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  1. None of you are answering my question remotely. Why would consciousness "feel the need" to partition itself into different lifeforms to experience itself? Why would consciousness need to "feel" anything instead of simply just existing? Being "bored" is a petty human emotion, being terrified of eternal aloneness is also an emotion, although a very powerful one.
  2. Well, one thing I know is reading through this forum, everyone says contradictory things, even the most "enlightened" ones who have taken the most potent psychedelics.
  3. My question is, why should I have a mental breakdown, why should realizing ETERNAL ALONENESS feel HORRIFIC instead of BLISSFUL or some other arbitrary state of consciousness?
  4. No no, that's what Leo said, and I'm asking him why that act is necessary
  5. If consciousness is truly all there is (which after throughly browsing through this forum and the associated YouTube channel, I still do not believe), why should that engender existential horror instead of bliss, or some other arbitrary state of consciousness, perhaps one which we cannot imagine? Why should the knowledge that we are consciousness, and that existence is all there can be, cause a feeling of horror out of an absolutely infinite number of states of consciousness that we can experience? Leo claims that God aka each one of us is a "trickster", but why is the act of tricking necessary? Why does pure consciousness need to employ "tricks" instead of simply being "comfortable", for lack of a better word, with its eternal existence?
  6. and how do you know his other "awakenings"/"insights" were false?
  7. why would it be way more scary if these guys are delusional?
  8. i don't like the idea that everything the universal consciousness does is to relieve itself of an eternity of boredom. that seems wrong/makes no sense on so many levels.
  9. one thing i don't understand about what people say about god just forgetting endlessly - boredom and solipsism are just feelings(for lack of a better word) that people and maybe all sentient beings experience, for example, we don't feel boredom or existential angst from solipsistic thoughts during deep sleep, or when we were babies. why should "god" experience such a mundane emotion such as existential terror at being alone? if god or universal consciousness or whatever you call it exists, maybe it can experience things that we as fragments of god trapped in a human body, as you guys so claim we are, cannot conceive of or fathom
  10. The truth is, no one knows anything. Even Leo and the most hard-core psychedelics users say themselves: "there are infinite levels of awakening left, no matter how deep you have already awakened". AKA I know nothing.
  11. Well, you guys are saying consciousness is all there is, so the universe is just a figment of our consciousness right? And when consciousness is aware of this fact, does it feel lonely, is what I'm asking
  12. Ok, I kinda grasp what you are saying. But still, does consciousness feel loneliness eternally when it is aware of its nature?
  13. @Sam, so your saying our consciousness will experience a finite number of lives an infinite number of times, as opposed to an infinite number of lives once? or what?
  14. Ok fine, I accept what you guys are saying. Important question though, does God experience infinite loneliness, or is loneliness just a human construct?