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  1. Both are utilitarian constructions of the mind. Money helps us quantify value, while time helps us bring order to the chaos of infinity, among other things.
  2. I gave my brother the big picture. He can figure out the nuances for himself if he has the big picture in place. Inspiration works better than direct advice.
  3. Look, you have to make a commitment to yourself to be the best version of yourself. To fulfill your potential. I mean it looks to me like you are living life at 40%. You do not have the drive to become the best version of yourself at 40%. You have to be all in this shit. Make that commitment, that you will become the best at everything. Make that the north star that guides you through everything. Wake up every day and ask yourself how do I become better. Take full ownership. That's the key. 100% responsibility. Brutal Accountability. I mean, you live in one of the most prosperous countries in the world. You have unlimited opportunities around you. You can work two jobs while you get your art thing going. You are an educated person, you can read books related to money management and money psychology. You can start doing visualization exercises along with affirmation. I recommend the affirmation "Every day in every way I am getting better and better". But the point is, when you have a high arching goal like becoming the best version of yourself, then you will take full responsibility for your life, and that is the key that unlocks alll other things
  4. @Thought Art Try this, at least for the time being. Actually do it. You are dealing with the negative aspects of reality. Reality is manifesting in a way that you do not like. All the negative emotions, thoughts, and circumstances. Observe them as what they are, consciousness trying to manifest in a particular way in the present moment. Try to let it be and just observe how your mind is creating all sorts of bullshit, how it is attaching negative meanings, and how it is resisting the present moment. Try to fully surrender to the moment. To what is. Accept the fullness of consciousness for now and you will notice that answers will come to you naturally. You will find a way. .
  5. Would you be a lamb and invite me as well?
  6. @jdc7733 You can't think your way to Love. What you need is an intervention. You have to put in the work and with time you will develop Love, infinite amounts of it. Start here: Try to do this every day. Also, work on the letting go exercise so you can let go of all the negative meanings you are holding on to. And finally, try to do more conscious communication, this one is the most important thing you can do IMO. Communicate your thoughts, especially the negative ones with a friend and be as honest and vulnerable as possible: This is an act of love, and the other person listening is also an act of love. So, if you do this every day, you'll have a good start, and then you can move on to finding a sustainable and intrinsic source of Love without others. Hope it helps.
  7. @integral So, there is no difference between an object in my direct experience and the thought of it ?
  8. I mean you can just shutdown your mind and then you would be left with the direct experience of what is. I think the need to have opinions about something, or the urge to know something or have any meta-physical view about it is a function of the ego mind. Because the ego wants to know what it is. Understanding is something deeper than knowing. When you switch off the mind, then you start developing understanding. As long as the ego is up and running, you will have an urge to know, which will cause you to develop an interpretation of whatever you see, hear, or feel. But If you turn off the mind completely with meditation or psychedelics, you no longer have that subconscious urge. So it looks to me like knowing is not fundamental.
  9. @Jowblob I have had a similar experience. For me, the most striking thing was how unloving I was (Even though I believed I was a nice guy). But it became painfully obvious to me how unloving I have been toward Myself (including all others). After that experience I was kinda forced to be more loving, compassionate, and inclusive. And I also wanted to lower my state of consiousness by doing ego-things. However, I refused to do most of them and stayed in that state for around two months straight (to varying degrees). But eventually, I decided that it was too much and came back down to my normal state by indulging in various ego stuff and socializing a lot, or in simpler terms, by distracting myself. Best of luck with whatever comes next, stay strong!
  10. Superb insight! But what lead you to conclude that virtue is the right term to use for this distinction?
  11. @Kksd74628 Would love to see your perspective on this: