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  1. I have a very similar problem when it comes to dating. Most girls don't look at me sexually, but as someone "cute". How I've gone about this is that I started strength training to increase my masculine energy. Also I figured maybe if I have a more muscular frame others will percieve me differently and it will make me act more like I am percieved. Today when the online dating competition is so high it really seems to me we as men gotta "max out our stats" to compete. Your situation here is uncannily similar to what happened to me 1 year ago. I was feeling on top of the world, had great confidence. Matched with a girl who was hot, she wrote me first which rarely happens to me, it took me by surprise. We went on a date and both had a good time, joking and laughing. But I could tell at the same time she was not into me sexually. Deep down I knew but I really liked her and I really was hoping it could go somewhere. After the date was over she turned me down. I was surprised and sad because it was a fun date and we had a lot in common but deep down I could see it coming. That very evening I tripped on shrooms. The next day I started working out rigourously. I kept it up for about 1 month but I overtrained, got sick and fell off the training. This year I'm back with a fury. It's time to become a man.
  2. That's not so obvious to me at all. I think that's exactly the point, to make it seem like he's out in the streets. Propaganda or war tactic, call it what you want. It doesn't matter that some people like yourself see through it, the point is that the majority of people who see it will think he's out on the streets.
  3. It probably will get you more toxins in your body. At the same time, all foods don't contain a lot of the worst ones. And many foods today are not as nutritious as they once were. So maybe eating more is also a good thing because you will get more micronutrients. Other than that your health could suffer if you're too low weight because it will mess up your hormone levels which will be taxing on your body, increased levels of cortisol and reduced test levels. So eating more food to gain weight should not be a problem in my opinion. If you're eating healthy foods the pros of getting your energy levels & hormone levels in good states as well as the fact that you're going to be getting more vitamins, minerals and fiber makes it seem to me like eating more healthy foods has a lot of pros, up to a certain point.
  4. I'm currently working out and researching it quite a bit and to me so far it seems like the best way is doing both high reps and low reps. Some days I do higher reps (12-20) with lower weight and focus on mind muscle connection. And other days I do lower reps (3-8) with heavier weight and also focus on mind muscle connection, but it's more difficult with heavier weight to me because just doing the movement itself requires more focus when you're using heavier weight. The reason a combination of low rep days and high rep days seems the best to me is that high reps will build more size on your muscle because it requires the muscles "fuel tank" to grow more if you will, which is what causes a substantial increase in muscle size. The low reps sessions increase your strength more, which is your muscles ability to create tension. An increase in strength will also improve your ability to maintain good muscle mind connection at heavier and heavier weights, the stronger you become so you can keep increasing your weight on your high rep sessions. So why train only for strength if you want chest size, throw in some high rep bench press. 3 sets 15 reps at low weight and then keep adding weight gradually each session and try to keep hitting 15 reps for 3 sets. If you can't hit 15 reps of your new weight, lower the weight for the last set and rep to 1-2 reps from failure. This drop set will keep your reps high for the high rep session even if you couldn't quite make high reps with your new weight to make sure you train the muscles endurance, fuel tank properly. Then the workout session following that you could go for lower reps, 5 or 6 reps for 3 sets and with a heavier weight than you're using at your high rep sessions. Another tip I would say is make sure to hit your chest atleast 2 times per week. 2 times per week seems to easiest to maintain for me personally. Some people prefer 3 times per week and I think that can give a bit faster results but it's a bit trickier with the recovery and time management. Calisthenics is really useful because if you hit the gym with a whole body routine 2 days a week it's good to add some variation to the exercises you do, maybe by hitting some high rep sets of pushups on a day in between your usual workout days to add extra chest workout volume. You don't really need to do 10 different chest exercises for your chest to grow, just make sure to progress both at low reps and high reps in the movement. Make sure to eat enough whole foods and protein. My friend has a 140 kilo bench press and he has a great chest and overall physique. He used to do 5x5 and other powerlifting style programs before but nowadays he incorporates more high reps and has been reaping the benefits. I might be mistaken but my impression is that high reps is really undervalued. Same goes for isometrics but that's another story. As mentioned earlier in the thread reddeltaproject is a very good Youtube channel.
  5. Have you tried any form of yoga? I read above that you think you are a low energy person. Kriya yoga, hatha yoga, shambhavi mudra, tried any of these? I think these practices can help you open up more to others and give you more energy. When you have more energy than you need you might become more outgoing and take initiative more often. What if you start hosting events with your friends/host a party? People will start to perceive you as more outgoing and extroverted if you take initiative in a group. Going to the gym or doing other energetic activities where you're around other people could help you get accustomed to having more energy around people.
  6. Maybe you would not even be on this forum if you weren't an introvert. As you said it yourself, you have a natural curiosity and think about things deeply. My guess is that the majority of people on this forum are introverts or atleast not dominant in extroversion. Your introversion maybe won't give you all the pros of being an introvert for free, if you're working as a salesman it's probably mostly a disadvantage. But you can turn it into an advantage. Instead of viewing it like your introspection is a problem that doesn't come with any pros, what if you view it like I am an introvert, how do I adapt my life to make the most use of that fact. See most people won't actively try to adapt their life in ways to benefit from their psychology. There are many ways to benefit. You probably have an easier time pursuing meditation and self inquiry than most extroverted people have. You are also missing out on a lot of problems that comes with being an extrovert, maybe you're less prone to feeling lonely when you're spending time alone. Of course, you're not limited to being strictly an introvert. What you do will change your psychology. If you really wish you had some more extroverted traits you could go out and be more socially active and your psychology will adapt and more extroverted traits will be brought out. For example if you're an introvert but want to become a standup comedian either you could play with your introverted traits in your standup comedy routine, or you could try to challenge yourself to become more extroverted and take on an extroverted alter ego during your standup act and then being more introverted during your spare time. Whatever you do there is a way of doing it like an introvert and a way of doing it like an extrovert and both are available to you, it's just one is going to come more naturally so being an introvert is a good thing if you realize that and take advantage of it when you can. No it's not necessarily true because it's in the book, you are right. But the book makes a strong case for why that would likely be the case. Sometimes it's good to listen to someone who has spent a great deal of her life investigating the matter(in this case Susan Cain). She backs her claims up with studies in the book. Buddha and Steve Wozniak are just two examples of people doing their thing alone with great success. Another example is The Beatles, the band played together and recorded together but when it came to songwriting John, Paul, George, Ringo, everyone of them wrote the music alone. Lennon & McCartney split the credit of many songs but they actually went off alone to write and did not write together. Literally think of any inventor in history and most of the time the invention will have been done solo. Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Chopin, Liszt. They all wrote alone because becoming a great musician takes years of venturing off on your own in exploration.
  7. According to the book Quiet introverts are better at inventing things and better at making great art. Apparently most profound inventions are done solo. Buddha leaving his family to go off alone, Steve Wozniak inventing the PC on his own in his garage etc etc. If you're an introvert you're more likely to spend time alone which is where you can get really deep.
  8. It sucks sometimes man, stay strong. At end of last year I became concious of dreadful meaninglessness of existance after being awake for 48+ hours. But what I realized after a couple of nights proper sleep and just focusing on the basics, food, water, sleep, some short meditation sessions was that meaninglessness is not actually final. It seems that way when you're concious of it but all experiences I had up until that point had passed into something else. And so this feeling eventually passed as well. I snapped out of it and realized meaninglessness is just another stance, perspective that is pointless to settle on in the long run but certainly can be insightful to experience for a shorter period of time. It is settling for the perspective of meaninglessness that made conciousness appear absolutely meaninglessness. You're stressing yourself up a bit over the situation which is why you can't sleep. If you drink some water, take a shower, maybe some light yoga or weed if you're into that to help you relax a bit. Listen to some music you like. You don't always need to think so much about existential things. Contemplating can be insightful but letting yourself be "distracted" by music, a movie you like or by eating some snack you like can help you rest and let you shift perspective. It's easy to get stuck in one perspective. God? Yes, but how about watching a cute pig video "by the fire" with your girlfriend. Or cuddling up with a few pillows and eating some cookies. Meaningless? Until suddenly it isn't! You're reminding me of when I was tripping on 3g of shrooms and I had this terribly strong urge to get rid of my experience so I was frantically googling and trying to think my way out of the experience. But suddenly the experience let go by itself and things were back to normal but having had the tough experience makes you wiser, better off in the end. Even if it can feel like the experience is permanent. Because even if it is, your perspective on it will change with time. Mistakenly quoted this and can't manage to unquote it lol.
  9. Laughed my ass off at this video.. what was I watching lol
  10. "It's all me. I'm all alone." Is this not just another story you're telling yourself? If you tell yourself there are others, it seems as if there are. If you tell yourself it's all you, that's all there is. They are 2 different stories painted on the exact same canvas. Pick the one which feels right mate. Edit: Wanted to add, make sure you have adequate food, water and regular sleep. When I don't have those I can slip into uncomfortable perspectives and not be aware that there's a different way of looking at things..
  11. What super powers are you developing? Is it via meditation?
  12. My mother had a shoulder impingement that bothered her a lot during her sleep. Things like pulling your shoulder blades down & back and lightly lifting your chest on a regular basis, especially when carrying things seemed to help her recover faster. Before she was doing this the pain persisted for many weeks. When she started actively becoming conscious of her upper back posture like this the problem was gone after about a week. So if it's impingement you could try that. If that doesn't hurt/make it worse you could try it anyways because it helps open the shoulders which takes strain of them in general. It's the same posture one would use for a farmers walk pretty much. You can also engage your core muscles and glutes and tuck your tailbone downwards to create a neutral hip position to give your lower back more stability. Stability seems to be built from down up. These are the tips I would give you. I am just figuring things like this out myself too though so take it with a grain of salt. I have kyphosis and scoliosis myself so I've had to research a lot regarding posture, stretches, yoga, strength training to help with my back issues.
  13. Woah that illusion analogy is sick! Much appreciated.
  14. I can't seem to stop thinking that it's a good idea to make those whom I love try psychedelics. After all psychedelics was how I first got into this journey I'm currently on with meditation, practicing work, working out, eating healthy, yoga, reading, self improvement, trying to make the best of every situation, no matter what hand I'm dealt, trying to bring acceptance and love to those around me. And I'm loving it every day, even my worse days, I can stand now. I wish everyone would be able to experience this inner transformation phenomena. The perceptions, visions, sound alterations, thoughts etc during the trip itself is magic, completely unexplainable and amazing . But the direction life can take a couple of years later as a long term consequence of the inner change that sets into action during the trip. There is not a word for the thankfulness which I feel for that. But how would I be without it? My life was heading downhill fast. My mental condition was not good, not good at all. I can picture myself working at McDonalds 45 years old, alone, fat, porn addicted, taking hard drugs, playing league of legends 24/7 for 10s of thousands of hours yet still being the lowest rank, telling kids on there they should kill themselves for playing poorly. Dying early from heart attack due to horrible progressed kyphosis and bad food and training habits. OR just from sheer anxiety itself. This is a highly likely scenario from my point of view. Oh what my life would be without my curiosity and open-mindedness toward psychedelics. But if I couldn't make it without psychedelics(atleast according to how I think about the matter), how could most of my friends and my family ever make it? Some of them are doing fine and have things going for them despite the fact. But I can tell most of them are just depressed to a crippling degree and they're not even conscious of it themselves. It is a horrifying thing to bear witness to. The endless self imposed suffering, they don't have the belief systems, open mindedness, they don't have what it takes to stick to meditation for months on end or stop themselves from eating McDonalds daily and start working out. And neither had I before psychedelics. So what if I could make them think it's a good idea to swallow a piece of blotter once, in an educated manner? How would I convince them it's a good idea, is it even a good idea making my friends and perhaps even parents and siblings try psychedelics?
  15. My first mushroom trip alone was something similar. Really took me by surprise how hard it hit me as i had done acid multiple times before then with no issues. On my shroom trip I remember having visions of the execution of Saddam Hussein and visions of me falling out of my window. Thinking that I had lost my mind. Spending a good amount of time panicking, trying to google how to get out of the trip. Because I thought that was a rational thing to do somehow. I was also very confused and dizzy, it was as if I had been kicked in the face and was grasping to remember how I got where I am. Felt crazy when I sobered up, suddenly I was 100% sober with 0 trip going on and everything felt crystal clear. WOW... that hit me by surprise. Now a year later I am feeling better than I ever have in my life though.. so maybe that did something good after all, who knows.. For now I'm sticking to meditation & acid though.. but if I return to the shroom I hope she'll be gentler to me the next time around..
  16. Even if you don't care for animal rights my point is that you're likely doing more harm than good even if your actions are well intentioned. You gotta ask yourself, do you want to see an end to racism or do you want to feel good about 'contributing to the end of racism'?
  17. I was vegan for 4.5 years. I used to see it as either you support animal cruelty or you're anti animal cruelty, in which case you would be vegan. But if you're not vegan that would have made you into an enemy. Now, that tactic worked poorly. As far as I know 0 people went vegan by me lecturing them on their evils. And I did lecture many. But it just made them stop listening to me. Instead of turning this into a conflict between racists and anti racists, maybe just acting with exemplary behaviour is enough. Others will follow suit.
  18. From my point of view, since I am not personally involved with this situation. I can see clearly that it is funny and not really a big problem. There have been many such cases in my life where something appears to be a problem when it really isn't. But it is merely a distraction from what you really ought to be focusing on. Either it's a distraction or it's a pointer to something you could work on in your own life. You don't need to befriend the girl.. but would it be so bad if you did? Your negative perception of her might change completely once you get to know her.
  19. I have my own company where I design sound effects & produce music for video games. Hopefully for film as well at some point!
  20. I achieved my position of work through following my passion, but it looked in many different ways as it took different turns, different forms. I had worked 2 jobs before that had nothing to do with what I work with now. These were jobs I did not really like and just had to work as since I didn't really try to make money with my passion before. One new years eve when I was working at my 2nd job which was killing me I had an emotional breakdown at a friends new years eve party. After that I knew I had to get myself out of the position I was in and pursue something worthwhile. Even though I am working with my passion now it's still hard work and I am forced to work a lot which takes a lot of energy and well.. time, And it's pretty lonely at times, which in the beginning made me question my path a lot. Watching my friends go to student parties etc while I'm grinding away and losing fitness. Losing touch with some of my old social circles etc. I even quit my path once for 6 months because I had enough but then I came back and kept on going. I finally learned to cope with the loneliness and stress so now I very rarely find myself questioning my path anymore. Increasingly I am enjoying the journey. And as far as the enjoyment of being self-employed, it really is great for me as I really enjoy alone time and I get a lot of it now with my job. I also get to pursue further mastery of my craft, which has been of great service for me in many ways and freed me from working with a mind-numbing job.
  21. Is that choice not just another illusion? How did you focus on breathing instead of the thoughts by will?
  22. "I thought I'm sad but now I'm glad a thought I thought I had. A thought I had I thought I'm glad and never was I sad." I have been trying to figure out what this means but as I am not a native English speaker I'm struggling to understand.. Does it have to do with enlightenment? Law of attraction? Feels a bit loopy/mindfucky.
  23. Aaah,,, so it's like.. if I think I got it, I didn't necessarily really get it because that's only the thought that 'I got it', not me actually getting it? And if I think I haven't got it just yet, the 'just yet' implies a future where I will get it which is also actually just a thought so if I haven't got it yet I never will and If I have got it I always will? And actually the 'I' that thinks the thought is also just a thought so that means there is no self having the thought but actually that self is just a part of thought as an object? What about being glad, is that possible because it's just being with a feeling labeled as glad? So it's not the thought of being glad but there's a difference? I think I almost got it...