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  1. Hello My name is Elias, and I can honestly say that Erik’s coaching was a great boost for my growth. I approached him in December and worked some months with him. My main goals were coming nearer to my vision, more authenticity and overcoming limitations in different areas of life. Working with Erik felt enjoyable and safe. In the coaching sessions I became aware of blockades, limitations, new perspectives, and new possibilities in regard to how to approach things. With Erik’s support, I discovered and actualized a part of my potential that before was more difficult to access or hidden. When I compare myself with Elias from December, I can say I’m more centered, more aware of myself, I’m clearer with what I want out of life, I trust myself more, I’m more disciplined, I’m much more aware that I literally can do what I want because I’m good enough NOW, I’m executing more, my social relationships bettered, and I’m in general more confident that before in social circumstances and life in general. My work in all these areas of course is not finished, but after the coaching I’m nearer and more in alignment to my goals than before the coaching! I also have a wider tool kit of techniques, an updated mindset and ways of approaching things that I still use after the coaching. I’m happy that I took the coaching and would do it again! PS: if you’re interested: my final talk with him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQjD-N8qeoI
  2. Do you know good meditation retreat places in europe? (beside the goenka retreat)
  3. Hello I want to do a vipassana retreat in my vacations but i didnt found a 10 day goenka retreat in europe (for my timeframe) but i found the dhammacari vipassana-meditation centre in germany. this retreat goes 15 days (only for beginners) and is harder than the goeanka. my question. the technique here is not the body scanning, but the Mahasi noting. -> Has someone experience with this and would you recommend it? -also a question is. it is my first time and is 15 days mabey too much for the first time? i meditate daily 30 min
  4. thanks , defenetly gonna check them out! , no, i first want to know more or less what it is, what i want to take out of coaching.
  5. okay, thanks for the inputs
  6. hello do you think it is a good idea to have 2 coaches, and see each one every two weeks? or is it better to have only one? i am thinking about getting 2 for having more than one perspective.
  7. hello 1 today I was contemplating about my 5g shrroms trip from last year and I had an experience where while I was looking at my room (around the peak) suddenly I was for like 2 seconds the room, only the room. There was only the thing I was looking at, the experience. And it also felt like I was the room forever at that moment. I tought it was mabey a ego death but now im thinking that it could be an experience of oneness. The fear grow in this trip after this experience of being my room. -> How would you lable the experience? 2 also an experience whitch I had and I also can't it really lable : I became really happy and euphoric and couldnt understand how I could have had fear at the beginning of the trip, I knew that there was no reason for fear. I felt extremely thankful for my family and for my life. This joy became more and more intense and it felt like my selfdeceptions where falling quickly one after another and I became more and more joyful and happy and thankful. I felt if I understood everything and it seemed so obvious and I knew it wouldnt last forever but I also felt so silly that I wouldnt be like that forever. The universe seemed like an organic machine and dimensions seemed like they are side by side. It was joy beyond what I had ever felt. (this was like 1-2 hours after I took shrooms and lastet like 1-2 hours) Im not really shure how to lable thiese experiences ( 1 and 2) because im only reading alongside about nonduality, ego-death, etc because my main focus at the moment is finding life purpose and psychology. Im not very familliar with the definition for these two mystical experiences and would appriecheate if someone understand these or who knows what the definiton of these are or could explain them. I want to understand these experience better.
  8. @flowboy sounds like an interesting approach to heal trauma and do shadow work. did you do it yourself with a book? and when yes, whitch one?
  9. okay, thanks for the advices and inputs Btw, I didnt took the 5 g light and knew that if it would get bad, it would get really bad but I wantet to have a reference experience of a big dose of psychedelics no matter what. For the 5g trip I prepared me like in the 2 weeks before and oriented me on mckenna who said you should rather take too much than too little (I know, you should take these advices with a grain of salt). I had much fear before taking the 5g but because I had made up my mind to do it no mather what, I did it. And yes in retrospective it wasnt the wisest decision. (but I also had some really beautiful experiences and great insights). And yes, it will take some time before I will take again such a dose I decided that I gonna trip but also look how I feel on wednesday and make the absolut decision then. Again, thanks for all inputs!
  10. Hello I had last september and october 4 Trips, 1st. 2.3 g shrooms, 2nd. 100ug LSD, 3d. 0.8 g shrooms and 4th. 5 g Shroms. The last trip was very intense for me and like 60% of the time really existential frightening. In 2 days I want to take 100 ug of LSD with the intention to contemplate about what I want to do of my life aka life purpose and also by the way diminish this fear of psychedelics. The thing is, I feel fear with the thought of taking psychedelics again, a lot of this fear comes from the experience wirth the 5 g shrooms. My question now is, can you give me an advice for reducing this anxiety? And do you think that one should only take Psychedelica when one is really comfortable for it, or is it okay to have some awe/anxiety? greetings
  11. it is not even 1/10 that dangerous in comparison to the far right. You are taking a orange/blue perspective on this topic. I had people of colour friends who always joked about "riding black" here in swizerland. Nobody knows the origin of this word but you dont need to be a genious to see what connections you could make with this word. There are bigger dangers to our society than changing a potentially offensive word to a new harmless word. you should think about why you are triggered so hard by pettiness. It is nowhere realistic in the near future, that there is a danger of an arise of a dictatorship or a hard cencorship from stage green progressives