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  1. How do you understand the authentic self now?
  2. Where is this please? ”He still has some interesting stuff to say in the sense that he is an example how one can be totally derailed from 3 dimensional world and still living in it.”
  3. What is the definition of asshole to you?
  4. FAST FOOD + Lack of experience + Abusive Traumatized Narcissistic Parents + too much stimulation + drugs and alcohol available everywhere to everyone + Media that make mental illness problems seem ordinary (Mr.Robot) + subliminal messages in movies and songs? + Sexual Frustration
  5. That you are aware to the fact you are aware you were teaching people this stuff man what happened to you?
  6. One life each time but how many lives in the total? Mario knows well he’s in a video game ever noticed the way he looks at you directly from the screen when he dies? He’s just like you he gets another turn every time he dies over and over again are you aware you’re dreaming?
  7. Like do you want to change the game while here to suit your self? That’s what I meant
  8. Limitations of the game or the self while here?
  9. We would be doing it all the time and keep changing the game constantly, you designed it all beforehand to enjoy it as a human, why go back as a human to that state of consciousness and then find it was perfect from beginning and your perception as a human just fooled you?
  10. Stumbled across this, what do you think?
  11. Once I saw a box made out of cartoon turn into a house with clouds and it was really vivid, I think the best answer to your question is that you imagined all of this at a higher consciousness and now you play the game with that imagination which you can’t change in your current state or even with psychedelics, but you know it’s all imagination.
  12. If you are in a place of high consciousness you should help those who are in need to elevate and reach better understandings, they are parts of you and you too will reach higher when you do so.
  13. Man I really hate how this became our game now, who is awakened and who isn’t, who is high consciousness and who is low, Again separating ourselves. You could be the only high conscious in one city all by yourself and still produce changes you were at a low consciousness state once before and some guy inspired you to elevate and become who you think you are now, but being a high conscious person isn’t an achievement of any kind, it’s all about what you do, Did you help the low conscious person? Did you advise or guide him? No, so you aren’t any higher than him and you both could be at the same state anyway, but it doesn’t matter. Now you will judge my state of consciousness, man just leave people “be”
  14. Woah what skeletons man? I was meditating today and an image of a skeleton appeared
  15. Hey man this is my first time replying to you, I really enjoy reading your posts and comments, really loved your awakening post but Fear ≠ Love, don’t put it this way because you can be misguided some people can induce fear into you to get respect but is that the same respect you give to those who love you?