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  1. how to find forgiveness for some shit I’ve done?
    how to find forgiveness for some shit I’ve done?
    Forgive yourself for unconsciously entering particular states which resulted in those particular past actions whatever they may have been. Realise that you unwittingly entered through lack of awareness these states and forgive yourself. Now you are aware of those once unconscious behaviours, act in a more conscious manner to not repeat or make similar situations arise in the future

  2. Lying to my Parents
    Lying to my Parents
    I don't know what to tell my parents when they ask where I'm going when I go out to a club or bar. I would say I'm just going to see some friends but the truth is I'm not, I'm going to meet people who I met on a Pickup Telegram group to go and do sort-of personal development. I basically don't want to lie to my parents but at the same time, I just don't think that they would understand the truth either and they would 100% get stressed out by it. I plan to move out soon so it should be fine but until then I just don't know how to tell them where I'm going when I go out. Anyone deal with this and/or have told their parents the truth?

  3. Video Summaries! Video Summaries!
    Hey guys! I'm gonna upload all the video summaries I have at the moment and will be uploading more of them as I watch them! Needless to say that is a summaries made by me and not transcripts nor Leo's summaries. Probably you will find some of my comments and ideas in them; I enjoy feedback of any type so feel free to comment