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  1. @shree Which ever way you put it, pent up energy or "trauma" will still only be emotional energy, and the only place it is held onto is in your mind, regardless of whether you scream or sit quietly, the release happens when you mentally let go. And just to add, in my own personal experience, I've found that at the point of a complete release of any stuck energy, if it is not a peaceful rejoice then I know that I haven't actually let go of it. Recognise how the at exact point of release of any uncomfortable emotion, there is a complete dissolving of all tension, If you feel forced to behave in any particular way that tells you that you have to otherwise it wont come out, then that is not you releasing it, that is you holding onto and indulging it. You can scream if you want to but at the end of all the screaming the true release will happen in silence. The screaming is essentially just you throwing a temper tantrum because you cant feel how you want to in that moment. At some point you just have to stop self loathing and make peace with what's happened to you in life, that's when you release and heal.
  2. I don't, you get bored of them quick. Suppose it depends on your personality, I'm creative so I couldn't just sit doing nothing all day, regardless of how good it feels.
  3. of course, but they take it to the extreme and kill the zest of life
  4. Yeah I've never understood that about eastern spirituality, your thoughts are the best bit about being a human when they're good but they just tell you "let them pass".. Makes 0 sense. Let the bad ones pass, enjoy the good ones.
  5. Yeah I can do it too, I was just wondering because Leo always explains his states as only mentally serene and that there's nothing "tactile" in the bliss, which confuses me if that's the case, but he probably just doesn't talk about it as there's not much to say really, it just feels good. My best sober states have been very close to as good as some of my amazing psychedelic ones, but it was never through any typical "no mind" meditation practise. It was always through very prolonged and intensely vivid romantic visualisation, Not just sexual, but like very creatively intimate scenes. It takes some getting to but eventually my body just completely surrenders and its like I'm getting drip fed serotonin.
  6. @Leo Gura what is the degree of blissful loving states are you able to work yourself up to sober? Not just mentally but in your body, such a heightened emotion that your body completely relaxes and becomes almost "delicious" like your on mdma. Can you get something like this sober? Or are you not interested in it?
  7. Just watched this guys stuff on kundalini, seems to me that he has just identified with the idea and has made it his whole personality. One of his video names is "I give myself to you my Kundalini" as if its some kind of entity. This is utterly wrong, I would tell your friend to stay away, then again your friend may have fallen into the same trap, identifying with it without actually being in the kundalini process. Edit: looking at more of his videos, he's got stuff like "cathers and the kundalini" associating French castles with kundalini, as if there is some real relevance between the two.. wtf is that? Someone with a true understanding of kundalini would never conflate such irrelevant perspectives with it.
  8. Thanks Leo! Looking forward to watching it.
  9. do you include yourself in this?
  10. @Vagos try cleansing/flushing your lymphatic system, if your lymph nodes are all clogged up the body has to choice but to misfunction, this can lead to chemical imbalance. Could be something to look into.
  11. Test for yourself, I use to microdose LSD and found that anything over 8mcg's I became unproductive.
  12. Hi, just wanted to create a post to see if there's any serious mountaineers in here and if they've got any experience/stories to share. My specific interest is in the Himalayas, I done Mount Everest Base Camp back in 2017 and since that trip have planned to summit some of the 8000m peaks, eventually leading up to Everest. Drop a comment of any knowledge/experience you have with climbing serious mountains. I'd love to hear about about it!
  13. Yeah haha a curse is exactly what it feels like at this point. My hairs falling out and everything from the constant stress. Its not been all bad. The 1% of bliss I have experienced has been enough to keep me going, its not just a bodily feeling, its a creative soar that lights up your whole world. And thanks for the kind words, things have been looking up recently anyway, I think I've figured out the cause of my symptoms, they've mellowed when I explored this avenue which is a good sign.
  14. Yes, this is a very accurate description of what its been like for me, heart rate and everything. I think what happens with 5 meo is that its such a powerful experience that your consciousness remains expanded for days after and starts to nudge at the conflicts in the subconscious mind which causes the symptoms, its just that with 5meo if you have enough time in-between trips your ego will just collapse back to how it was before, with a full awakening that expansion never retracts to what it was before, at which point you just have to integrate and live with it. yeah, I've thought this as well, the "reactivations" people talk about describe kundalini symptoms to a T.