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  1. Can you describe the next state?
  2. Sometimes people require quick intervention though. The enlightenment process involves the release of emotional baggage and trauma that can be debilitating to people. If you're relatively comfortable it's different, but some people live in such dire circumstances that they need a catalyst. Psychedelics helped me overcome some biological barriers like selective mutism, crippling anxiety, and suicidal ideations.
  3. I find myself in a rare position. I was a victim of medical malpractice for twelve years. I was born with malformations in my amygdala, hippocampus, cerebellum, and medial temporal lobes. I am missing my cerebellar vermis (this malformation is called rhombencephalosynapsis; if you look up the condition you may be horrified, many of the people live in severe states, although a reasonable amount also live functionally as I do). I have always been of high intelligence and relatively high-functioning so I think that when these things were diagnosed that they were overlooked mostly by my neurologist and doctor. I was told a narrow scope of what the problem was, but none of the crucial details (such as the fact that my emotional processing was wildly off from a malformed amygdala). I didn't find out the full extent of it all until 19 when I dug up my MRI report from my attic, at which point I had been suffering through years of drug addiction, anxiety, depression, and isolation. My parents knew so little about the disorder I had that absolutely no dots were connected, and I don't think my parents still to this day understand how traumatic my life has been. At this point in my life, I could've potentially lost my mind or killed myself or something worse. But luckily, I found spirituality, which started with meditation and later extended to psychedelic treatment, primarily psilocybin. Hell, all of this was so traumatic and shocking that I don't know if I would have been able to face the horror of having to research and apply all of this if I didn't have psychedelics as a backing to the shadow work. My depression and anxiety have gotten much better. I have overcome selective mutism. I have overcome alcoholism and Adderall addiction. I have overcome neuro-ocular problems with eye contact. I have lost my virginity and started succeeding romantically and sexually. I have been able to diagnose myself with PTSD. I have improved in friendships. I find myself to be more intuitive, perceptive, and better at reading auras, more aware and present. I have had mystical experiences involving the ethereal and the occult and the supernatural, involving such themes as synchronicity. I have had God realizations. And all of this opened up a variety of possible career paths involving psychology and spirituality. I think that my situation will particularly buttress the advocacy of psychedelics. I have learned a lot from Leo and I have plans to produce content of my own related to my own experiences in this field and to post them on YouTube. There is so much to find when you lift the veil. This is just a surface-level description of my endeavors in this subject so feel free to ask me any questions regarding my authenticity! It's just easier to do it that way than for me to ramble for unspeakably long in one post.
  4. Absolutely. But this won't be the case for everyone. I didn't begin yielding life-changing results from psychedelics until I stopped using them in a recreational fashion with friends and started using them as a therapeutic and entheogenic tool.
  5. Some people are taking umbrage with the approach you're taking on this, but I respect the no-bullshit lucidity.