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  1. Im sorry man, it definitely sucks, I know because Im also skinny and I went through something similar. It could be beneficial to try and think about what made her say such a thing, like maybe she lost attraction at some point and then said this. Or it could just be that she doesn't appreciate you as you are and its not your fault.
  2. Oh you should always keep your x-rays and take them with you everytime you see a dentist, they are extremely helpful and will be like a time machine to see cavities development or root canal treatments, and in your case for braces too. Its not always necessary to remove wisdom teeth, but most of the time they are problematic because of their placements and the shape of the roots, and even if they are still inside the gums, they usually move towards the front and will create all kind of problems. Best thing to do if someone is concerned but have no problems yet, is to make x-rays every year and see how they develop.
  3. As a dentist, I have noticed that most dentists just care about profits OR just don't really care about the patient, while they do actually offer you something (like cleaning your gums and removing cavities), they usually would not care about your own interests and whats best for you, so you should always check different dentists and actually inform yourself a bit because when you vaguely know what you need, the dentist would think twice and care more. Dentistry is also very complicated but from what you described it sounds like they either dont care or dont know what they doing, if you would like you can send me your x-ray if you have any and I can give you an overall assessment, just so you know what to look for in your next appointment.
  4. Always thought about this, it's really hard to even think about this without feeling arrogant. I personally saw some leo video being recommended to me, now why did i watch it? Cant answer that, but i sent 2 of my friends (who are somewhat into this stuff) a leo video and both of them didn't watch it, even after i explained to them how much gold this is, they still didnt watch, why? The only thing explanation i feel true is just pure randomness/chance of liking the thumbnail or being in the right mood and what not.
  5. @Eyowey Should do that and also delete all messages. @Raze Thank you, Owen and Julian really know how to get you out of a rut.
  6. This will be a long chaotic and personal post but I don't have any friends that I can vent to and seek advice from. I am a 24 guy living in Syria, I was in a relationship with a girl that ended around 4 months ago, we basically met through mutual friends while setting in a café, added her on social media and we went out like twice and then I told her I like her and she liked that I was straight forward and she played a bit hard to get and I honestly didn't care if she rejected me back then, that's why I was straight forward with her, which is also good game in retrospect, but then she said she liked me too. So when we met, I was at a "Social phase" of my life, I was regularly going out and I had a group of people where we would hangout at this cool café and just talk about random shit, there were 2 girls who showed interest in me and this girl I was in relationship with saw this too, I mention this because its important later on. But as time went on (maybe 2-3 months into the relationship), I became more and more introverted, I don't consider myself an introvert as I do sometimes enjoy being around people and I am not shy but also I don't ooze confidence, just in between and depends on the situation and the people I am around. during this phase I think I was suffering from depression and I had taken zoloft before which only made me feel like im wearing a coat over my penis while masturbating and it destroyed my appetite which is unacceptable for me as I am already a skinny dude, but it also made me emotionless. She told me to go to the doctor or seek behavioral therapy and I refused, I was having bad moods and low energy but I rarely mistreated her and if I ever did, I would apologize which is something she never did. During this phase she would mostly chill at my place after work and I would walk her home. So this girl introduced me to her friends which were a couple and I didn't like them, the guy was alright but he lacks empathy (he talks to poor people with disgust and talks down to them slightly) and he is really stage orange in a bad way, he view the world in terms of money equals power and status and its like this is the most important thing in the world, now the guy really liked me and I think this was just a mask he wore because he liked being part of this rich and high status circles because of his family upbringing or whatever but deep down he doesn't like this, his gf was really superficial and all she cared about is taking selfies and would get mad when me and her bf would talk about something deep or political or spiritual and would want to talk about "general topics", which is basically gossip or celebrity shit or the most boring things ever, and in every setting with any of her friends I was always the most entertaining guy but I would feel so depleted of my energies afterwards and I would need to recharge for a month. As you can imagine this kinda created a bad vibe with my gf because those were her friends and she wanted us to go out with them to social events and bars and do stupid shit which I was absolutely not interested in, I was more interested in reading a book or listening to a podcast or just hangout at my place, she would come to my place and would insist on watching some TV series together, I didn't like her favorite show and I watched it before but I would watch an episode with her, but she would literally tear up if I say that the show is stupid or not funny or that I dont wanna watch another episode. Now, I understand that to keep any relationship alive, you should do some activity together, and I tried to get her to read a book or watch or like Eckhart Tolle, because I thought she would benefit from being a tiny bit more conscious and understanding how her mind plays tricks on her and that she wont ever be happy if she seeks happiness from the outside world, she would have a bad mood and be sad from stupid things like a fight with her mother or someone talking to her in a passive aggressive way and I would always be there for her and it felt really unbearable at times because she would stop being mad and then i would feel like i soaked all her negative energies, but all my attempts failed and she would watch an Eckhart Tolle video and comment on it "why does he look scared? he doesnt look confident" and so on, we tried meditating together, she clearly didnt like it but faked liking it so I stopped doing it with her and just decided its not time. So she would always bring up social activities that we can attend and I was 95% not interested in them, she wanted us to go to a rock party and I really didn't wanna go but she insisted and then we went, I didnt enjoy it and she knew from my facial expressions, I didn't enjoy watching her favorite show, she didn't enjoy watching the content that I watch, we even mentioned how little common things we share, but the sexual chemistry was there, and she said she thinks that this is the thing that make things work. All this time I was getting ready to leave the country and go to live with my parents for a while as they live in a better country where I could go to Europe from (Syria is shit, no basic needs like water electricity and also no future), she knew my plan and we talked about how we would reunite again in Europe (as in me helping her after I get there), the date of my travel came and the week before I tried to spend as much time with her as possible. I should also mention that I could've went to Europe already but I stayed with her because I liked her and I could say that I lost a year of my life. then 1 month after I leave, she graduated from university and her family/friends celebrated her, she suddenly started telling me how much she loves her family (she always complains about them) and how she feels loved, then we got into some stupid fight because I expressed my opinion (in a bad tone) about something, things escalated and I blocked her, then I unblocked her and talked to her but she was mad at me and she wanted us to breakup, now here I panicked, and it is strange because I secretly would always think and worry about the relationship future and how we don't have much in common but I also liked her, but when she wanted to breakup I got needy and I wanted to keep her, we tried talking and she would always bring up how unsocial I am and that she wants to "explore the world" and I would prefer to stay at home (true, as I dislike my hometown and I don't get along with most people there) and then she would mention that we did not create enough memories and we will only reunite in a year or two and this is unacceptable and that she was thinking about not leaving the country (which is also weird as she always expressed her desire to leave). She also mentioned that she thought I was different, she thought I was a hippie and that I was outgoing and that I was more like my hippie female friend (which was into me but I wasn't), and this made me really angry deep inside, because I also remember that after 2 months in relationship she asked me that if we broke up, could we still be friends? I said no we can't and I didn't think much of it at the time, now I think all kinds of shitty thoughts because of that. She said that at the moment we cant be together but maybe in the future, which made me angry and I told her I wont be here for you in the future, even just me remembering her saying this brings me shitty emotions. Now me freaking out and trying to keep her did not work, at the time I tried calling her and she didn't answer and said the internet was not working, I sent her a pack of donuts which she liked and she told me to seriously stop trying to fix the relationship as "it was over and she would not want to go to sleep tonight before it was over", this line brought me to tears and I stopped talking to her, she wished me a good luck and for me to forgive her, I said I wont forgive you but I wish you good luck. I was talking with her female friend about the problem and she told me she will regret her decision and that she is acting weird. Soon after, I started having weird symptoms like heart palpitation and weird tingling sensation in my chest, shortness of breath, I thought I was having a heart attack but I didn't care enough to go to the hospital and now I think it was panic attacks. I also started having weird thoughts like what if she found another guy that she liked and decided to end the relationship because there was an opportunity, and other thoughts like this which stems from jealousy. Now I have learned many lessons from this relationship, one of them being that I should not take things or people for granted as I did take the girl for granted which made me realize how important my family is to me and I value my time with my parents even more now. I also unconsciously thought that she would stick with me during my introverted/slightly depressed phase, she would love me the way I am and so on which is not true and now I think that no one should love me the way I am, I also learned that I should screen much better and now I know which girls I am compatible with. But I still feel shitty, the breakup happened so fast and I feel like I fear peopling abandoning me now like how can you go from being in love with someone to them being a total stranger, from talking every day with you to them not caring about you and especially that it happened 1 month after I left the country, it feels like betrayal. I sometimes check her social media and if she uploads a photo I get angry/jealous/mad because I know that as a girl she has options, she can date many guys who are better than me, she even showed me her DMs which were full of simps and "nice guys" and now I cant stop thinking about how one of these guys might be with her, I told her that I wish her good luck but I really hope to not see her happy which is quite a bad thing to hope for anyone but I just don't want her to be happy without me, I also cant decide if I might have lost a person who loved me because I was too selfish to do shit that I didnt enjoy, or that I shouldn't be unhappy because we both have different interests and are not compatible, and I get the feeling of what if Ill end up alone? what if I wont ever be with a girl better than her? all these shitty and bad thoughts come to my mind almost daily and I cant focus on other important things. These are my raw emotions that i tried to describe, now of course this is my pov and I am biased and Im not here because I just want people to pat me on the shoulder and say how evil and bad she is, i fucked up, she fucked up, I did type all of this to try and share the feelings that I feel in hope that someone with similar experiences might have something to say, like how would one get past these feelings? how can I stop thinking these useless thoughts? What lessons should I derive?
  7. Well I'm just busy with migration documents and the bureaucracy that comes with it nothing else. Interesting, I have not done psychedelics yet because I have no access to them but I will try them as soon as I can. That's what I should be doing I guess, It definitely feels like reversing progress.
  8. Lately I've been feeling like I'm not really as conscious/present as I used to be months ago While I was meditating today, I realized that I used to be more aware of my thoughts and feelings, now I'm more emotionally reactive and I barely notice my thoughts, its like I'm on auto pilot, even Meditating was easier for me Has anyone experienced something like this before?
  9. The quran is misunderstood today by both muslims and most western studies on islam. The word for the virgins used in quran (hur ayn, حور عين) is basically a syriac word for white Raisin, it symbolizes eternal life in the the heavens. The quran is literally filled with words not understood by even native arab speakers (even though such a term is misleading), if you actually read the tafsir of the quran (interpretation), you will find that even back in the day no one was sure of any interpretation, well of course they wont know what many words mean because the quran was written using a mix of aramaic-syriac. Islam can only be understood if one treats it by understanding its connection to the judeo-Christian region it flourished in, islam is probably a Christian sect.
  10. My covid lasted for 2-3 weeks and i lost my smell and taste senses, they eventually came back but it was weird. However i suffered and still suffer to a lesser extent from long covid, i would sleep for 9 hours and wake up extremely tired and fatigued even tho i didn't do anything last day, extreme sleepiness and brain fog were big problems, i couldn't remember important things and i couldn't even remember what i was saying. Been 6 weeks now but i got better so just give yourself some time and don't push yourself, sleep enough and get your vitamins and avoid any stress.
  11. They probably got it mixed early in islam. Im mentioning all of this because i see people heavily invested in debate and research and all of this bullsbit about islam but there is only one thing to debate and research and it is the syriac influence on the quran and how to reunderstand islam.
  12. Knowing anything about real islam is a huge task that has not been achieved fully yet. The Quran was written using Syriac which hugely influenced arabic, no muslim today understand the quran, i mean it literally, im Syrian so i know classical arabic as a 2nd language, i say second because no one speak classical Arabic as a native language, we speak syrian egyptian moroccoan etc If i try to read the quran, it would make very little sense, yes I can understand some sentences but i do not know what the hell is going on, it moves from subject to subject, vague words, grammatical errors by the thousands, its just confusing to read quran and you would get a better understanding if you read it translated into English. we have no quran when mohammad died ~632ad, it was collected after his death by many years and we know that much of it got lost at least thats what islamic sources claim, not to mention the change to it 250 years after his death where they tried to write it using arabic script instead of using Syriac, here all the misunderstanding happened. To understand the quran, you need need to understand Syriac, read the old quran written without annotations, and try to read it word by word, you will find it very similar to Judaism and Christianity, which make sense if we also keep in mind that islam events might have happened in Southern syria instead of saudi arabia. If anyone is seriously interested in this kind of research, check out Christoph luxenberg. So which islam are we talking about, todays middle east islam? I think no one who is well educated in islam would describe islam as peaceful, quran is filled with calls for jihad and killing unbelievers, hadith is the same. The problem is that mohammad as we know him, he fought wars and urged his people to do so, jesus was not a warlord, the two are not comparable, you can use the Quran to justify isis like actions but you can't use the bible to justify the crusades for example, violence is inherent to islam. Mohammad as we understand him today was brutal even by his time standards. Fun fact : mohammad is a syriac word for jesus, its basically another name for Jesus and they are written almost exactly the same in syriac and todays arabic.
  13. @supremeyingyang I completely agree with what you said, we just need the basics to get started and in a way this is actually good because many other countries around the world had been through this path before so we can learn from them. @integration journey 7abibi! i agree on the regime change as it is just way too corrupt and blood stained however i think we need to talk to every single power involved in this war, literally everyone including Russia Iran Saudi arabia Turkey USA so they understand that there ARE other alternatives that are willing to discuss and guarantee their profits or whatever, in this regard we are just screwed and the sooner we accept this the sooner we can get to rebuild. I do plan on leaving to Europe eventually when i get the chance but i just don't like the idea that we should just forget about trying to change our situation. I would argue that Latakia and Suwayda are the better places to find young people who thinks for themselves, are you from Damascus?
  14. @PurpleTree afaik no, at least not any of the people i know, people here mostly smoke hashish tho, and a low quality one i assure you.
  15. Hello everyone First of all let me introduce myself, I'm 23 years old Syrian guy currently in Syria. Ive been following leo for a couple of years now and I've watched hundreds of hours of his videos, ive been recently very interested in spiral dynamics and ive watched the videos leo made and ill be reading a book called "spiral dynamics : mastering values, leadership and change" My main reason of interest is how can we use this model to help the middle east? Especially my country Syria. Im not an expert but i believe most of the population is red/blue with some orange. I also have a view that alawites are probably more blue/orange than sunnis, as i have many friends of different sects and if i had to guess i would put them at a higher level than the average sunni. (im from a very secular sunni family, i identify as agnostic myself, just to clarify that im in no way sectarian!) People here mostly care about survival stuff, food shelter electricity water for bathing heating money, most people dont have the luxury of watching youtube videos about this kind of stuff. And those who do have more time and money, they are engaged in the bourgeois lifestyle which is rampant here (latakia), going to fancy restaurants, buying expensive clothes, taking photos for insta, cars, beaches, vacations, chasing girls, dick measuring contests etc. The population is harshly divided between low and high income class, the middle income class (considerably large prior to 2011) is long gone. I think the average salary here is $17 which is nothing due to inflation, you need at least $100 to live somewhat comfortably. Someone might ask then how do people live? Mostly due to having relatives send them money from Europe or arab gulf countries, or working 2/3 jobs. We are in a currently VERY unstable situation, the war might have cooled down but there is a real possibility of "poor and hungry peoples revolution", its really cold and snowy, people got no food or electricity, in fact people took to the streets in the south and west which is a huge step, for those who don't know, the west has been very stable and could be considered the bones of the current government. Im interested in discussing the possible ways of raising consciousness and love here as i believe it is the only way to reconcile the different political and sectarian schism. How can we use spiral dynamics or any other model really. I believe the first step (at least according to Maslow, probably leo too? ) would be to get the economic and survival part handled, which is an enormous task, what would be the next or other steps to take? I am really interested in hearing what people on this forum think as i believe its a good place to have this kind of discussion.