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  1. Why did God choose to punish women with the pain of childbirth, periods, ever changing moods, a biological clock and loosing physical beauty with age and suffer repression? Why is it like this.. ?
  2. the way i see it is nobody is clingy, they are just chasing the wrong people... people who they aren''t compatible with and who are incabable of meeting their needs. so then they end up believing it's their fault for being too clingy and supressing their needs in order to not scare the other person away. it comes down to your attachment style.. avoidant people are the hardest to have relationships with. the best pairing is either secure & secure or anxious & secure. .. the secure one helps the anxious one eventually become more secure if they work on things togethr. so if someone is secure and emotionally strong they have no problem meeting their partners needs. whereas an avoidant person is uncomfortable with that. nobody is clingy per se they are just with the wrong person..of course they should also work on themselves to become more secure.. try reading the book 'attached' it talks more about all this .
  3. If she is drunk and you know her a bit, or have been hanging out all night then that might work. But most girls aren’t looking for a one night stand with a random boy they just met. Maybe if you approach every girl in the club then maybe 1 will be up for it (but then you also risk looking like a creep) If all you want is one night stands then the best bet is to go out to bars and get drunk and chat naturally with ppl. It’s also more likely that you will hookup with a girl from your social circle, if you are all out partying together. This is the simplest way. But you should also be wary of having too many 1 night stands in your social circle because word will spread fast that you are a player and that your using girls for sex so it could backfire.
  4. Sounds more like incompatiblity. You also have needs and if your partner can’t or doesn’t want to meet them then you’d be better paired with someone who is comfortable with meeting your needs too before you label yourself as codependent or not masculine enough first look at incompatibility, instead of blaming yourself. make sure that from the beginning you are prioritising your needs In the relationship, so you will attract someone who is more compatible with you.
  5. That’s why the safer more Naturell option is to meet girls through friends and In social circles.
  6. Start going out and socialising with friends and form a social circle, and if you don’t wanna do that then you gotta go lone wolf and approach 1000s of women on the streets until you find one who is up for a 1 night stand
  7. This makes more sense than using biology as a cover up lol when really it’s just about conquest
  8. Yes but it’s not like they are wanting to get 100s of women Pregnant..usually the men who do it don’t want to father any children it’s just about sex. it’s not like survival depends on it.
  9. What the actual fuck?! That’s absolutely disgusting. Just found the original videos on YouTube. I’m in shock.
  10. So I understand hormones, testosterone, biology etc etc. But why do some men want to sleep with hundreds, or even thousands of women? something like 20 - 40 people is already a LOT. But anything above that, why? is it about self validation? About winning the conquest? Not to mention the risk of stds and collateral damage it causes, is it out of selfishness? Fear of intimacy? lack of self control? inability to be content with what one has? To some degree It’s about the typical biological traits, but then to some degree It isn’t, since not all men follow the route of promiscuity. Not all men are chasing countless women for sex. also why do men applaud other men for their success with women… why are women used as something to be successful with?
  11. I was babied and wrapped in cotton wool growing up so I’ve always felt very child like and un-womanly. I had a lot of embarrassment and shame around periods and it was something I tried to hide. I was also afraid of being intimate and had issues with feeling sexual and preferred sex that was over with quickly. I don’t like too much attention on myself. I still don’t feel ready to be a mother since I still feel like a kid myself. I’ve had issues trying to figure out my feminine and masculine sides. I still feel like a little girl at times and not a woman. For me personally it’s uncomfortable, and there is a feeling of being unsafe around it. If I have a random guy looking me up and down, I don’t like it. It’s hard for you to imagine it from the male perspective, but there is a mild thought of rape or attack if you are being gawked at.
  12. Interesting. So you think a total online relationship is actually more high consciousness and less of a trap than having a relationship in the flesh?
  13. Well with another person but only online. Like long distance relationship but never meeting. It’s all imaginary ?
  14. I just read an article about a woman who had a 3 year online relationship. They met in online chat room and were ‘together’ for 3 years and eventually broke up having never met in real life. She decided to end the relationship because she had actually grown fearful of meeting face to face incase they didn’t like eachother. how exactly would an online serious relationship work? Did anyone ever have a long term committed bf/gf that was strictly online? I can understand a long distance relationship where you meet every month or so.. but to never meet ever? could this be the future for many people? Cyber sex and cyber relationships since people are living their lives online more and more? I already saw another post the other day about someone going on a virtual date. Maybe online relationships will become the new normal as people become more isolated, and it becomes harder and harder to meet the ‘right person’ Thoughts?