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  1. When you say that God doesn't understand how nothingness gained awareness and life will always lead to this question. Is God in turmoil for forevermore about this but happy at the same time of beingness?
  2. I just finished watching this. Season 2 is definitely much better than Season 1. I was very impressed with this TV Series.
  3. This maybe true but do you have data for this? I mean I have a lack of experience with women and not had a lot of sexual experience with women but the idea of killing oneself is a bit of stretch. I couldn't fathom myself killing myself because I wasn't getting pussy from women. Maybe my intellectual knowledge of spirituality from this forum and psychedelic experience and practicing stay in the moment has prevented me leading to suicide.
  4. The only experience I had is at age of 5, my mother told me about the Christian Religion and how we were created by God and we're going to have to face judgment. After our conversation in the car, I started to look at my hands intensely in awe how was it possible I could be here. It was almost to the point where I almost scared myself to death in deep thought. Then I said to myself, "I'm all alone".
  5. Attractive people have trouble on tinder as well, when it comes to physical looks that is. I have a relative who is not as good looking as me physically wise but he gets more matches than I do. I think it's because women view good looking guys who've ran through a bunch of women and gives the not so looking guys a chance.
  6. Those guys are exhibiting low self-esteem traits. A man with high self-esteem wouldn't dare to bring another man down. If that was me, I would've said, "Okay Mr. Low Self-Esteem, you look dumb as fvck bringing down another person down like that, sucks to be you" My words usually sting people. But yeah, you need to defend yourself next time.
  7. My very first spiritual insight is when my mother told me the traditional gospel about God being our creator and judge, and that we're accountable for our lives and Jesus was our Saviour to save us from our sins. After the small talk conversation about the topic...I immediately looked at my hands (age 4 or 5) was an amazement that I had exist and I begin to get scared (my ego) of knowing this truth and then I said to myself "I'm alone" as in my awareness.
  8. I had recently took a drop of cbd & thc underneath my tongue. Man, I had a realization that we are made of nothing, like nothing. It kinda startled me. In the process of seeing it visually painted in my mind, I had to tell my mind.."wait a minute, rewind that back again" then that's when it was clear, my mouth dropped open. Couldn't believe it. I've could've realized more truth but my ego wouldn't allow it, I fought it off.
  9. I agree with NoSelfSelf how what men are missing from the game. The game is about YOU, not women. Some women will come for the ride and other's won't because they have the own standard, principles and rules they live by just as a man should.
  10. You can hallucinate on it if you take too many within a short amount of time.
  11. Don't mean to hijack your thread but a couple of weeks ago I had a dream realization that the whole universe disappeared and I was the only one left (I guess this is my first God realization without direct experience through meditation or psychedelics). I was absolutely terrified and snapped out of the dream..it was too much handle.
  12. I did the other night. Its nice feeling to it. But if you're not careful (in what I experienced) you'll can start hearing noised that aren't even there.
  13. I've purchased a book called The Presence Process by Michael Brown Revised Edition. Its suppose to be a 10-week spiritual journey on tapping into the present awareness and you're suppose to grow and unfold from within yourself. I'm curious to know if anyone else have read and going through the journey in the book.