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  1. I don't know, but Leo's videos and 99% of all self help videos usually say to: "Go out of your comfort zone." "Stop doing (xyz)" "Start doing (xyz)) So, I guess, what I interpret it is that I do many things that hold me back and If I change them then I will improve. But, some things feel right, therefore.... why should I change them? Usually because of negative consequences. But then again, the least stressful path is to just say fuck it and not care about rules at all. That's usually what I resort to.
  2. who?
  3. Like what? You already have everything.
  4. The boundary between what feels right and what you must do. Going out of your way to invalidate all thoughts about not making friends and trying to make friends anyway. Which is right or wrong?
  5. Being fully sober I notice that I have certain moods where i'm really irritable, aggressive, etc, and it's really hard to get started on things
  6. What if it's porn or bullying people or getting in fights? There are real consequences, such as hiding away to fap, or arguments and being kicked out of places. Moreso, what if you used your technique for if you injected heroin? Would you ever really get satsified or would it just kill you.. like with that one rat experiment
  7. I remember Leo said in a video that if you're dead, there's no more self actualization or something lol. Nah but seriously, he said life is all about survival. But yeah, if we're gonna apply philosophy and absolute truths to one thing, we should be able to apply it to alll, and in that case, suicide has no meaning.
  8. The limit to being permanently awakened and free and in awe of the world is authority. It's the fact that you can't feel or say anything to people. Or get in fights with anyone who pisses you off. Or ogle at women. Or get yelled at by your Dad. You are always in fear of the police being called. Or in fear of being shut down. You have to follow the rules. None of this works.
  9. I hear that millionaires in sillicon valley use it and are geniuses at coding
  10. Is microdosing LSD recommended for reaching higher states of consciousness?
  11. Isn't this all a paradox? To not care about anything is caring, so if you did care it'd be the same thing, and likewise with caring? Therefore, how do you know what is the right choice in life? Isn't doing nothing, doing something, so it should give fulfillment, but it doesn't? How do you even know 'what to do' in life? Where is the boundary between absolute truths and situational truths?