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  1. The core of existence... Thank You very much🤗🙏😘 Realny GREAT STUFF!!!
  2. that is, all your entries come either from your free will or are completely determined by One Dreamer .... cool anyway
  3. muy excelentemente enlightement stuff is about laughter, so I laugh out loud! and this mug.... fucking brilliant
  4. Seemingly the same, but the difference is colossal. Let's take the example of light as an electromagnetic wave. White light visible to our eye is a mixture of wavelengths of different lengths. At the moment of the transition from air to water and from water to air, the phenomenon of dispersion occurs, causing differences in the refraction angle of the light with different wavelengths, which we perceive as a rainbow. Are any of the colors of the rainbow white? Is white a color e.g. green? Fucking no. But we agree that they are all a fraction of the manifestation of electromagnetic radiation that just happens to interfere with our retina in the eyes and the visual cortex. It is also a total misconception to say that consciousness creates some kind of projections in understanding holographic images that you call hallucinations. You underestimate the power of consciousness. It literally creates reality through incredibly intelligent handling of energy, the source, and the essence of which it is itself. When you stop seeing what you want to see and see what is, just like that, you will see for yourself. You don't need any aids or perception boosting. Just a really open, free mind. Another issue is your handling of the concept of infinity. Infinities can have different sizes and hence their limits. The simplest example is fractal infinities, e.g. the Koch Curve or Koch Snowflake, i.e. a two-dimensional geometric figure in the form of David's star inscribed in a circle. Its vertices expand fractally infinitely, but they never got beyond the circle it is inscribed in. Such a figure has an infinite surface area but a finite circumference. There is a strong negative field of consciousness which is such limited infinity, but I'll share my experience another time. Reality is much more powerful and multi-dimensional than we can imagine in even the deepest psychedelic trips. Direct identification with God / Source / Creator / Life in a 1: 1 ratio is not only an expression of lack of humility and immaturity but a way that leads astray. And like any identification, its source is the ego.
  5. @TDLH I agree with you. The bottom line is that Leo is a remarkably intelligent person who, perhaps, is the only one on the broader internet to publish such an in-depth study of materialistic reductionism. His videos on the implications of the Incompleteness Theorem, quantum mechanics, strange reality loops are brilliant. Videos on holism, ego backlash, reality maze, and consciousness experiments are very valuable. It is about experiencing a divine reality. We are very different here. I have the impression, perhaps wrong, that most of the people here are interested in discovering as soon as possible that you are God in a state of sleep/suffering and waking up, i.e. death, does the trick, which is just extremely immature and dangerous. And most importantly, it doesn't do anything. If someone here is interested in yogic systems that have several thousand years of insight into the nature of existence, then may wonder why dismantling the karmic structure of human life requires much more work, patience, and humility than just taking psychedelics, which, if taken without proper context anyway, can make a lot of unnecessary chaos.
  6. @Anahata Or should I say: God, you will teach yourself a lesson in humility. Such a surprise
  7. @Anahata Defining God and divinity using human language or thoughts is always a form of mental masturbation. As for the experience. Your experience versus my experience. Who is to judge whose is more true? It is how it is. Accept it and that's it. So far you are in human form on this planet and you really know as much as I do. Which is nothing. There is a very long way to go. The way of evolution. There are no shortcuts. The problem with people is that they are mainly interested in the effect, not the process. Consider yourself who you want there, God, Alien, Banana - it doesn't matter. Reality will give everyone a lesson in humility at the right time.
  8. All the time fight for animal rights, help our little brothers and sisters, and consume all the goods consciously. Leave minimum trash afterward. What we humans do to them in the XXI century is unforgivable... It all starts with us.
  9. @kinesin Totally agree with You. More and more folks fly away into the vapors of the absurd. I will say this. Be careful with these claims about the total hallucination of everything by the one God you claim to be. And with that nonsense that if you choose to die/wake up from this hallucinogenic dream, the world will disappear and all existence you are now experiencing. Be careful, because sooner or later someone will shoot one or the other in the head and thus brutally prove the obvious reality. May this never happen.
  10. Infinity as a concept appears relatively often on this forum as well as among people dealing with esotericism and spirituality. Admittedly, it has become fashionable in its own way in recent years. God, Consciousness, Love - all these are infinite. The last time made me realize how important it is to know your place in the ranks not as a form of restriction, but for your own good. Everything has its place and time in this dimension, and this dimension is where we live in. It is important not to inflate or diminish the aspects that make up your life experience. In a word, balance. If anyone thinks that he is God in fact, not a part of divine infinity, but God himself, the Creator, the Source, I suggest reading Georg Cantor's works devoted to infinity, infinite sets, set theory, beyond finite numbers or the continuum hypothesis. Or simpler. Imagine the simplest infinity. Infinite straight line. If he succeeds, he can draw it. Good luck Mr. God.
  11. ...ever
  12. The lesson is beyond words. I don't know what happened myself. The lesson was painful in every way. I can only summarize it with a few quotes: "You've seen God and I've seen a banana, and what about that?" "It's good not to know." "Life is a mystery to enjoy, not to understand." "Speech is silver and silence is golden." Thank you:) Peace, Love, and Chillout
  13. No, I can't. I can only say, that LIFE showed me how tiny, important and equal with everything and everyone I am at the same time. I am not able to understand LIFE, maybe you can, but I can't. I can only embrace it, enjoy it or eventually deny it to some extent. That's all. It's far beyond my comprehesion now or maybe every...
  14. Relax and enjoy:)
  15. Keep positive vibrations my Friend?? Best wishes!
  16. @5-D - L O V E Ego is lack of God. Ego is being created by Evolution to experience at certain level this state of ultimate division. Human ego is extremely powerful and sophisticated. You have probably experienced or still experiencing ego dressed up like an observer. When I realised this for the first time I was truly suprised. But it's still a fiction. First You must realise what ego is. It's just a very powerful, fictional simulation of divided reality made for You to discover finally Your True Nature through path of experiencing suffering as a lack of Unity. That's all.
  17. I'm sorry to disappoint you. This is what I wrote about in the post You are not God Himself. Ego or the identification process uses the intellect. It is an extremely advanced tool in evolution, especially for a human being. Intellect, Sadhguru says, is like a knife. The sharper the better. And with this knife, you cut physical reality into smaller and smaller pieces trying to understand it. In the case of the physical dimension (you have to be very careful here because you can go astray in the absence of attention by defining the reality you see as physical), let's say okay. Thus, the process of identification, endowed with intellect, considers itself to be all of you. It's just that the combination with which you identify yourself, which you are currently experiencing, is not able to understand through language, thoughts (and you think in a given language, right?) the phenomenon of merging because it only knows and uses the dividing tool. Therefore, any explaining to a person who is in an ego - intellect state what God, Love, Suffering is - is simply pointless. Recently, I noticed that trying to explain it to myself, I go nowhere. The only, I repeat, the only way to say that "understanding" is through direct experience. Not second-hand. Your direct experience. If you experience it even for a fraction of a second, the answer to your fourth question is: definitely YES.
  18. Some time had passed since the first glimmer of grace. One thing is for sure. There is no longer a permanent return to what has been, although the ego - the mind does not give up. Fighting is pointless, and the one who fiercely wants to fight the ego is the ego itself. The narratives he creates, the logical structures he builds are amazing. Incredibly sophisticated on the one hand, and incredibly stupid in essence. Nevertheless, I am sitting here watching this process. I'm learning patience. Nothing else remains but to watch this incredibly intelligent program burn out to the end. One thing I noticed is that the ego completely gives a shit about your health. The body is extremely intelligent and is in constant contact with the environment, with the Source. The ego doesn't like it. The ego wants to be in control of literally everything. Even now, the ego writes what it writes. Another trick. The only and true "I" is the Silence. What a time ... Yes, the only reason we exist together in this dimension is precisely to let the ego burn out to the end. All the ego's dreams and desires that it does to our bodies, this whole version of reality that it serves us exists only to make us, through painful experiences of different types, become aware of the total illusion we are stuck in. Exactly, not in which we live, but in which we are stuck. Life is outside this cage that we have created ourselves, we entered it ourselves, we fell asleep in it in order to wake up at some point and leave it once and for all. This process is not a piece of cake. This is the most difficult challenge a human being can face. This is extremely serious. I am aware that there is still a lot of suffering ahead of me, many excuses, many tests, and trials in which the ego will give me a ride on the gang. But it's okay, that's exactly what it's supposed to be. The Universe experiences what it is like to forget that it is the Universe The endless process of experiencing. There is no chance of boredom I have a dream that repeats itself from time to time and in a way, I share it with my dad. I stand by the shore, the sea is rough and dangerous. The water appears black. More and more powerful waves crash with a roar, taking away the last pieces of land on which I stand. I am scared and I wake up. Sometimes it's not the waves, but the black rocky mountains shrouded in thick fog rising above me as if they are about to collapse on me. The feeling of fear is suffocating. I have thought many times about what it all means. I have a good friend with whom we share our ego observations. Recently, he suggested that I watch the Fight Club movie again, which I did. I remember that the first time I was most impressed by the final scene, from today's perspective, the artistic vision of deconstructing the ego through one great letting go. Now the penguin cave scene hit me like a hammer - the main message - SLIDE! And I stand back on eroding land carried away by black waves. I'm trying not to panic. I'm figuring out what's going on here, what to do. Suddenly I have an epiphany: surf on them. Do not run away because there is nowhere to go, do not throw yourself in hopelessness or you will drown. Just learn to surf on them, that's what they are for. Was that what this was about? Surf the waves of reality? "I" smiles The lightness of being, endless joy, unity with the ocean. If God is a surfer the best what we can do is to surf with Him:)
  19. Realizing bliss and joy during hard times of suffering of whatever kind is the key I would say.
  20. @Space Totally agree. Materialists dream is deep. There's no point to argue with them. There are few scientists nowadays who have truly realized implications of the greatest discoveries in math, physics, biology and chemistry not as some intepretations but as obvious facts. Patience and compassion are all we can do.
  21. I wish You all my Friends ressurection of Your inner SELF. That's what is ALL about???.
  22. @Leo Gura Hmm... Are You sure about this? To live with such vast disability, to cope with that, You have to transcendent Your body condition in some way. There's a polish world class theoretical physycist Krzysztof (Christopher) Meissner who is a very close friend and co-worker with Sir Roger Penrose. Prof. K. Meissner is very open-minded scientist who talks about laws of physics, consciousness and in a very conscious way and defend God as a source of all things. You can listen to his lecturers and debates with him on Youtube (unfortunately most in polish). Another one is Prof. Michał Heller - a theoretical physycist and a brilliant priest - a true jewell on a catholic wasteland. To the point. Despite western academias are much more realism-based than these on the east side, I don't belive that none of these world class scientists search for the True. The more they dig, more doubts they find. Sometimes they are just too afraid to speak about what they really feel in public because it can threaten to their careers. But as time goes by it will very slowly, gradually change. You'll see?. Let Stephen Hawking rest in peace. Don't judge him. His karma in this life is over.
  23. @tatsumaru Ground YourSELF in the present moment. Ego constantly swings like a pendulum between past and future and is not able to run its processing in present moment as it's a constant change which ego hates. Therefore it uses any excuses to drag You off present awarness. Observe it, and let it be. It's hard and take as much time as You individually need to figure it out. Don't give up. Be calm, quiet and observe. You'll make it someday my Friend.
  24. Leo, you're here. You are sincere and kind. Most of us are still asleep. Sometimes I still fall asleep and take a nap. I see it. But it is ok. Everyone will wake up in their own time. From our perspective, of course, the ego has evolved over an extremely long period of time. Not everyone will wake up in this life, and maybe the next. I don't know when I stop wanting to sleep. You have to let everything be as it is and let everyone be as they are. Everything happens in its time. Take care of yourself, about the health of your biological avatar. This is the temporary holy house of your Self. The ego uses it as a car in corporate leasing. Years of this treatment led my avatar to serious spine problems. For several weeks I have been learning to live with severe pain. This pain is a catalyst for further development in further learning. It teaches humility and patience. It's okay, Leo. Don't worry about the sleepers. They are part of You. Just like You are part of them. Patience. Everything is fine. Truth is one, paths are many. Surrender to all, never gives up my Friend.
  25. Look at it this way. Great artists, great audiences merge into one. A self-experiencing universe sings. Sings about joy, about being selfless, about nothing to be afraid of. Sings about giving yourself to others. A beautiful, lively moment where you can truly feel the power of unity in diversity. The world today badly needs it. It doesn't matter that now there is no Christmas. In a metaphysical sense, they are there every day. Let this power stays with you forever.