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  1. The International Court of Justice has ordered Israel to stop its assault on Rafah. The order is one of three issued by the UN's top court in the genocide case brought by South Africa against Israel over its war on Gaza. Israel has long-declared it plans to intensify its assault on the southern city, saying it is necessary to dismantle Hamas. And it appears it plans to follow through with that strategy.
  2. I’ve known a few Israeli Jews who are really nasty about European Jews not being real Jews. I had this embarrassing situation at a party at my house where this one guy decided to tell my Jewish friends they weren’t real Jews. It wasn’t all casual like, it was really angry and nasty. So maybe they change their names to be more accepted? Who knows.
  3. @Inliytened1 ok, thats fair, will do.
  4. This thread was started as a news only thread, no commenting and debating, due to the constant arguing that was going on and Leo closing an Israel war thread because of the shit show. There are other threads to post thoughts on. I’ve been pretty vocal on my own thoughts on this topic. 😀 If informative videos on the topic are tiresome to you, dont watch them.
  5. I’ve been watching your vids and this guy who travelled through. The mountains look like the mountains closest to my city and I’ve always heard Lebanese people say they remind them of Lebanon.
  6. Highly doubt it. Even if so they wont be held accountable.
  7. There is only one character. 😀 even that is fiction.
  8. It was simple from the start. Have a ceasefire. Release the hostages. Bibi wont even allow that. Israel is out of control. The world is reacting, which it should be, because this is horrific and breaks International law. If news media from around the world upsets you, dont post on this thread. It’s really just for news posts and videos. Comment other places.