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  1. @Leo Gura Is there a way for me to DM you? Apparently I get to send “0 messages per day”.
  2. Better to not know. Just forget about killing yourself and die when it’s naturally your time. Work on self-preservation and making yourself what you want to be, the best version of yourself.
  3. Just read Thus Spoke Zarathustra and forget everything else. That’s what it comes down to.
  4. Falling asleep hallucinations are hypnagogia. Waking up hallucinations are hypnopompia. Also could be caused by the mentioned medications or other drugs. Hallucinations are a lot more normal than schizophrenia, so probably not schizophrenia. Probably nothing to worry about. It’s more likely you have mental illness-themed hypochondria than anything lmaoo.. Anyway, maybe better sleeping habits would make them go away. Some people use hypnagogia and sleep paralysis to induce astral projection, so you could explore that maybe.
  5. Pretty sure sociopaths understand the difference between abusing real and fake people much better than you… Killing somebody matters. Killing a video game character does not. EDIT Keep in mind someone like Kim Jong-in was raised to rule a country, not a fake country with no real consequences or resources.
  6. Fear is when you make mistakes, so the intrusive thoughts don’t serve a purpose of preventing anything bad. And like you said 99%+ of the scenarios never happen. So it’s not logical and completely emotional. This means you need to get in touch with your emotions deeply, to get to the source or base of the trauma. Meditation and yoga help the mind quiet, which is good if you want the emotions pure and without distracting thoughts. Maybe you could try to think in a peaceful way about what caused the trauma and let any emotions rise, just to feel them without thinking?
  7. I’ve had visuals like fractals and morphing walls and floors and stuff in dreams, but not very vivid. No major life-transforming trips that I can remember. Just neat stuff.
  8. @ZGROPIUS Would be interesting if Leo and Manson had a conversation about their philosophies… Seems this video is going to be another integrity wisdom video, but with an emphasis on a man’s responsibility in society and masculinity. So I think in this topic an ideal man would be a wise man and not a foolish man, but also he would need the strength to defend his values. protecting and taking care of things…
  9. In that case you should be able to verify the realness of the experience by reaching out to the person you incarnated as or discovering some other evidence of their existence.
  10. I own guns for psychological protection lmao
  11. What’s genetics or environment I don’t really know, to explain why some people awaken sober spontaneously, while others could meditate everyday for years without getting it. If the meditation you do seems insufficient, the answer is to increase your meditation dose or use insane amounts of concentration willpower lol And there’s always . . Well, ya know, you are DRUGS Bunny after all. @Michael Jackson MJ I did not know you were a fan of!