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  1. No prob ? It can be tough to tell tone on the internet. I also find the difference in species interesting because some are easier to grow than others, so thanks for the article. Wish I'd seen that thread six months ago.
  2. Not upset man. Just trying to be helpful to people who are new to shrooms. It would've been helpful for me 6 months ago to know that Penis Envys are 3x stronger than B+.
  3. That's why I said "Thanks for sharing." It just lists a bunch of popular Cubensis, but it's an interesting read. Look, I'm just trying to be helpful here.
  4. @Thought Art Thanks for sharing. That website lists species which are different than strains or varieties. Most species you buy online are from the Cubensis species. Within each species are many strains. Penis Envy and Golden Teachers are part of the same species (Cubensis), but are very different strains and have different potency. Blue Meanies for example, are Cyanescens, but have the same potency as Golden Teachers and B+, which are a different strain. Just trying to be helpful to people who are curious about different strains.
  5. No shit I wrote this post because it's tough to find info on which strains are good for beginners versus which are good for experienced trippers. This info is for people who are just starting their shroom journey.
  6. I haven’t seen much discussion about this, but it’s important to know that some strains are 2-3x stronger than beginner friendly shrooms. So, 0.5g of Penis Envy will be as strong as 1.5g of Golden Teachers (although the type of high is different). Beginner Friendly Strains: Golden Teachers, Blue Meanies, B+ Strong Strains: Penis Envy, Jedi Mindfuck, PES Hawaiians, Puerto Ricos This list is not exhaustive. Those are just the strains I have experience with. Please feel free to mention which strains are strong and which are beginner friendly. I also find that different strains lead to different highs.
  7. Honestly, that should be fine especially if you keep the dose low. It might be a little awkward if you bump into people while going to the bathroom, but you could just say you're tired and need to go to bed.
  8. That website got hacked in early May and has been defunct ever since. Which really sucks because they were great, been around for 10 years, and even sold MALT. I'd be concerned about exposing to liability. If someone's too lazy to do the research, there's a good chance they'll be too lazy to do psychedelics responsibly. Leo gets blamed for all kinds of bs. Don't want to add to the pile. In countries where psychedelics are legal, finding out where to buy them is pretty easy. Just hop on Reddit. Read reviews of companies. Don't just search for a specific substance. Look at different communities devoted to "research chemicals" or "mail order mushrooms" and so forth. Some companies even have accounts with multi-year track records where they talk to customers. I've found a bunch of good places that way. An anti-sourcing list would be a good idea.
  9. @ZenSwift You’re very welcome It seems like people mostly talk about psychedelics in terms of attaining enlightenment, but it has a lot of immediate benefits psychologically. For me, 5-MeO plus shadow work and IFS have been very useful at dissolving samskaras. Samskaras (for people who are wondering) are undigested balls of emotion that keep generating limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, no matter what the situation is. They’re often a result of childhood trauma. The benefits of healing and dissolving samskaras are pretty immediate, whereas enlightenment takes a really long time to attain. Maybe I’ll get there one day, but in the meantime I’d like to infuse my life with love, radiate it outwards and channel it into whatever I’m doing .
  10. The idea that raising your consciousness makes you a slacker is just not true. If your spiritual practice isn’t translating to a better lived life, then you’re doing it wrong and spiritually bypassing. If you combine psychedelics with other spiritual practices in a responsible way, it makes you motivations higher conscious and more loving, which can counter-intuitively skyrocket your results. You spend less energy being worried and neurotic, and more energy towards productive action, providing value and channelling love into the world. Leo has a clip here about how detachment improves your results: For me personally, 5-MeO has absolutely increased my motivation. It’s also altered my motivations so that they’re coming from a higher consciousness place. So, if you’re starting a business, it’ll be easier to focus on loving what you do and providing value instead of just getting money. The first place is an abundance mindset, the second one is a scarcity mindset that dampens your results. Here’s some ways that 5-MeO has affected my goals and motivation: -I dropped all sugar, flour and white carbs quite easily, because I’ve become very aware of how my body feels energetically. -I’m more open and less guarded with people. My relationships are deeper and more connected. Even joking around with hot guys or random people throughout the day is much easier, which can lead to cool opportunities. -Instead of grinding through work and feeling drained I remember to enjoy the process and stay open and curious about what I’m doing. Which makes me more productive at work. -Even doing necessary “busy work” is easier. I used to get impatient and wish I was doing something else, because it wasn’t “important.” Now I can appreciate the moment and how the little things are just as important as the big things because they’re necessary. -It’s turbo charged my meditation practice because I know what it’s like to meditate when you’re in a super high state of consciousness. Meditation has a ton of benefits like reducing stress, increasing attention span, improving sleep, decreasing blood pressure, etc. -I’m more motivated to commit to all my spiritual practices because I have a much clearer idea of what’s possible and what’s really going on in life. It makes facing the unknown a lot easier, which reduces anxiety. -When you know, unequivocally and undeniably, that the fabric of reality is made of love, you treat reality more lovingly, which changes everything. Having said all that, there are lots of people who should not do psychedelics. Immature people, people under 21, people who think it’s a magic pill or a substitute for daily spiritual practices, people who have a history of addiction or serious mental illness, people who haven’t studied non-duality. So depending on where you’re at in life, having a solid spiritual practice in addition to psychedelics can increase your motivation and results in life. Also, it’s going to take a lot of trips and spiritual work before your consciousness rises to a level where you’re unconcerned about survival. You probably don’t have to worry about that. Although you do have to worry about being responsible and safe about how you do 5-MeO if you choose to do it.
  11. There's a good chance you'll feel more motivated to work because 5-MeO will help you shed baggage that's making you resistant. I personally found that awe and joy can make you more courageous and excited to engage with reality. You also end up less focused on egoic concerns and more focused on what matters.
  12. Sounds like you’re bound and determined. Glad to hear you’re taking it with guides and not in a partying situation. For me personally, I’ve never been so out of control that I’ve hurt my body. However, if you freak out while tripping, remind yourself that if your body starts freaking out you have guides around to help you. Say that to yourself so that your mind doesn’t start freaking out too. Even though it’s 20 mins, time gets suspended on a psychedelic, so a bad trip can feel much much much longer. I’ve had scary trips and insanely beautiful, breakthrough trips. For me, the big difference between the beautiful trips and the scary ones was setting an intention to understand love. The good trips happened when my intention was to get better at radiating Absolute Love and magnifying it through my life purpose, while also being open and humble to whatever experience DMT wanted to show me. I’d recommend watching Leo’s “The Structure of Reality” for that. Life’s all about getting closer to Absolute Love, so it’s comforting to know that the Toad wants to show you that. Humility is important with psychedelics. I’ve read and watched trip reports of people getting cocky and suddenly having a bad trip, like the toad was trying to teach them humility. The thing about 5-MeO that makes it freakier than other psychedelics is it makes you confront death and consciousness beyond the veil, beyond your day to day existence. I’d recommend watching Leo’s episode on “What is Death” and contemplating how you feel about death. In fact the first time I did it my Ego was freaked out to discover that, as consciousness, I’ve existed for eternity and I will reincarnate over and over again without end. No one had talked about this out of all the trip reports I’d read and watched, so my Ego was like, “those jerks tricked you!! Now you’re going to swim in the infinite, forever and ever and go crazier and crazier.” But, it was just my mind freaking out. If I’d known ahead of time that this could happen, I wouldn’t have freaked out nearly as much. At the time, it felt like my experience was abnormal (it's definitely not). Just relax, open up, admit to whatever you're feeling, let the feelings wash through you, remember that there are people around you to protect your body, let yourself surf the wave of infinity. (Sorry if I sound like a hippy) In any case, exploring Love is much easier than exploring Infinity if you’re new to psychedelics. Focus on wanting to explore and embody love and you'll probably have a better experience.