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  1. I think it’s crucial that music can reveal beauty to people who otherwise may have found little in life. Music can point people to the truth that there is something worth experiencing beyond survival. Personally, I do think music contributed to my interest in spirituality. I was in choir in high school, and some of the pieces we would sing and listen to were so ethereally beautiful, they created a noticeable state change in my mind. I used to tell people it was “transportive”. It was like a therapeutic reset that got me interested in the impermanence of mood and the potential for beauty in reality. It pointed my mind in a new direction that led to interest in psychedelics and meditation.
  2. I’m an actor/singer/musician/creative, and I found this really eye-opening and affirming. Of course, survival needs and sustainability must be accounted for, so balance is key.
  3. I will say that I had a somewhat similar experience as a teenager, but it was largely because I didn’t find my girlfriend attractive enough (possibly from porn desensitization) and I was extremely neurotic about sexual performance. Also because of the way I masturbated at the time (rather forceful grip) the condom/vagina combo essentially felt like zero contact was being made with my dick—more desensitization. Add on top of that the fact that she kept commenting on how much pain she was in; I felt like I was raping her so we stopped. THAT SAID, I agree with the others that you ought to just spend some time examining your own sexuality. Sorry to add to the nonsense!
  4. @BuddhaTree Interesting! Yeah, I’m gonna try perineum for a while and see if I notice any substantial difference in energy/effects. I saw some video from the Sexual Kung Fu dude on YouTube where he said (of kundalini work in general) that a lot of people benefit from first focusing on channeling energy in the lower chakras and eventually will feel enough energy down there that they can start focusing on higher chakras. Of course, though, Gamana has the attitude that generally focusing on ajna/crown/upper chakras has a magnet-like quality that will awaken and pull the energy up regardless. So hopefully perineum vs. heart, etc. is not a huge deal when it comes to KSF. Thanks for your response.
  5. Reagan was responsible for the “welfare queen” right? Didn’t his presidency do a lot to stir up distrust in the integrity of poor single mothers? And generally scare people into thinking tax cuts are necessary to avoid the poor abusing government assistance.
  6. Let’s be careful not to inflate my ego! Appreciate the kindness though ❤️❤️❤️
  7. Stumbled upon this topic just now. Cool to see the human beings behind many of the posts I’ve read on here. Here’s me. Trust me, I don’t always look this empty
  8. Question for anyone who has experience with Kriya Supreme Fire: TL;DR—While doing Kriya Supreme Fire, does it really matter which concentration spot you focus on (among the navel, below navel, perineum, and heart area)? Sometimes I feel like none of these spots is particularly “empty and spacious” as Gamana instructs. — Full Q: In the books, Gamana instructs to concentrate on either the perineum, below navel, navel, or heart area. Each of these locations is a chakra of course. In choosing a concentration spot, he says to “choose where it feels empty and spacious.” I’ve been doing the practice for a while now and I’ve always just focused on the heart area because the perineum and abdominal locks always make those parts of my body feel kind of...not empty and spacious. However, one day I tried focusing on the perineum (not worth explaining why), and I noticed an energetic feeling there that was different, and perhaps more intense, than what was happening when I focus on the heart. It also did feel a way that could maybe be described as “empty and spacious” even though I was clenching the muscle. But I became unsure if I’ve been interpreting “empty and spacious” the way Gamana intended. This made me start wondering if I’ve chosen the “wrong” spot to concentrate on. I’m all for trusting my own intuition, but also I didn’t invent the practice and I don’t claim to understand it perfectly, even with some experience. I’m trying to make sure I understand the instruction. This has exposed some neurotic tendencies I have about doing the practices “right”; sometimes I’ll start the practice with no clear sense of where it feels most empty and spacious. I’ll pick a spot (like the heart), then a third of the way through the time period I’ll switch to another spot that feels more appropriate. I feel like I waste too much time just choosing where to concentrate. It’s likely that the spot you choose doesn’t matter that much, hence Gamana not stressing the importance of picking one spot over another. It’s probably more important to just pick a spot and stick with it for the entirety of the exercise. But is there a possibility that it’s better to start with perineum for some time (like several weeks), then move up progressively? Can you focus on a different concentration point every time you do the practice? Perhaps this is needless speculation on my part. I plan on continuing to experiment with different concentration spots. But if you have any insight into this, please let me know! Sorry this ended up so long 😅
  9. @Leo Gura I love imagining Trump putting on his Mary Poppins hat, grabbing his umbrella, and looking back to wink before flying off into the distance, satisfied by his very intentional and strategic showcasing of all the holes in our political and social ecosystem. And it’s just so hilarious to me because it’s so obvious he has no idea what the fuck he’s doing in the long term, he has no sense of secondary consequences of his actions. When I was following people like Hulse I felt such a dissonance between what he was saying and my own intuitive read on the situation. Drove me fucking nuts until I realized Hulse is actually in fact kinda crazy. Finding your political analyses (and general epistemic approach) was a huge relief because it gave me enough context and clarity to drop all the speculative conspiratorial bullshit I’d been sifting through for a while.
  10. UGH 😂 I almost fell for that when I was in an Elliott Hulse phase a year ago, but then he said he thinks slavery never happened and I decided it was time to radically reevaluate my sources of knowledge...unfortunately many people just get sucked further into the delusion... 🤷🏼‍♂️