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  1. From what I know, when you cook with wine, alcohol evaporates. But you should double-check.
  2. @flowboy You are totally right. Thank you so much!
  3. @ShardMare More than a year ago my dad and my brother had an accident with the motorcycle. A deer jumped in front of them, and after that, they hit a tree. My brother recovered after many surgeries, but my dad was in a coma for a month, and now he is still not fine. I have always had OCD-like behaviors in general in life, but after this event I see these have expanded in a more "existential" way (if that makes sense). In other words, I'm also scared to suddenly die, or get seriously hurt. What I do is practice letting go. That helps a lot. Of course not every day is easy. What makes me feel better, is talking about it to people. Sometimes I also do it with people that are not my friends. Many of them listen and care, and it makes me feel lighter. You're not alone. Probably you have lived some traumatic event that has brought you these thoughts, even if you've never had an accident. If you want you can PM me and we can talk about it. I send you love!
  4. @leebus99 Thank you. As you said, I need to trust myself more. @flowboy Yes, also for me would be boring becoming a guitar teacher, and have keep this job forever. For my family and culture the best thing is finding stability and keeping it, and I am scared of not being able to break out of this mentality. I am still a student, so it's easy to fantasize and be excited about doing something unique, but when it will come to actually do it I will be alone. I hope I will be strong enough. Since my dad and brother had the accident I easily get scared of some aspects of life. Gotta work on that.
  5. Lately I've been having some "mid-life" crisis about what to do in my life. Currently I study in the Netherlands (I'm Italian, studying last year Bachelor), and I know that if after my Bachelor and Master I would go back to my city in Italy (where my family lives) I would easily find a job as a guitar teacher (I know that for a fact; there are not many guitar teachers, and my previous teacher would also recommend me), and I would be close to my family (which is an important thing since I my dad is not doing well and my whole family situation is quite tough - you can read about it here:) What I am scared the most is to settle as a guitar teacher, and never do something more and greater. I don't want to be a guitar teacher forever, what I want is to help people, and also personally grow spiritually. I thought then my life purpose could be something regarding meditation and music. I feel I had a pretty tough life, and I know that in one way or another we are all struggling, and I want to help people. I believe both meditation and music are powerful, but I am scared to never be able to leave my "comfort zone" as a guitar teacher. Or maybe the problem will be not having enough time to invest in a new business, since I will be teaching and helping my mom and dad. I have also the dream of living in multiple places: I moved to the Netherlands, and I understood that living abroad opens up my mind somehow, and studying here is a life-changing opportunity. But how can I do so many things if home there is a difficult situation? How can I help my family, but still grow personally, spiritually and having more life experiences? Probably I am overplanning my future, while I should just focus on finishing my Bachelor and then Master, and only after that see what happens. But I also want to start building something now, even if I am still a student. Long story short, I am pretty scared. Life gave me many positive opportunities, but at the same time with my dad's accident my whole life changed, I am a completely different person, and many times I feel lost. I am scared of all this impermanence I am experiencing, and the people around me don't have a deep or high-consciousness way of thinking, so I don't feel like talking about this stuff. This is also why I am writing here, and if you have any advice, thought, or anything to share, please feel free to do so, it would really help. I really appreciate you took the time to read me!
  6. @bensenbiz ...why?
  7. @centurysets More than three years ago I bought a microphone that you can directly plug in the computer, and it's still working really good. I use it for recording music (I play classical guitar), and for that and voice is great. What I usually do is record video with a camera/phone, and then record audio separately with the mic, and then just edit these and put them together (all of these with pre-installed programs on PC; not the best quality of course, but it works, and it's not bad). Hope I could help somehow!
  8. You should make a video with less background noise. I'd rather watch something with good sound quality and bad video quality, than the other way around. That's just my unprofessional advice.
  9. @Juan I have been taking Lion's Mane for a month now (one pill 2500 mg per day), and microdosing 1P-LSD (10ug - bought legally online) every third day, and I have to say that I am really satisfied with the way this mushroom affects me. I feel I go through the days with some underlying energy that is not stimulating like coffee, and it also makes me feel good about myself and my environment. The combination with 1P-LSD is interesting, I definitely feel I have a psychedelic in my body, but it's not annoying, and it doesn't make me distracted: I can be productive, study, practice guitar for hours, go to class, work... I can have a normal day, but with an extra empathy and sensitivity to my surroundings, emotions, people around me, and all the situations I find myself in.
  10. Great trip report, I'm glad you could have such a deep experience; I never went so deep with truffles, probably because I've never had more than 12g...Which strain did you have?
  11. Ela re tikaneis! I tried them, and once I had terrible nausea. But yeah without the seed coat you won't have that.
  12. Yesterday, after the whole summer I spent with my family, I came back to my home in the Netherlands, and in the evening I decided to smoke some weed. I smoked an amount that made me feel kind of high, but not so much. After some hours I decided to add to the weed just a few grains of 5-MeO-DMT, in the bong. I had never tried this compound before, and I was curious about what could happen. I felt ready in case a deep trip would happen, even though I didn’t think it would, since the amount I put in was really small. I play Crossing the Rubicon by Anoushka Shankar (never heard it before), lay down, and let myself go. After I closed my eyes, the first thing that I felt was my physical body expanding, and soon I became almost the whole room I was in. It was weird, not uncomfortable, just a feeling of heaviness, stability, and expansion. In the past it already happened to me that on weed I would experience an expansion of my body, but not as much as this time. Then something I would never expect happened: as I was listening to the music, I understood I had never heard a piece like this one, that would make me feel that way. I was getting sexually attracted to the song, it was really some kind of energetical connection between me and the music, and at that moment I started to masturbate. What I felt was the deepest connection I've ever had in my life, it was physical, energetical, spiritual, and even almost intellectual; I was intertwined with the music, having sex with it, and almost becoming one with it. I almost didn’t feel I was masturbating myself, as if everything was just happening by itself. And then I had the most intense orgasm ever, an explosion of energy, leaving from all the pores of my body (was it Kundalini energy?). I don’t know if this happened also thanks to the 5-MeO-DMT, but it really felt like I accessed a higher sexual dimension, it was a transcendental experience (and I have never felt anything so intense on weed).
  13. I am new to investments, so I can't give you the best advice on this topic. I am investing every month 10% from my payslip (not much rn, don't have a stable job) in the S&P 500, and I have invested also some euros in a farmaceutical company that uses psychedelics for treatments (it's a new one, and for now it's not going well, but from my unprofessional pov I expect it to grow). For the S&P I believe that in this times it's not guaranteed that you will always get a 6-10% return, as you can see in the last years it's been going up and down, with not much return. It will probably not go to zero (and even if it did, at that point money would not have value anymore), but it could also stay like this, or go down.
  14. @TheGod maybe you had a weak strain. Or maybe you justs have stronger tolerance.
  15. @Vibroverse I know about it, I read some of its sayings. It is for sure interesting, but there is no narrative, or any connections between those sayings... Maybe I should read better and contemplate each one of them.