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  1. higher consciousness girls is just a fancy name for fairies
  2. Such a nice documentary. Don't judge it by it's title or thumbnail. This is filmed around the failed coup attempt in Turkey in 2016. Presents multiple views of the people put under the same category by society. There is Blue.Orange AND Green dynamics playing here,sometimes all of them in one person. And a big no-no to the current(then) political situation of the so called Post-modern Western World. I think it's time for some Stage Yellow-Turquoise Politics in Netherlands. The time has come. Before the spiral movement takes a reverse turn to Stage Blue or Stage Red, better move to Yellow. I wonder how you all look at this. Please don't post replies without watching the documentary. It's a request.
  3. Round and Round and Round. I wonder what would be his way out of this stage?
  4. tbh Sadhguru's talks seem more of an open green spiral stage. Haven't heard anything ground breaking from him. But well....
  5. Some time ago, Leo mentioned taking Astaxanthin , which kinda helps with heavy metals,but still subject to very little research. I wonder,if it was bad combination of too many supplements.
  6. From the perspective of OSHO, it seems right. Power games. Clashes of Ego. Self centric. Biased to their own profit.
  7. The thing is Leo learned a lot of things along the way. So Which Leo are you exactly recommending to people?
  8. Although most of his work is in Hindi, still needs a mention in this thread.
  9. Yeah not for a whole night in most cases. but almost everything is a transaction of some sort. Even in relationships,how long will it last if the give and take isn't balanced? But as OP said, he already has tons of experience with hookers so he should probably take a break and go for a full time girlfriend now. or a sexual relationship of other type.
  10. I think OP would get better answers on a specific Health related forum on such complex issues. It's too dangerous to prescribe or proscribe on such matters by random people. Talk to multiple Docs and read reviews online.
  11. nothing wrong with having sex with hookers as long there's no health concern(STDs,robbing,illegal trafficking,pimps etc.) Like regular sex,it is Give and Take, just the other person has way higher experience of providing the service you want. No regrets mate, you two are making love for a night,not killing each other. What's there to guilt upon. Embrace the connection,for however little time.
  12. Asking does Mars exist is like asking does Sugar taste sweet, without ever tasting anything sweet in life. Can't describe how sweet is a doughnut to someone who hasn't eaten one. Plain words no meat
  13. Selling a unique service or a in demand resource is not a sustainable way,especially if your 90% economy depends on that. One major turn of events and back to eating dates and milk.
  14. Kinda like how an individual goes from being poor to rich. Good Food and Health Education and Training Healthcare Infrastructure(Transport,Electricity,Water,Internet,etc) Access to tools and a healthy social life. Its funny how these things can be achieved as low as on Stage Purple in some scenarios.