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  1. Context: I have about 4 months to prepare for my final exams from upper secondary school (matriculation examination). The exam for each subject lasts for 6 hours, and that's when I want to have every braincell working on full capacity. Currently on a normal day I have some trouble focusing for more than 90 minutes at a time, and I feel like that might negatively effect my performance. Question: Do you have any tips or techniques on how to maintain a full focus during the exam? For example what to eat the day prior, or during the exam? Do I stock up on coffee during the exam? How should I aim to reach a flow state? Adderal? A water fast beforehand? Keto diet? Take short meditation breaks? Smoke a bowl during the exam and just ask DMT entities for the correct answers? Any insights are appreciated.
  2. @Average Investor @Leo Nordin @SirVladimir Thanks for sharing your thoughts! This was very helpful
  3. Hey everyone! I've been wondering about this for a couple of weeks now, I can't remember if LP course had any segment on it; how do hobbies and your life purpose go together? I'm going to use my situation as an example. I'm 17yo at the moment. Finished the LP course about 6 months ago and I am clear about my life purpose as an architect, a perfect fit for me. I do my best to practice it every day, even though most of my time is spent on schoolwork. I also started playing guitar couple of weeks ago, and I'm really liking it. I've found it to be a great way to relax for a bit, and the mastery process feels exciting. Now.. I'm seriously considering replacing going to the gym with jiu-jitsu, thinking it is a better way to stay fit, gain confidence, and meet new people. That would probably take up more time than gym because the schedule is not flexible and it is more competitive. After all of that most of my time would be divided in to school, jiu-jitsu, architecture (broad skillset; practicing visual arts, marketing, building structure etc.), and guitar. My worry is that I'm dividing my attention in to too many things, and that I will start losing focus on my life purpose. Should one hone down on hobbies and laser focus on LP, giving the career a really strong start, or toy around a bit and explore new hobbies even though the life purpose is clear? I'm obviously lacking life experience, so would spreading my time in to multiple things benefit me more? Both ways have their pros and cons, and there probably is a lot more to this than I am seeing. Feeling quite conflicted about this. I would love to hear your thoughts.