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  1. What does it mean to be alive? Who is alive? Who is dead?
  2. Thank you for these videos! Even though I discovered what he says on my own, it's SO refreshing to see how he articulated these things in a visual and comprensible way!
  3. 1) Wake up 2) Stay in bed, repeat 3 affirmations for 20 minutes at a time. 3) Go to the bathroom (sometimes I have to go to the bathroom while repeating the affirmations because, you know, the pyhsic urge is too strong and distracts me LOL), wash up, check my weight and enter it into a fitness app 4) Dress myself, prepare and eat breakfast and finish preparing my backpack with food and water 5) Read the list of my 10 values 6) Lay on the couch and feel happy and thank the universe for all I have and will give me 7) Go to work I meditated every day on the morning for almost 2 years too. Now I just stay as present as possible during my day and I meditate while doing other stuff or before going to bed.
  4. Find your life vision and the reasons why behind each category of your life. This will help you give a meaning to life and a cause to fight for.
  5. "Whatever is true in your state of consciousness it is the only truth" --> When you take psychedelics, your state of consciousness change (it's heightened) and become your state of consciousness. So this is true too. I highly suggest you to watch this video:
  6. Yes. It's higly unlikely that you completely belong to a single stage.
  7. Even if the policy is really intrusive, they won't read your chats, because they are encrypted and it's illegal. An alternative to WhatsApp is Telegram.
  8. You can be enlightened and experience negative emotions, stress and even suffering. Enlightenment is not true happiness and there are many depths you can reach.
  9. What you are basically referring to has nothing to do with real intelligence, but with "common sense". What you say may be right using common sense, but you have to understand the fact that God could't live as a human and experience all the purification up to the major realization of who he really is, if he didn't self-deceive himself upon birth. Forgetting about his true nature is therefore necessary to live in the exact way he wants to. He could have made him less self-deceived, but, by doing that, he would have a completely other experience Maybe there are other galaxies or planets where God is incarnating in other intelligent species who are much less self-deceived and closer to the source than humans.
  10. Why? Because you feel that there is something more to discover that's hidden from your eyes. The matrix, for example, is a film based on the fact that this reality is illusory. This fakeness feeling and the desire for knowing more are what move you to do this search.
  11. If you are eternal, boundless, omniscient and infinite intelligent, after a while you get bored to just stay there enjoying yourself. You want to try out something new. But how can you do it, if you are boundless, timeless etc.? You have to create finite forms of yourself, create the strong self deception that you believe to be a human with a physical body and with a specific identity. As soon as this belief drop, the game ends and you'll know, who you are
  12. All forms and reality itself are relative AND illusory. With "relative" I mean, if you are an ant, then reality looks like a, if you are a person on planet earth, then reality looks like b. This means that reality is not static, but fluid and change. With "illusory" I mean that there is no solid forms, no you and no sense of separation between forms. Be aware that EVERYTHING is a form. A tought is a form. A shower is a form. Your body is a form. Your words are a form. A form is something with specific boundaries. A tought has a boundary. It's limited to you and is processed as words and a voice in your head. So the reality is not locked in any specific form, because it's all relative and there is NO reality, but only a perception of reality and a perception of existence as an ego inside of this reality. If you are asking: "Why does reality take exactly this forms through my perspective and other human perspectives?", then the reply is that God decided to engineer reality in exactly this way. Why? Because that's what he wanted to do. Why? I dunno, ask him 😂
  13. There is no such thing as an external solid standard reality. If reality were objective, how come that an ant, a dog, a cat and even other people perceive reality in a completely other way than you? If you change your state of consciousness and your awareness, your perceptions will change. If YOUR perceptions change, it change YOUR perception of what reality is. Reality is therefore what you perceive to be real and it can only exist from a perspective. So, the reply is: no, there cannot be another way IN THIS MOMENT, because you are perceiving reality in THIS way. But, if you e.g. take some psychedelic, then yes, you can change reality (reality = YOUR perception of what's real and thus exist). P.S. What you perceive IS NOT the entire reality, but only a limited tiny piece of reality in a limited form in a limited perspective (your point of view as you with your specific characterial traits, trauma, mindsets etc. and as you as a human on planet earth who is living right now). The "unified" reality is infinite.