or do a course first? I have only met a handful of people in real life using psychedelics for self improvement, the other 200 use it for totally hedonistic goals
  5. It is fun how Leo's state will most likely win it for the Democrats in an extremely close race! It's so interesting how cities are voting for the Democrats while towns are voting Trump
  6. That sounds like a very unpopular platform for forever.... I don't want my desktop full of storing random people's videos.... And using my internet to stream videos to other people.
  7. I saw Kanye on the JRE... He certainly seems to have the right intentions... I was impressed
  8. I could be wrong, but I always thought Obama was genuinely a good person with good intentions. Same with Bernie. Trump not so much Biden seems like a blank slate. To me its important that a country's leader is the embodiment of the country's values
  9. Hi everyone, I want to start this thread in the spirit of social unity! The elections are so polarising, but we can avoid that here I'm sure! The only good things I've heard about Biden were from Obama's speech about him... which made him look like a saint. I have also heard a lot of conspiracy theory type stuff about him, even from Trump himself... but it's hard to know what to believe with these wild accusations. Has anyone here had a deeper look into Biden and who he is as a person? What are his motivations in life? Does he have a good track record in integrity and solid values? I'm not American btw, but still feel the gravity and importance of these elections in determining the future of the world! So I am curious.
  10. How do you see other spiritual teachers these days? Like Shinzen Young, Sadhguru, Siddhanath, Dalai Lama... Asleep or highly awakened?
  11. How long until someone accuses him of being part of the Cabal? Along with Rogan, Obama and Oprah. I can just see it now, sipping their fine wine and eating cheese on crackers, while laughing in delight at their nefarious plots.
  12. @JosephKnecht hehe, that doesn't seem at all coral based to me I don't know much about coral, but I recon they'd be much more interested in a vision for the future rather than fear inducing artwork
  13. @Danioover9000 I agree.... If there's one thing the bit is good at, it's providing interesting ideas for contemplation. And being a bit that obviously makes mistakes at times, there's no perception of authority towards it... Pure ideas for the consideration ?