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  1. @Leo Gura Hahahahaha it doesn't get any better than this
  2. Hello, can someone explain appropriate integration of stage blue into orange. I'm coming from a Jesus-centric blue background, and as I begin my business journey a lot of what I have been taught seems to be inapplicable. Separate entities which require different methods?
  3. Thankyou that's good advice@VictorB02
  4. @Thought Art Thanks for the reply
  5. Aka how do I create a business. My LP is simple consistency - teaching people how to get ripped with simplicity and consistency. I am writing an E book currently, but what other methods can I use to get income? I have a youtube and instagram as well.
  6. Also my bad for coming across like a dick. I'm just projecting my own anger at myself for being a higher stage than I thought I was once upon a time onto you. If you truly are yellow good for you, namaste.
  7. If you are yellow, what business(es) have you owned? How successful have they been? How much money do you have right now? If not I think you are bullshitting yourself that you're yellow. You need integration and transcendence, not just intellectual understanding.
  8. Get your red to power your orange
  9. I'm orange lol. Wasted a lot of time trying to ape turquoise.
  10. @Godhead Thankyou
  11. @Shakazulu Cheers bro, much appreciated
  12. Consciousness - Systems thinking, unbiased perceptions, rationality with higher awareness
  13. @Twentyfirst Eat heaps and lift weights lol.
  14. @Twentyfirst PM me with your physique a faceless photo and I'll give you ideas.
  15. Also noob question but how do I plug my socials in the signature?