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  1. Well, I wasn't really awoke in that sense, but I was born to see and experience shit most don't, it began when I was like 6. So yeah, before knowing anything about spirituality. 9 year old me: "Daddy, do you see him?" Dad: *kicks under a table with a stick* "no I don't see anything. The invisible little alien kid: *is hiding under the table telling me to hyshh* Yeah, and also, this must be included although I was now a fully grown human being and ready for some real shit.... "Did my head just spinn around?" "God, no." God doesn't give a fuck and spinns my head for the third time We flying high, so high, to the sky ♤♡◇♧
  2. Nah bro, fuck this bro. I'm going to soon meet the Real God ♡♡♡♡♡
  3. Bro, it's real, the "other" or "parallel" reality. It's not a thought or belief, it's a total fact which I and many have directly experienced. Actually, I don't know when but I assume soon, I will be in one of these parallel realities once again. Bro, I will get me a demon this time, and I'm taking his wife with me here in this earth 🌎 Seriously due, I feel this time I might actually die permanently. I'm fuckings conscious that it's getting nearer and nearer. But I have been in this shit two times before and faced this demon, so I just injected some pepper like 20 min ago. Come at me bro $$ But really due, fuck death and life and this earth, I'm either destroying this demon or my soul is gonna be sent to God by a angel ^^
  4. Bro soon I'm having a battle with a demon. Seriously. I'm feeling it, more important, I'm conscious of it. The battle, the "psychosis" is coming nearer and nearer, more and more intense. I'm serious. God All-Mighty, You created me and him, and now the battle between light and darkness soon begins. May I do right.
  5. Yeye. I need to kill this demon, either by going back and facing him, or meeting a Religious exorcist or spiritual master, which I have a number of actually. @OBEler I have accepted it today. I very much feel the demon wants me back into "psychosis", given that I've quit anti-psychotica and are using drugs daily. But I'm not changing that. He wants me back, ima destroy him this time and last time. Spiritually, you have no idea how powerful a human being is + I have the light beings/entities and God on my side. In God we trust 🙏 🙌 ❤ 💯
  6. Boys and girls, please I'm not fucking around. Demons are real, all the shit I talk about, is fuckings real. Don't be a stupid materialist child now, we all know it's more to reality than matter and all that good shit. Anyways, let me try to explain how I know this. The first time, the very first time, the demon came from ny behind and attached himself there. I feelt him coming before he made his attack, he then began saying shit like I have control over you now etc, then something happened and he "hided" himself, or just disappeared as I thought. But no, he was inside me and were using all the energy I was getting to become stronger, cuz the very first time he didn't have much power. In the end, the demon were not totally erased, but actually taken down my stomach. In this fuckibgs grand experience he had already becomed extremely powerful and shit. A light being got him caught by "energy handcuffs" and that's when he appeared from my behind, and I fuckings saw him, he had eyes and everything, totally dark like a shadow. Boys, this shit is real. Anyways, this light being and God helped me from something very bad happening that night, but again the demon was forced down my stomach, I remember it vividly. He wasn't annihilated due. And fuckings quess what happened the last time?? The demon comes up from my stomach and almost takes over my consciousness. Moved my body totally and shit, in the end some "spirit" part of me deafeted him. But still, he got some hold on me and is within me more than ever now, he got some of me to possess. @kinesin I have already been in a amphetamine injected psychosis, it was fuckings extreme and it was than that the demon got up to me from my stomach. I assume the demon has tricked me lately in my interest to get back into "psychosis" so he this time maybe can get what he wants. Ima emberass this motherfucker once again if I return bro, I'm not fucking around, I'm mad now 😤
  7. Hahaha it's fuckings war bro 😂 Ima kill this demon fuck hard bro I know bro I fuckings know. I didn't look back at my experiences before and now, but when I did it's true. I will explain how I know this in detail soon, first I have to up and get 8g.
  8. So I have denied all this shit but today some time ago I accepted it. Yeah I'm fuckings possessed by a 😈 My experience (s) tells so clearly 🙄 soooo clearly and obvious dude The religious has it right, the priests, the exorcism shit, the fuckings history of it all shit bro i dont know what to do with this demon fuck bro 😤 💀
  9. @NinoNize Nice bro. Too bad you are not a schizophrenic bro, we could exchange energies and shit, read each other thoughts, tell each other the demonic voices we hear in our minds and shit bro. My neighbor is a full-blown schizophrenic, I fuck every night for some pepper ☆ "None by my side. Til the pretty young bitch hopped in my ride. Took her to my crib and I show her how I die every night, then I wake up and I'm still fucking high as fuck. Lord why, Lord why do I gotta wake up? ☆●
  10. Nice bro 👌 Bro are you a schizophrenic bro? Feel free to text me some resources on schizophrenia and mysticism ☆ I've yet to read enough of it, but are planning to seriously study it much more now, maybe even buying some 📚 no western materialist homo shit 😒 😑 😐 😕 🙄 🙃
  11. @AtheisticNonduality What about them? I haven't used any for 3 months now, or else I wouldn't have much chance of going back to where I want to go back to. @Nahm no bro, no help will be sufficient. I'm going back to my real world or this year will be my last year in this world 🌎 😪 😔
  12. I miss it. I literally have lost all interest and motivation in the material external world. I don't like most people in it, I don't like doing anything in it, or having anything in it. It's totally meaningless. Drugs are the only way to not turn me totally insane etc. Now I just want to get back to where I came from. And I will, one way or another. And this time, I'm not going back. I will die in it.
  13. You just need to go into a "psychosis" and become a "Schizophrenic" bad-boy and drug-addict 👦 Seriously, how could I enter a spiritual dimension for over a year and experience all the insanity in it by doing a meditation technique/practice one-time and the first-time for just fuckings 5 sec? It's fuckings impossible lol. I was born this for shit bro ☆☆
  14. How can you not believe in God bro? Lol The first time I saw God with my eyes I actually asked a "demon" right after "Is it God?" and the demon answered with a big scream "YES!!" and that's when I got existensially petrified. Yeah, sounds like a fantasy movie or something made up or something. But no, it was my direct experience which I remember vividly in my mind. Fuckings seeing God and being confirmed by a demon that it's God 😆 I'M A LEGEND BRO HAHAH 🙏 💯 The Divine experience which involves God is what leads to consciousness of God permanently. It's the sheer Power and Supremacy which leads to the instantaneous conclusion that it's God. Consciousness of God is consciousness of God, it's just fuckings "I am conscious of God" bro. Literally, it is it's own Truth. Totally. You know cuz you know. Can't be explained, it just is. "Lot of me tell me that you love me girl, I vibe to that, kiss me with no heart no feelings, girl you know I die for that, show me that you care about me, no you would never love me back, all those fretex makes me smile but in the end I cry to that." ♡♡☆☆
  15. Because why not, how not? I am God's greatest creation ☆