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  1. I will disagree to all of your posts, because I think there is actually a first duality. This is something I discovered during a trip. The first duality lies in the intrinsec form of consciousness. Consciousness is both void (empty) and full. The empty is the space that contains the full. But, for the void to exist, there must be an observer to feel it. And for an observer to exist, there must be a void (a space) in which he is contained. The Void and the Source are the same thing (Conscoousness), but there are two aspects of it, the void and the full part. There cannot be any creation without a creator. This is why there must be something inside nothing, otherwise a Void cannot creare anything because there is noone to create anything. This means that the Void and the Source (the living entity "I") are both the first duality it ever existed. There is nothing more primordial to it. This means that our universe is dual already in its composition and it couldn't be otherwise. How it all happened? There is no processo afaik, it just happened.
  2. No they never happened. Can you prove me that you were a child? If you show me a picture of "you" as a child, you're just showing me some pixels, forms and colors. Your mind creates a story and associates the picture with you. The same would be the case, if I asked your parents to prove me you were a child. They would use their memories to prove it. But hey, memories are not tangible. They are all made up to give a sense of existence and temporal progression, exactly as time does. You can only prove me what's happening now. What's in your memories cannot be proved and thus it never happened (even if you remember so). Time is there to delimitate your birth and death and thus your experience in this reality. But actually there is no such thing as a time from a nondual perspective. Time can be perceived only by a dual perspective (e. G.,as a human being). And yes, in the end they all are compressed in a single infinite present moment. Your mind spaces these events in past, present and future, but in the end your birth, life and future are all happening simultaneously in a single instant. This is one of the many paradoxes of reality
  3. Ask yourself these three questions and you will get your answers: 1) In what time am I living right now? 2) 5 minutes ago, in what time was I living (past/present/future)? 3) In 5 minutes, in what time will I live (past/present/future)?
  4. I know. But I wanted to open my own thread and directly share my evidence once, instead of spamming my reply in multiple threads.
  5. Yes, it is both simultaneously. There is a paradox where two opposites are both true (one and many perspectives). Plus, you can zoom out and find out there is only one perspective (God, Universe, "real" I, true self etc.), but this perspective is "fake" as well, because God/the "real" I has no perspective. To have a perspective, you must have boundaries, which consciousness doesn't have because it is both empty and infinite (another paradox) and thus have all properties and no properties.
  6. Many people who want to understand reality have an interest to reply this question. If you don't give a fuck, then just don't spread your negativity.
  7. What kind of evidence are you looking for? You can prove it only through your own direct experience by becoming this I (something I did multple times) As I said, you can only understand what I am saying ONLY through direct experience by becoming this I and accessing this infinite consciousness (in my case I did it with 350 ug LSD). And you are imagined too, exactly as everything and others as well. That's why I said at the end that it does not matter from a nondual paradigm, because it's all one.
  8. To ensure a self-renewing cycle and balance in nature. By eating animals, you reduce its population so that they cannot overpower all other species. Your shit fertilizes the soil, which in turn produces plants, tree and flowers, which in turn convert CO2 to O2, which allows us and other species to breathe and thus live. And so on.
  9. Hello everyone! I would like to briefly answer the question "Is there one or more perspectives?". Let's start with this. What is a perspective? A perspective is basically an illusory POV (point of view) that is created within the (perceived) physical and mental realms (your body and thoughts, memories, emotions, etc.) from which you perceive something called reality (which is also illusory) that you see as something external from your perspective. In this POV there is a "false" I (your identity). A POV can be a human being, a tree, an animal and so on. Behind this false I there is the "real" I (God, consciousness...) Now the question arises: "Is there only my POV and all others are imaginary?". Let's say you talk to a person and tell them, "Hey, you don't exist! Only my POV exists! You are only imaginary!". The other person replies, "No, my POV is the only one and you are imaginary!". Who is right? Is there one or more perspectives? To "untie" your mind from this apparent knot, you need to consider that behind every animal, person, tree you see there is the same "real" I. This means that you cannot say that other people aren't real, because behind them there is the same "real" I and because you are imagined as well :) This basically means that the answer to this question is that they are BOTH true. This is then a paradox (one of the many) and it has to be that way for our reality to exist as it is right now. This means that there is indeed a single POV (in your case yours and in my case mine), but everything around you also has a POV (as I said, we are all consciousness and there is only one I behind all animate and inanimate objects). So solipsism (there is only one perspective) only makes sense from a dual paradigm. From a nondual paradigm, of course, there is no perspective at all, because everything is one and there is an infinite perspective, which is the "true" I (God). What's your opinion on the matter?
  10. What does it mean to be alive? Who is alive? Who is dead?
  11. Thank you for these videos! Even though I discovered what he says on my own, it's SO refreshing to see how he articulated these things in a visual and comprensible way!
  12. 1) Wake up 2) Stay in bed, repeat 3 affirmations for 20 minutes at a time. 3) Go to the bathroom (sometimes I have to go to the bathroom while repeating the affirmations because, you know, the pyhsic urge is too strong and distracts me LOL), wash up, check my weight and enter it into a fitness app 4) Dress myself, prepare and eat breakfast and finish preparing my backpack with food and water 5) Read the list of my 10 values 6) Lay on the couch and feel happy and thank the universe for all I have and will give me 7) Go to work I meditated every day on the morning for almost 2 years too. Now I just stay as present as possible during my day and I meditate while doing other stuff or before going to bed.
  13. Find your life vision and the reasons why behind each category of your life. This will help you give a meaning to life and a cause to fight for.