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  1. @Adrian colby thanks for your review, I appreciated reading it.
  2. gamble on being fun at parties how fucking annoying those crypto retards are, like cancers, no one want to hang out with those guys, litteral brain parasite
  3. Yeh I did a thread on it. But obviously got received exactly as I thought it would. Remember all those people saying weed doesn't have withdrawal. All absolutely wrong. It can last up to 2 years and more. And the withdrawal can be life threatening. Definitely not as much as alcohol but gives you hellish symptoms. Read the /r paws cannabis to see Plus my own experience speak enough to me. There is no such non sense as 'free extasy At least not at this moment of existence and not via those hacks. I suspect usually it might take 6 months after last dropping of psychedelics to get the 'comedown' But could be before. 2 comedown usually. An acute and the one from completely going back to homeostasis once it clean it from all cells in your brain/body. __ Symptoms are usually very different for everyone at least in frame. Time seems consistent.
  4. Physics create the field that is "moral behavior". Ultimately no. everyone is as conscious as YOU make it. All those models are just pure garbages attachment for the ego to entertain a sense of self/meaning. You can't model reality with an human brain, at best you might get a glimpse, but even if that happen, this is still not "reality", and you cannot measure if the glimpse is delusional or realistic. So the paradox is, you're in a "movie of consciousness" at chapter 1 you've a set of belief, but the second after you've another set of belief. Reality is permanently moving. As an ego, you'll keep acting on pure hallucinations all the time. Good & wrong exist, but only for you, when you think they do.
  5. @Someone here YOU invented awakening, the concept, the whole thing, like you could invent a god of snow flake.
  6. Yes & NO. if you makes an idol of what is happening in experience you're setting yourself into confusion. Albeit you cannot escape it, just become so conscious of it, that you won't even think of it. And if you create a context, this become your context. but this context is "dumb" compared to "reality".
  7. I'm saying: 'What happens really when you deregulate your serotonin system?' (You can talk about mimicking and whatever, but science is still SPECULATION; not reality.) You might say, 'It doesn't affect my body', psychedelics don't hurt anyone, they don't do like MDMA blablabla or like alcohol blabla. But I'm calling on that one, it's not because it's not 'in your face' or obvious that it isn't here in some manner, and like I said, for cannabis it takes 3 months for the THC stored in fat to truly get off your body. AND THEN you start having the real withdrawal phase (the second one after the acute). As for psychedelics, it might also just change your heartbeat, and that in itself changes your whole system, your 'body speed' if you like. ( and what change does it create ? ) The cost of having free infinite meaning might be that you'll lose meaning from all other things, and maybe 'meaning' is something that happens with serotonin as well. It's hard to measure 'meaning/meaninglessness', so after being off depression for 6 months because of psychedelics, and we imagine you don't take them since those 6 months, your stored fat/[other concept that produces the curation of 'depression'] and that effect WILL then fade, and it bites back and gives you the withdrawal from doing them. (Depression hit (caused by serotonin deregulation).) BUT at this time, you'll not create the causality link between psychedelics and your future 'depression'. Just telling, the price is very likely probably somewhere, even if hard to see or judge. I don't believe in no side effects, there are cons/pros to everything. But we shall measure an entire life of psychedelics usage, for instance, you cannot judge a window of a year or two.
  8. Yes exactly, but it could also be more 'physical'. But again it's hard to measure we lack data and decades of research. I think everyone can heal from all drugs usages. It might just takes time to regulate back from deregulation and few knows it can be counted in years. Again I just speculate I m not here to preach that you shouldn't do it. Make up your mind.
  9. I know but I m not even saying if that's related. It's maybe related to something else. It could be unrelated aswell and he did psychedelics because of it. I really don't want to turn the topic on this.
  10. @Ishanga very interested in that' if you have some informations on it and serious practice feel free to dm me or share your future topic on it. I still think psychedelics are fine. But to me they shall be used as a sacrament and with huge respect. might be fine with doing 10-20 trips in your life but beyond that you'll enter probably a troubling area. Hey that's up to people to choose just saying my jazz.
  11. @OBEler yeh you didn't heard about because they are not obvious and because the causality is hard when it's months away and can reduce your frequency for years. If you 'become shitty' the year after and you are online 10h per days you didn't see that you reduced your life to apathy. It's easier to see the hangover of alcohol because it is very obvious.. But no hangover from psychedelics. Yeh that's a myth I can't believe in it. Just like weed has no withdrawal. But if you look you'll find tons of users reduced and destroyed for up to 3 years when they cease daily toking. Lot of things are hard to measure it doesn't mean they aren't there. Who has done a lot of psychedelics and didn't have a problem at the end. Shulgin hearth problem McKenna cancer Steve Jobs cancer That's for the known users. Maybe it's not related. But maybe it is ? Like if you are a bit materialistic: exciting your neurons and frequency might have consequences. You over heat a biological system that isn't supposed to function in those states. It's hard to measure what is being deregulated by them. But it would be naive to think they are without consequences especially when there is casual usages. Could just not be related. But to believe they have no consequences on health.. I've to get people back on the possible 'real'. You can cop and tell me I'm an evil speculator but I've never met a drug without consequences so far. And I m talking with all my experience with drugs and quitting them all. The panacea yeh maybe in your dream. But you better think with some logical activity or you'll not get a long and optimized experience.
  12. Let's imagine you are awakened via psychedelics. I mean only for 'awakening' / 'god realization' It's not a topic against usage. It's a topic to speak on going beyond the usage of drugs. For people not interested in it. That's fine. Let's be practical for the interested: what's in it then, after you meet god and yourself there is no need to go further. You're not different from an alcoholic if that's for free 'pleasure' If you are into it for relative reasons it's fine. ( But it might just be addiction disguised as path by the ego ) like all weed addicts. ( "It makes me sharp" etc.. ) Here is my very counter view : you are burning your receptors/brain. ( No need to go metaphysical on me. Your 'brain' is real in a certain way ) We can't measure it and might never do but still you can still feel apparent causality. So here is my experience and why I feel I need to never do them again by myself, or at least never been looking for it. ( Lol well aight this was a joke ) So I feel like on the topic of safety. Like all 'good things' you'll have a price to pay. At the pure body level ( I surely agree it can be very good for mental and paradigm healing ) but let's talk pure physics. You can argue it's not toxic. But then Xanax and alcohol aren't either. You take Xanax for anxiety : you quit you more anxious. Take psychedelics for X : you quit and it makes you more X Maybe you don't agree but I barely believe in free heat. We got no idea what is mitigated by serotonin 2A receptor (5-HT2AR). The heart alright but how does it play on your health and vibration to deregulate it. Psychedelics aren't toys and no play and not here for any enjoyment is my point. I suspect like weed the come down is extremely delayed might even be months after your last intake. Your brain truly quit weed only 3 months after the last intake. Before this, it's the first phase. So psychedelics might also takes months to show you the real withdrawal. I suspect 6-8 months. But mental healing can have occured and you'll be in a better place. But still I'm talking pure physics here. So you shall not do psychedelics more than once a year and if you are enlightened unless you have some serious reasons like science it's not worth it to keep adding false sugar. Your 'meditation' will be stronger and everything can be done through better means. Don't get attached to the past tools evolve.
  13. You are god and manifest your Truth. So whatever is manifested will give you the details.
  14. Guess I was born enlightened then.