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  1. This is really the key to everything. Whatever way one does it, that's what it boils down to. Cheers
  2. I must have missed that in your question, I thought you were looking for closure or something (and a healthy relationship). But I guess not. Cheers
  3. When you get confronted with rude people that trigger your social anxiety, that anxiety envelops you in a stiffling cloud of contracted emotional energy. Isn't that right? When you have some time to yourself, you can trigger this same emotion by replaying or imagining such scenarios in your mind, even exaggerating them if you want to go all the way with it. When you do this in a safe space where nothing will disturb you and you know nothing bad can happen, you can light up this emotion and practice feeling it in or around your body. Turning your attention toward it instead of away from it. What gets triggered is pent up emotional energy that wants to be released. And that is how you release it. It can take some time, practice, and perhaps several sessions, and it may not be pleasant, but sooner or later you will have processed through a particular anxiety. You'll know this has happened when you can no longer trigger it, and you don't even really know anymore what made those scenarios in your mind so bad. The whole gestalt falls apart. All the charge will have been taken out of it, permanently. So the short answer for how to deal with any kind of emotion, is by lighting it up, and turning toward the feeling in your body, instead of away from it. Cheers
  4. Firstly, imho, if he's your ex-boyfriend and not your boyfriend, then unless you get along very well or have very good reason to remain in eachothers lives, you both should probably just go your separate ways. Why are you two still exchanging dirty laundry like that. It serves nothing but trouble that you'd both be better off without. Secondly, absolutely everyone I know has lied to me about absolutely everything all my life. And the damage has been quite profound. Oh and this is absolutely true for absolutely everyone. From a personal perspective, I find it unforgivable, but fortunately the personal perspective is based on gross misunderstanding of reality. Plus I can't be arsed to lug all that luggage around with me for the rest of my life. Nobody benefits, least of all me. So I put it behind me. Cheers
  5. I don't really know how to work with that to be honest. At some point you'll want to step away from thinking of everything as "practices" or "techniques" and start to actually change the way you look at life and living. The mindset of separation is so ubiquitous that you don't even realize it until you start looking for it. This here is an example of that. Taking these things to be separate from the rest of your life. When you go grocery shopping, do you sit down on a cushion and set a timer to decide what you need? I'm guessing not. It's not a separate part of your life, it's an integral part of your life. Try to start seeing more and more of these things in the same way. As integral, not separate. Human development and creative endeavor (including consciously manifesting your life) is an ongoing movement towards integration. Cheers
  6. Mundane existence is well worth escaping from. Seeing as how it turns out to be something very different when you open your eyes. Nobody who uses psychedelics or any other way of breaking free, lives in the same mundane reality as you do, nor would they ever want to return to it. Why do you even hold on to mundane existence so dearly or frown at those who leave. Do you really like it that much? Cheers
  7. I haven't seen the whole episode yet, so maybe I'm missing something. But I wouldn't take it as an assignment. It's not some compartmentalized exercise, this is your life that you're talking about, and thinking about decisions is just part of going through life. Whenever you have a decision to make that's relevant for you, you're not done until it's resolved to your own satisfaction. Some are easy, some are difficult, some take no time at all and some take forever. Cheers
  8. You were asking about objective qualities, though. Cheers! 😊
  9. I think you're right. Maybe it's just the best we can do within the obviously false paradigm of the universe as a blind mechanical machine. When you start from false assumptions, nothing that comes out of it will ever be true. Cheers
  10. Could be for the same reasons why we tend to think soft smooth curves are more beautiful than hard sharp edges and angles. Perhaps because the former tend to be more natural / nature-like than the latter, and we evolved in nature afterall. Sound can be similarly soft/smooth/curvey vs. hard/sharp/edgy. Just look at a sinewave vs. a squarewave for example. When I think of German, I think "Halt!" When I think of French, I think "Oui oui hon hon." Et voila! Cheers
  11. @bejapuskas For what it's worth, it's been called "the high indifference" and various other names by various people, if you're interested in finding out more about it. It's not something I made up, it's something each of us can discover for ourselves. Cheers
  12. If he's as orange as orange gets then why are you watching him? Cheers
  13. @bejapuskas I understand m8. This is a madhouse. There's tons of nuance to be found on all sides, but in the big picture it's all rubbish no matter how you slice it. The trick is getting to the big picture and not getting bogged down by spectacle. By madhouse standards, the big picture is comparatively heartless and clinical, but it's the only place of sanity you'll ever find. Cheers
  14. Didn't realize that was pirated. Anyway you can search for the book on amazon or something. Cheers