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  1. Technique to generate inner High/a head Buzz on your own
    Technique to generate inner High/a head Buzz on your own
    Radical open mind here... I'm sharing this in part as a way to journal my advancement and grow in my goal as God to prove myself that I can generate any chemical state on my own since I'm unlimited and I'm infinite, but maybe if another one it's crazy as me wants to try and benefit from this.
    Without further ado, the "technique":
    So, basically, this technique has two fundamental pillars.
    1. One, it's the mudra. Mudra is a position of hands in Yoga. For this technique, we will be doing "Gyan mudra". Search it in internet how it is, since my english is not so good and I have a hard time describing body positions lol. IMPORTANT! Your hand must be placed upwards.
    2. Second, it's the breathing. You will have to do what they call in Pranayama which is "Ujjaji breathing". It's like, you find a sort of "inner passage" when the air goes through your throat, it's not difficult, if there is a sort of "noise" or sound you produce when you breath like this, you are doing Ujjaji breathing. The thing is, this type of breathing actually happens as a result of an already certain state of consciousness. So first master "locking" the energies on the mudra, then the breathing will happen like this. But I'm just describing it to you so you know when you have "activated it".
    3. This is optional, but this helps a lot to stabilize the buzz/High/Pleasure state, and its that with the right hand, you open it and also put it upwards, but not like you are asking for money like a beggar lol, but actually open it but facing in front of you. With this, you "Master" and "Lock" the fluid and twisted energies of the ego mind, INTO THE NOW.
    Now, you just have to practice. At first you probably won't notice anything, but try try and try. When it starts to happen, it won't be an intellectual good feeling, it will be an energetic, intoxication (but Awake) state of mind. Don't want to do apology of drugs, but what this state gets close to is the classic opiate Buzz high, where there is an unexplainable satisfaction and Buzz of being in the NOW. Completely without no reason, you just feel complete, dopamine, just because. This is hacking the ego-survival system, if you master this, you will be sitting on a diamond ? your whole life. Trust me, this is possible. I'm starting to generate it at will, there its a lot of work to do yet, but I guarantee you, you do have the panel of control of the system, you just have to know how to activate it and use it, and it's completely beyond any intellectual knowledge. 
    It's a skill of God, of Energy, of Infinite Power and Will.
    Good luck! And feel free to post any discoveries or breakthroughs you have.
    By the way, this can be done ANYWHERE. In fact, this why I'm working on it. Everybody can feel good while sitting peacefully at home, but I'm trying this technique mainly on the street, downtown. While everyone is unfortunately running around stressed out, I'm a weirdo sometimes trying to dissimulate nodding my head off the buzz it's being generated. Lmao