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  1. Don't be mistaken. This might be Leo's best video ever. This is not him falling into a trap. If anything, he's saving himself from a trap. Even if you disagree fundamentally with his new awakening (which I don't), you at least have to admit that this is a much safer approach to solipsism. Preaching about solipsism would just be too much of a liability without these newly-laid foundations. His dissolution of the duality of "real" versus "imaginary" is, in my opinion, genius, but even if you disagree with the things he says, I think we can agree that this episode is a very necessary safety net for anyone who's in over their head with solipsism and suffering from psychiatric problems as a result of it. It's good for people like such to stay connected with the "real world" in some sense and this episode enables it.
  2. This is the best episode of Leo's that I've seen so far. I've been waiting for something like this. It's a much safer approach to solipsism.
  3. I think it's useful advice to tell someone to mostly stay away from trying to summon entities and deities, but I can't help but feel the OP is being unnecessarily condescended.
  4. Imagination and creativity. Playing with my brothers and creating fictional worlds and characters with our stuffed animals. Playing pretend.
  5. It's not necessarily that the words mean something. I think that the best analysis of glossolalia comes down to the trancelike nature of the phenomenon. It's most likely going to happen when you're tripping on a reasonable dosage of psychedelics, but I wouldn't describe it as "people being so high that they speak gibberish just for the sake of it." That sort of implies in my mind that people just do this kind of thing for kicks. I would say that it more comes on like a fit and feels similar to Tourette's syndrome. There's a loss of control involved with it. It's also an oddly therapeutic feeling of release.
  6. It works. So would something like chamomile. They also will probably calm your anxiety a bit for the trip.
  7. You sound naively confident about that. What makes you think this could only happen to a moron?
  8. Another danger of psychedelics (particularly if you're combining them with the occult) is the overwhelming attachment to youth and the past that practitioners develop. One thing that people on this forum don't talk enough about is this: the deeper you dive into these waters, the more you realize that an overwhelming amount of people involved have what I call a Neverland complex. And no, I don't just mean that in the context of Peter Pan.
  9. Psychedelics, when mixed with black magick or any occult practice, can have dire consequences for the psyche. This combination will awaken you to a dark and seedy underworld hidden below the surface, hidden exquisitely in plain sight by the media. You will realize what a perverted and hedonistic and corrupt place this world is. You will recontextualize innocent memories in a more sinister context and that has the possibility of making you paranoid to the level of dissociations.
  10. I'd love if you could elaborate on what you mean by "coping in stage green" and what you would regard as transcending such. Are you referring to the utopian idealism of stage green?
  11. This is a common claim among naysayers regarding the spiritual and psychedelic communities. How would you rebut or dismiss such a claim? For the record, I'm not a believer of this claim. I'm the exact opposite. I'm just looking for a discussion on the matter.
  12. Such is life when you're alternating in and out of a psychedelic regimen, I suppose. Not only are there things he has potentially reconsidered and run back, but there are also things that he may have made the decision to shield in fear of the danger associated with it. I think there are probably more interesting reasons related to the way his character and outlook have developed over time that would explain these inconsistencies better than just calling Leo inconsistent.
  13. Do you think there is any observable overlap between the creeds of New Thought and Satanism, and if so, how would you explain these similarities? Also, let me know if anyone wants to Skype on this subject because I could discuss it for hours.
  14. A mystical experience is not synonymous to a delusion. However, there's a Venn diagram with some overlap in the middle. That's not to say that any mystical experience is delusional, or that even most are. That is, rather, to say that episodes of psychosis can be marked by facets of mystical experiences. For instance, a guy like Connor Murphy who clearly had a real relationship with God that his psyche simply could not handle.