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  1. I took 3 mdma pills in a short amount of time as well just like you did and I had a full blown hallucination trip. Parts of the trip I wasn't sure if I had an out of body experience or if I was temporarily dead on certain parts of the trip. Taking too many pills in a short amount of time is irresponsible and not respecting the substance itself. I know better now.
  2. 1gram should do you just fine. That's how much I took on my first time.
  3. LSD = Never tried MDMA = Tried it 3 times. The third time I took one too many in a short amount of time and I hallucinated for 6-8 hours straight. Definitely an eye opener. I definitely didn't respect the drug due to not knowing what could happen. I thought about sharing my experience on here but I don't want to give Leo a bad rep.
  4. Did you call the police? What's the update? I've experienced with a Narcissist (my father), the 13 yr old needs to be away from the abuser ASAP!
  5. I agree that in probably most cases you can sense a guy that has the aggressiveness and willpower to defend himself to protect his gf/wife, but in other cases you can't tell. Sometimes it can come by surprise.
  6. I'm curious to know if anyone has been in stuck in a period of their life where they're no longer interested in dreaming at all. Well I've come to that point of my life, after constantly self-meditated on thoughts about non-duality and that we are God in a finite form on a weekly basis, even though I don't have much inner direct experience work to working towards self-realization or have a bit of awakening in which I want to do eventually. I don't know for someone reason I'm just not looking forward to going to sleep and dream a dream knowing its all an illusion with in the moment direct experience.
  7. @studentofthegame What resources are you using? I'm thinking of buying a book called Letting Go by David R Hawkins and see if it can help me out. Lots of good reviews 86% 5 star rating.
  8. I have a serious issue with being in my head a lot and self negative talk that keeps my anxiety at medium high. I want to be at a stage when I can be calm majority of my life and enjoy life like everyone else is doing (or seems to be doing). The calmness I'm referring to is similar to a mdma high when the mind quiets down and everything is peaceful while being in the present moment. I also feel like my body needs to release trauma that's been in my body since the trauma effected my body when the trauma (abused by my narcissistic father) happened as a young child ( at Age 6). When I say release trauma, I mean a physically sensation that I could feel and release and no longer have the trauma there. Is this something I can do on my own or would I need a specialist to help me achieve this? Thanks in advanced for suggestion and advice.
  9. @WaveInTheOcean So if someone who is traumatized by their childhood and well into their adulthood. What psychedelics would you recommend to start this repair/growth transition.
  10. I'm a newbie, first post. I can definitely relate. I was on mdma a few weekends ago and I noticed the same thing that you felt with your trip. The inner thoughts went completely quiet as you can hear the quietness in your head and then the emotions begin to radiate and put forth loving positivity towards someone. I think that's what infinite source consciousness itself is all about, quiet mindfulness and complete radiate of love at all times.