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  1. Meditation is not potent, meaning you have to do alot for only a little benefit. Its gonna take the average person decades to make huge progress with just meditation. There are much more potent methods, like phycadelics, mantras, shaktipat, kriya yoga, kundalini yoga. Ishas practices. I'm assuming sadhguru is advocating ishas practices as a way to intensify your energy's.
  2. Nothing would change for me, I do phycadelics every few months. And spiritual practice every day. I would still do my daily practice. Although I wouldn't progress as fast without phycadelics
  3. Your making excuses for your laziness and lack of discipline, 10 minutes a day isn't even worth doing. No reason y you can't live your life fully how you want and do 2 hours a day of spiritual practice. Doesn't have to be meditation as there are way more effective practices out there. The spiritual path isn't for everybody though, if your not into it then just forget about it
  4. @bliss54 it was on a discord server from a guy called rali, this was a few years ago. It's not around anymore. If your interested in shaktipat transmissions this might be useful for u
  5. @Yimpa for me I first done a few years of regular meditation, done 5meo about 70 times. Then was getting regular shaktipat transmissions. Then I started chanting some mantras that activated my lower chakras, this triggered a kundalini awakening. I have been doing ishas practices for the last 2 years. But it was the kundalini that really took me to the next level. The 2 most important factors for enlightenment is your desire for it, seeking like your hair is on fire. And having the knowledge, as in knowing about and having access to potent practices or phycadelics @Carlos Cardenas
  6. Don't know about tuning into it, but this song is fucking magnificent
  7. About 120
  8. Sadhguru was born enlightened, he talks about his enlightenment experiences when he was a kid. Also he claims he was enlightened for 3 life times before this one. And for those 3 life times he was doing heart breaking sadhana. Also his master in a previous life who was extremely advanced passed on his powers to him, so he can do the things he is able to do now, understand the mechanics of the body to create potent practices and initiate people into them. And create divine forms and structures like the dyanalinga and linga bharavi. His masters dream was for him to create the dyanalinga. Unless you have a background like that you ain't getting anywhere near sadhguru level.
  9. I'm definitely for allowing it. I have done tons of phycadelics, but can't find 5 meo malt anywhere
  10. @Tech36363 not necessarily, although it depends what your definition of enlightenment is. Although to get to the level of sadhguru, multiple lives would be a minimum, yes. I think people who become enlightened easily, is because of work in previous lives. I dont know If people can choose to come again or weather God makes the choice, sadhguru is still a human being
  11. @Hello world you need to do things to look after yourself physically and mentally. Things that will raise your vibration. Like eating healthy, fasting, exercising, cold showers, semen retention, and hours a day of sadhana. If your diet is shit of course you will feel shit. If you do things to raise your vibration, you will feel confident and energetic which will make you inclined to take action. But the bottom line is you need to take massive positive action if you want things to change. But doing these things I mentioned above will give you a good base to take action in the world.
  12. Apparently he had 3 previous lifes were he was enlightened, and done life times of sadhana, so hes just picking up were he left off. Seems he was born enlightened from the story's he tells of himself as a child, but that big awakening he had took him to another level.
  13. @spiritual memes this vid is pretty good If you do things to take care of your physicality, to raise your vibration, the mind will mature by itself. Do high level spiritual practices, I find Isha the best for this. Take cold showers daily, eat as healthy as possible, do intermittent fasting. Semen retention, exercise. As these things raise up your whole system, along with the mind. Most of your problems would be down to genetics, for example Isha has practices that disconnect you from your family genetics, and other practices that strengthen your lower chakras, lower chakras determine how competent you will be in the world.
  14. I also want to know what this new psych is