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  1. Was this source mentioned before? Haven‘t checked it out myself.
  2. I was looking for one, but couldn't find anything. How would I go about starting to lucid dream? I know reality checks and dream journaling. Are there other methods? Insight: Lucid dreaming is basically sudden awakening in a nutshell. Question: assuming I'm in a dream, but am unconscious of it. How would I go about becoming conscious? (Not this particular dream, any dream whatsoever). Plus: share best LD resources, books, websites, YT-channels.
  3. Cool thanks! I will start with the resources you provided.
  4. Martin Ford is a name that frequently came up in my (up to this date very superficial) research. But I haven't had the time to watch some of his stuff.
  5. Shall we collect AI resources? Books, papers, videos ...
  6. As a follow up: I came across the work of Charlie Morley, who addresses LD and Shadow Work specifically in this book: What I saw from him on youtube he has a green/pluralistic perspective.
  7. Hi, for those who have a regular practice of shadow work going: do you involve lucid dreaming in your practice? I'm especially curious about the possibility of inside-dream mediation as well as a „live Shadow Work“ with dream characters, once lucid. Is that something you have experience with? I’d be interested to hear your ideas. Furthermore: in „The Religion of Tomorrow“ Ken Wilber briefly mentions how the content and perspectives of dreams can give hints to one’s present structure-development (correlating with f e the Spiral Dynamics stages). I’m still in the process of reading the book, so maybe he writes more about it later. Do you know any other sources that help interpreting dreams with regards to the view through which they are perceived? Thanks, have a good weekend!
  8. The mystic's perspective on time: - how does self and time relate/why does self live in time - guided inquiry: how to access timelesness etc.
  9. How to practice and achieve 24/7 awareness employing methods of meditation, contemplation, yoga, dream yoga/lucid dreaming.
  10. Great suggestion.
  11. Philip Tetlock and Superforecasting
  12. Anekantavada from Jainism volumes/09 04/PDF/9-4-3.pdf