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  1. @Grateful Dead, could you please recommend specific resources/books?
  2. Most of my most profound experiences were with Ayahuasca (original brew), in retreats. I haven't done Pharmahuasca yet. I'm also planning to get my hands on some NN-DMT & harmalas soon. I don't like the variance that the original brew has -- it's hard to know how much you are actually getting. @What Am I, could you pls share some advice on the proportion/dose of NN-DMT, harmine, and tetrahydroharmine to use?
  3. This proves my point. People trying to defend Bryan's higher development on spiral dynamics, all the while he was having a stage orange boner thinking about Trump having a stage red boner in the White House!
  4. Very interesting perspective, thanks for sharing @Carl-Richard.
  5. What a cool description. I have been thinking of experimenting with Salvia again (only did it a few times, 5x extract), your report awakened my curiosity. Cheers on handling it with such mastery 👏
  6. Obviously not, that’s why I have his Olive Oil in my house. He has lots of qualities I don’t; I also appreciate his sense of humor. But this doesn’t prevent me from having a critical eye on what he puts into his body. Again, read my previous posts in this thread and you’ll see I mention his efforts as quite positive. My point is that what he does has risks that could be avoided by a more natural approach. Why take Finasterid when you can live without it?
  7. You bring a good point, I agree we need supplements nowadays. I take trace minerals myself, for example. My phylosophy is: take what you need for great health, but do it with caution & epistemic humility. Bryan's phylosophy is: take whatever is necessary to try to live forever.
  8. Agreed, but we don't need Rapamycin neither Finasteride for this. Just diet, sleep, exercise, being in touch with nature, meditation, etc. I agree with this too. He defo has green and yellow, but still a lot of orange, I think. The point is that nobody knows which and to what extent supplements are healthy. Take the folate case, for example. Too much can cause cancer, and it took scientists a while to realize it. When in doubt, why not lean towards safety? Natural things are much more robust than artificial ones. Anything that is unnatural (such as supplements or drugs) have the potential to destabilize a system.
  9. It's not not caring about health, but how Bryan goes about it, that I partly disagree with. IMO he takes too many supplements, cares too much about apperances (to the extend that it could even compromise longevity), etc.; these are traces of a maximization mentality. Maximizing everything is a pattern often seen in stage orange: maximize your appearance, maximize your health, maximize your money, maximize how many people you fuck, etc. Not saying Bryan tries to do all that, but you see the general issue with this type of mentality? It lacks the wisdom that everything is interconnected and maximizing parts of a system creates imbalances in other parts. It also lacks epistemic humility: some things are just too complex to be fully known and controllable within our lifetime. Sure, one could try to exert control, but are the risks worth it? I addressed this in my previous posts in this thread, such as his never exposing himself to sunlight. I have a more naturalistic/holistic approach to life, when compared to Bryan. I am less concerned with "never dying" or if I'm bald and more with having a sustainable, "grounded" lifestyle. IMO this is a wiser approach. PS: As I said, overall I think Bryan's intentions & efforts are a positive. He's helping improve things.
  10. Great point, this is defo one of his shadows. Quite controversial to try to optimize for longevity and at the same time take things like Finasterid. Agree. I wouldn't say his goals are necessarily shallow, they're just bounded to his stage orange center of gravity/paradigm (materialism/secularism/reductionism). One can gauge the level of consciousness of a man by his willingness to accept his baldness.
  11. This. The phone is for setting dates. And nothing else. Though I disagree on group dates. I follow Corey Wayne's suggestion and avoid them as much as possible until she's in love or we are bf/gf.
  12. If you learn game (= becoming social) you can fuck many girls. You don't need to be in the top X%. However, what you may learn afterwards is that sex is not as fulfilling as it seems. But go ahead and "burn through karma" 😇
  13. @Yimpa I don't know yet where I'll do it, currently I live in Switzerland so I'll have to find a lab here. The Omega 3 Index is much more informative than the serum Omega 3 levels as it uses the red blood cells' membranes to get a picture of your levels over the last 3-4 months. Whereas the serum would be heavily influenced by what you consumed over the last days. I learned it from Rhonda Patrick.