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  1. Did Leo grew up in a religous Home?
    Did Leo grew up in a religous Home?
    @Leo Gura There is only one video game that has ever influenced me on a deep existential level.
    It is also perhaps the single most conscious piece of art/media that I have ever encountered.
    The game is called Shadow of the Colossus, originally released for PS2 back in 2005 but now there is a graphic remake for PS4:
    I can not recommend it enough. Though I cannot say much without spoiling the brilliant ending, I will say that it explores devilry (precisely as described in your video: what is the devil?) like no other work of art has.
    The very fact that Shadow of the Colossus is a video game (where one takes control of a character and is responsible for their actions) allows for its exploration of devilry. The narrative impact would not be anywhere near as powerful if this were a movie, for example.
    Furthermore, the game has a rare simplicity and serenity. It consists of 16 back-to-back boss fights (no mobs) and breathtaking scenery.
    It's also rather short. You can probably complete it in ~10+ hours.
    If you ever play a video game in your life ever again, Leo, remember this! 

  2. What Is Stage Coral In Spiral Dynamics???
    What Is Stage Coral In Spiral Dynamics???
    (1) Turquoise sees Non-duality as the Universe acting and speaking through all of its parts, as if all the parts are a conduit of the Universe a.k.a. one giant Mind.  In contrast, Coral sees Non-duality as what is literally real, which is the true Self a.k.a. God Awareness but excludes Maya a.k.a. Thought and Experience from what is real because Maya is a literal illusion.
    (2) Turquoise tends to think of Consciousness or its rough synonym 'the Universe' as being a container that contains everything that Turquoise wants to exist in reality.  In contrast, Coral is very literal in how they look at reality and realizes the only thing that exists is God Awareness, and God Awareness exists alone because all Thought and Experience a.k.a. Maya are a literal illusion.
    (3) Turquoise tends to think of God or 'Absolute Infinity' as they might call it as the 'full magnitude of everything that exists'.  In contrast, Coral realizes that Absolute Infinity is Maya and that the only thing that exists is the true Self a.k.a. God Awareness.
    (4) Turquoise tends to equate Ego with the Egoic self, and tends to think of Ego as drawing a boundary in Experience.  In contrast, Coral sees Ego as God Awareness forgetting who He is and becoming embedded in or distracted within Thought and/or Experience a.k.a. Maya.
    (5) Turquoise tends to think of Non-duality as everything losing all boundaries and becoming Oneness.  In contrast, Coral tends to think of Non-duality as God Awareness being fully conscious of who He is and that all Maya a.k.a. Thought and Experience is a literal illusion.
    (6) Turquoise makes room in their metaphysics for perspectives of other beings and for themselves as a perspective within a Network of Perspectives.  In contrast, Coral realizes that there's only one perspective that exists in reality, and that's the perspective of God Awareness a.k.a. the true Self.
    (7) Turquoise tends to cling to a life purpose aiming to help other people in truth-leaning ways and/or to change the world for the better in some manner.  In contrast, although Coral does teach on occasion; rather than cling to an external Life Purpose, Coral is mostly focused internally on addressing their own Macro-Level Actual Problem Situations with their time.