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  1. Many years ago I was deeply devoted to the truth or spiritual path, I did everything as a strict yogi or monk would, for many months I live minimally and cut out everything that no longer served my highest good or truth. Many months later I had realized I had been in an unconscious/conscious state for many months in what seemed to be an ever-present bliss. I only came back into my body and ego when I had to write my name in a document, I realized wow... I completely forget I had a name and am this person, this character, had this life ect.. ect... before that I was in this heavenly haze of another level of awareness but sadly I cannot remember it clearly, at least with my ego-mind. No psychedelics were used, just daily meditation, books, solfeggio frequencies in headphones, fasting, eating very little, being in my own little bubble. Psychedelics give me some glimpses of that but nothing really comes close to takes me back, I was absolutely gone for months. What on earth happened and what did I experience? I can never seem to get back there, I was triggerless, always blissfull, had no ups or downs, at least to the best of my ability to remember, its like a faded memory now, but ever now and then I gain greater clarity and remembrance of that experience. When I forgot I was this person and had a name...
  2. God here: I do not get bored. I created all of this so i can experience what it is like to be limited, to be separated, to be not all-knowing. I am aware of my infinite intelligence so i do not experience any resistance. I die and surrender unto each and every moment, totally. This is how i can experience. Without all of this, there is no experience of Self. There is only Self.
  3. Waking up to the realization that this entire reality is your doing, your creation, there are no others, there is only one of us here and living with that constant awareness stabilized within your beingness. You still have to do the dishes, and chop wood and all the usual daily tasks but now that you are aware of something so much greater, so you naturally feel home, complete, at ease and blissfull with everything you do, anywhere you are.
  4. Indeed. Your entire universe is yours, is you, is your mind. The others we see in our universe are OUR versions of them. As they create you in their reality. You create them as they create you. Fundamentally, there are no others. Do not try to hard to mentally grasp this, you might no-mind
  5. There is a very wise quote by Manly P Hall. The Individual absorbs Knowledge, But Truth absorbs the Individual.
  6. They are all permission slips. They all different chemicals, different doorways, different flavors that lead to the same place, ultimately. They simply trigger the natural endogenous dmt/and other chemical releases within our bodies that open the doorways to the divine. The teachers/tools do nothing but unlock the doorway, you do everything else yourself. Permission slips are any tool, ritual, substance, method, idea, technique we use that (aligns with our current belief systems) that we believe we need to be more of ourselves. Fundamentally, we are the 'permission slip' and cause and effect in itself, but because we don't know ourselves as the Supreme being, (maybe intellectually, but not truly, for it would be synonymous with our behavior, for knowing and being/behaviour is synonymous. So we use these things because they are aligned with our beliefs until the beliefs are seen for the illusions they are. Eventually, we all get the greater message. Enlightenment is the most paradoxically complex and yet infinitely simple thing. Welcome to Creation
  7. Artificial lighting, junk foods, un-natural environments, overthinking, electronics, radiation ect.. all these things effect our overall dream-lucidity and recall. One powerful technique you could do is set the intention to remember more before going to bed. Meditation before bed also helps.
  8. The fact that you had to make that statement shows great uncertainty within you. Don't worry, there's always a backup plan. Fundamentally we are shifting between realities based on our choices. You have made a choice, you now have to live with it.
  9. Sometimes you go to places or do or eat or interact with certain things just to further clarify that they no longer serve you. Other times there is another lesson. Shiva slept with a prostitute for a time, sometimes you need to go to the slums and plant a seed. Truth just is, nothing changes or defines it.
  10. I have observed sadghuru many times, often he does not have the answer to the questions, he just rambles with what he already knows until he finds an answer, mostly from yogic books and stories from Hindu scriptures he has read and heard over his lifetime. I do not consider him as wise and enlightened as most people portray him to be. He is quite young in his enlightening. Osho for example was on a more mastery level. Forget most of his nonsense or these 'specific' numbers passed down from hindu scriptures, they confuse you more than they give you any truth. Chew as much as you feel the need adequate. If you want to know spiritually, more fundamentally. I suggest looking into the Tao Te Ching and Lao Tzu. Most of these other modern and hindu/yogic teachings only complicate and confuse you further, the true nature is fundamentally simple.
  11. Sprouted beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables ect.. are the highest bio-available form of nutrients and protein for the human body. Living food has an entirely different level of utilization and fusion compared to cooked and processed foods.
  12. Awakening is only the beginning of the path of Enlightenment. Do not confuse the two, seeking may have stopped but Life has only begun. Now whatever you chose to do or create will be your experience. Play well
  13. It seems many here confuse awakenings with enlightenment. If you are freaking out, you still identify with character, play, manifestation, illusion. The true self cannot experience 'freaking out' The true self is in all knowingness/all beingness with Creation Itself. Awakening can Amaze you but Enlightenment is something entirely different, you already see it coming because you are already Enlightened. Its like Waking up from the dream, the false-sense of self, back to your true state, its the most natural feeling/experience than anything else. Challenging to explain with words.. but you will know, its unmistakable.
  14. Nice Try... to attempt to sound educated and smart.. But sadly i must let you know that.. Your information is heavily flawed. We have treated many people successfully with proper utilization of chlorella. Do your research.
  15. You cannot achieve but you can Discover.