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  1. Yes, I guess from the point of view of our finite mind we can say it is an activity that we do but from an Absolute perspective, it is what we all have been doing for all eternity.
  2. Have you ever tried doing formal meditation inside your dreams? It is AMAZING.
  3. @Rasheed Great insight. I felt this a while ago but I didn't understand it.
  4. I believe it is possible in some people with a very high level of consciousness, Although I haven't tried it, I have been doing lucid dreaming for 8 years and the more conscious I become during the dream the more control I have. If someone is directly conscious of god, it may be possible.
  5. Realize that anxiety and depression are reactions of the body reacting to events from the past, or fear of the future, which means you are caught in the illusion of time. Thinking itself is a mechanism that works only relatively to the past and future. A deep inquiry is required to gain an insight into time and reaction which will inevitably free you from anxiety and depression. Here is a quote from J.Krishnamurti :
  6. Exactly, Being in China at your university is a good reason that they are the best of the best.
  7. Just like what Leo said, I currently live in Iraq and most of the cities are dominated by people in the red stage, in some cities, there are some in the blue stage because of the British colonization. The main reason is traditions, Deeply ingrained traditions which even surpasses the implications of the misunderstanding of religion. Let alone the corrupted governments. In 2003 when America invaded the country, the majority of people elected new politicians based on their branch in Islam, which is mainly Shia or Sunni. The Sunnis want Sunni politicians and the Shias want Shia politicians, Even if the politician is corrupted, they will still keep him in power in fear of replacing him with another Sunni/Shia politician from the opposite branch.
  8. Don't control anything, Don't force anything, Don't try to not control anything, Don't try to not force anything, Realize that your body does everything by itself, including making decisions, Just be. That is what I would share.
  9. Another part of Comprehending The Magnitude Of Reality with new examples and more depth.