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  1. If these are Your words - I’m honestly impressed…🙏
  2. Very good point😊❤️👍
  3. This is pure heart to heart channeling here and now! WTF???!!! 🙉🙉🙉 Every man has a place In his heart there's a space And the world can't erase his fantasies Take a ride in the sky On our ship fantasise All your dreams will come true right away And we will live together Until the twelfth of never Our voices will ring forever as one Every thought is a dream Rushing by in a stream Bringing life to your kingdom of doing Take a ride in the sky On our ship fantasise All your dreams will come true miles away Our voices will ring together Until the twelfth of never We all will love together as one Come to see victory In a land called fantasy Loving life a new degree Bring your mind to everlasting liberty As one Come to see victory In a land called fantasy Loving life for you and me To behold to your soul is ecstasy You will find other kind That has been in search of you Many lives have brought you to Recognise it's your life now in review As you stay for the play Fantasy has in store for you A glowing light will see you through It's your day shining day All your dreams come true As you glide in your stride With the wind as you fly away Give a smile from your lips and say Are you free yes I'm free And I'm on my way THIS IS HYPERSPACE!
  4. My current behavior can definitely be classified as obsessive-compulsive, but I don't give a damn. Well-known, old, and it hit me with the force of a right hook from Mike T. I sent it to my family and friends on WhatsApp and now I'm sending it to you, dear forum members. This is pure channeling from heart to heart. I wish you ecstasy 💗🤩🤩🤩💗
  5. @Davino you are already all in
  6. @Breakingthewall @Princess Arabia @Bazooka Jesus While reading your conversation, for literally a fraction of a minute, I was fully enlightened about what dualism is. The revelation came and went, but the smile remained😉 ThankU😘
  7. Peace dear Sisters and Brothers😘🫠.. some mosquito woke up by a spring breeze is trying to bite me… little bastard.. what to do? Shell I let him get his beverage? I try to ignore him, maybe… Anyway peace my Friends and enjoy this wonderful time of spring / autumn vibes 😊❤️
  8. Divine Love Is Freedom Itself. It's me, it's you that don't want to disappear as if me or you ever existed🙉🙏💗🫠. ...such a "battle of words" - not to be taken seriously, more, not to be taken at all😉
  9. @Jowblob if Kriya Yoga will not suit you, you won’t follow that path and it’s ok. Simple as that. There are many paths. Don’t worry. You’ll find one, or when you are truly ready, a proper path will find you😉.
  10. @Jowblob well..., "You are always right". You need to see why You are always right, or who is always right. If you don't believe in UFOs, they may land in front of You and You still will find some explanation that suits your belief. That is how it approximately works. You are always right. Kriya will take You to the place where there is no more You, no more belief, no more the right or the wrong one. LSD seemed to fail in this matter...
  11. For me, the icing on the cake in this speech by Ananda is not explaining the obvious fact that there is only and always the present moment. Not at all. The moment he makes us realize that we are always right is like hitting that stupid head with a baton. A moment later I burst out laughing and couldn't stop. Wonderful!
  12. The best question you can ask not only about death but also about suffering and positive experiences from a human perspective is - to quote Ramana Maharshi: "who/what dies; who/what suffers; who/what enjoys?"
  13. This is very interesting. The fundamental difference between ancient and modern spirituality can be summed up in one expression: the quality of the process. The way of the ancients is in fact the path of the spiritual samurai. No amount of mental gymnastics can undermine the quality and durability of the effects achieved in this way.
  14. @SSSanity I don't think you need mental gymnastics or bullshit philosophy to follow this path. If you dedicate yourself to this path with all your heart, the first effects you never dreamed of will come relatively quickly. However, there is a real possibility of serious consequences if you are not consistent on this path. You climb high up a sharp rock pillar. You must remain focused and calm. It's very difficult living in the Western world. Despite a relatively normal life (wife, no children, own business, passion for sports), I have been trying hard to follow this path (yoga kundalini) for several years. I've already been beaten up a lot, but what I experienced is indescribable. Nothing more is needed than the heart's burning need to fly.
  15. Fortunately, stress tests are built into human reality. They will always tell us the truth about ourselves. The question of whether we are ready for it is a completely different but equally fundamental issue. Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy or pleasant. It's the same with wisdom. It usually comes to us after a series of disasters, often with a common cause. The spiritual path includes, among other things, the gradual dismantling of impermanent illusions pretending to be marble monuments.
  16. @ivankiss Agony and ecstasy are built into the flywheel of the experience of being human. No spells can change that. You can only gradually accept it more and more and find in this acceptance the path to inner peace, or you can rebel and curse reality. It won't help, but it is your sacred choice.
  17. I would add that both are extremely challenging because whether you extinguish or integrate experiences, you do it with all experiences - from very good to very bad. No so easy..
  18. @Bazooka Jesus I have recently got to the point where I see indeed at least to ways of transcendence. One through extinguishing the experience, second through full integration of experience. Both are equally valid, although to quote Wolfgang Smith: "they are polar opposite". If you mix them you will find yourself in total mess.
  19. The case is (not so) serious. Let's assume for a moment that one of us actually managed to break through to the other side of the curtain. All dualities and oppositions disappear. Everything that makes you human disappears. There are no more genders, no man, no woman. You don't have to eat more to satisfy your hunger, sleep to rest, defecate to excrete what you haven't digested. All needs that have their roots in duality and exist only thanks to it disappear. You are able to achieve such a state during your earthly life. This is Nirvana or Nirvikalpa Samadhi. The highest eschaton in Vedic culture. Human self-immolation. Several entities in the world are ready to rise permanently above human limitations and desires. The rest can only speculate how many devils dance on the head of a pin. And nothing comes of these speculations because the difference is the same as between a story about a flight into space and an actual flight into space.
  20. @ivankiss Every post here, no matter how conceptually advanced is in fact spiritual fairy tale. Yours too Dear Friend, as well as all mine😉😘.
  21. Can't turn a thing into something which it by definition already is. Duh. I like that🎯 When you see and feel The Divine everywhere, around you and in you then your gratitude becomes the most natural, effortless, everyday prayer😊🙏.