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  1. Another question, can I vape HCL? How many Celsius are needed for DPT?
  2. Ok so not even warm water, just plain water and plug with all the grains? Or did you mean that I need more water? I have 1 ml syringe and I usually have around 0.4 ml with dissolved DPT. If I do not dissolve it, then a lot of DPT will stay stuck. I tried even with boiling water (always 0,4-0.5 ml). There is still wasted substance. How much water do you suggest? About the dosage I usually do around 65 mg but it partially evaporates due to the heating process I guess.
  3. Hello everyone, do you know how to proper dissolve DPT HCL in water? Even with boiling hot water, if I stir for a long time there will still be chunks of DPT (quality is good, pure and labor graded). The only way I found was to put some DPT and some water on a little spoon and warm the spoon from below with a lighter. I guess some substance will evaporate but this is the only way I found to dissolve it. I noticed that if I wait that the water cools down, the DPT will come back to salt too. Do you have any suggestions to dissolve the substance properly or would you use my method? Another question regards the plugging procedure. I have already plugged and watched Leo's video. Still I cannot find a good way to ensure that all the substance get absorbed. Would you mind to share your plugging procedure with me (so you have your syringe ready, what do you do now?)? Thank you in advance!
  4. Do some journaling and ask yourself following questions: - Why am I eating so much? - What things and feelings can food give me that makes it so special? - What am I avoiding looking at and dealing with with my bad habit? - From where do these hidden things come from? Why do I have them? - When did I actually started coping with food? And why? - What are the consequences for keeping this habit in my life? - How can I fix the underlying issues I am actually avoiding to face and to deal with?
  5. Well, everything he says and does could backfire, as you can see here. So, there is no right choice. I merely suggest that showing more of his "human" side and watching videos outside of his black background white shirt setting where he talks for three hours straight would aid his cause of making Actualized more accessible and less "elitist".
  6. I totally agree with you about relatability. Personally, I think Leo should move away a bit from giving unbiased and clear and distinct insights just to show more about him as a person and generally become more relatable as a human being, because otherwise you can create so much distance between yourself and others that you could be perceived as "elitist" and therefore a cult leader. I understand that he wants to give you the rawest insights you can get, and that's why he has a nakedly edgy attitude when he tells you facts and gives you insights. But I feel he misses the opportunity to show himself as a human being and thus become more likeable and relatable. E. G. I really enjoyed his video when he did a solo retreat at the cabin. Or the old videos with him and his legendary soup. I would really like to see more of that and think it would help him in the long run.
  7. Leo, I sincerely wouldn't worry too much about what's happening now, even if you have all the reasons to be concerned and I understand this forum is part of your life purpose and so you care a lot about it. This is the kind of shitstorm that happens from time to time to all spiritual/self-help teachers (e. G., Teal Swan, RSD Julien and RSD Tyler). This will pass too somehow and this will make you and Actualized stronger. I understand you are getting a bit defensive by making clear you don't promote physical harm and other means of "bad" spirituality to advance in its own development. But be aware of this: just by looking at the fact that you released a ton of videos about all possible topics, at the fact you offer a life purpose course to find your passions and live a more passionate and authentic life and even a forum where people can exchange their opinions fleerly, it's clear that you're promoting a good life, you're not a cult leader and you never promoted ending your life abruptly and harm yourself. You can only control what you say and you post out there. You cannot control who is gonna watch your videos and what they will do after that. This is not your responsibility and there is not much you can do. You can surely address some of the biggest misconceptions in another video (even if you did one already, it seems this is not enough), but, in the end, you cannot foresee any possibility. As I said, this shitstorm will pass and it will be all good again. Keep your head up. I know it shook you up and you feel to be walking on a thin line, but you're not responsible for the guy's death and you absolutely did the best you could do in all these years. You know how the ego work. If it wants to misinterpretate something, it will do it. So, no need to be sorry. I owe you a lot Leo, much more than you can imagine. Please keep up the good work.
  8. I am one of the people Leo is talking about. I have experienced and uncovered so much stuff on my own that you cannot even imagine I've done psychedelics trips, lucid dreams, I habe hundreds of pages written in my journal about metaphysic, existential questions, nonduality, relationships, mindsets and so on, I read books and so on. I simply do not have time to share All this info or to help people around on this forum. Either I do my work or I keep posting here. No time for both.
  9. I will disagree to all of your posts, because I think there is actually a first duality. This is something I discovered during a trip. The first duality lies in the intrinsec form of consciousness. Consciousness is both void (empty) and full. The empty is the space that contains the full. But, for the void to exist, there must be an observer to feel it. And for an observer to exist, there must be a void (a space) in which he is contained. The Void and the Source are the same thing (Conscoousness), but there are two aspects of it, the void and the full part. There cannot be any creation without a creator. This is why there must be something inside nothing, otherwise a Void cannot creare anything because there is noone to create anything. This means that the Void and the Source (the living entity "I") are both the first duality it ever existed. There is nothing more primordial to it. This means that our universe is dual already in its composition and it couldn't be otherwise. How it all happened? There is no processo afaik, it just happened.
  10. No they never happened. Can you prove me that you were a child? If you show me a picture of "you" as a child, you're just showing me some pixels, forms and colors. Your mind creates a story and associates the picture with you. The same would be the case, if I asked your parents to prove me you were a child. They would use their memories to prove it. But hey, memories are not tangible. They are all made up to give a sense of existence and temporal progression, exactly as time does. You can only prove me what's happening now. What's in your memories cannot be proved and thus it never happened (even if you remember so). Time is there to delimitate your birth and death and thus your experience in this reality. But actually there is no such thing as a time from a nondual perspective. Time can be perceived only by a dual perspective (e. G.,as a human being). And yes, in the end they all are compressed in a single infinite present moment. Your mind spaces these events in past, present and future, but in the end your birth, life and future are all happening simultaneously in a single instant. This is one of the many paradoxes of reality
  11. Ask yourself these three questions and you will get your answers: 1) In what time am I living right now? 2) 5 minutes ago, in what time was I living (past/present/future)? 3) In 5 minutes, in what time will I live (past/present/future)?
  12. I know. But I wanted to open my own thread and directly share my evidence once, instead of spamming my reply in multiple threads.
  13. Yes, it is both simultaneously. There is a paradox where two opposites are both true (one and many perspectives). Plus, you can zoom out and find out there is only one perspective (God, Universe, "real" I, true self etc.), but this perspective is "fake" as well, because God/the "real" I has no perspective. To have a perspective, you must have boundaries, which consciousness doesn't have because it is both empty and infinite (another paradox) and thus have all properties and no properties.
  14. Many people who want to understand reality have an interest to reply this question. If you don't give a fuck, then just don't spread your negativity.