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  1. Hi, I have severe OCD, so I can relate, I am sorry you are experiencing this. I feel hopeless frequently, its not nice. I would recommend talking to friends or on here about how you feel. I was in such a hopeless mood the past few days and I talked to my friends and it gave me a new perspective on things, it was amazing and I am grateful for them. Perhaps try having something like someone to talk to, something to do that distracts you and gets you into another perspective? Gaming, meditating etc. Your current situation is not your final destination. Sleep schedule, diet and exercise are also helpful. Hope your situation improves, I'm on Risperidone for my ocd, i plan on coming off for a bit to have trip which is probably the wiser decision.
  2. Hi, I have recently discovered Leo's content. I have OCD. I have watched a variety of the content and was just wondering if anyone has any tips or would like to share their experience with the disorder. I have watched the Ego Development series, the fear series, I am currently watching the survival series at the moment. I plan on becoming a content creator / OCD therapist due to my experience with this illness. If anyone would like to recommend any videos or talk about their ocd I would be more than happy to. Thanks.