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  1. @ZenAlex Look into and study the hell out of detoxification.
  2. Thanks so far.
  3. Ok interesting, I didn't expect that. But yeah, these videos do have a big impact in how one changes his or her live.
  4. What are in your opinion the most profound, consciousness-raising episodes of
  5. It is not in my experience that I choose.
  6. Absolutely nothing. But in the waking state there is consciousness. There seems to be a state of conscious deep sleep called Jagrat Sushupti. Apparently one can practice to enter it.
  7. Every day I enter a infinite void. There is nothing, not even time. Then out of this nonexistence, perceptions arise. At first very subtle, then of heightened intensity. I am terrorized by the thought of the end of my life, death, but isn't it true that the sense of self, that being, seizes to exist every day. How is this any different than dying? This is the end of being. But then it arises again, but who can guarantee this?
  8. @Schizophonia Do you know that? I have periods of alcohol cravings where I am maybe drinking on one day, but have to fight against it the rest of the week. Addiction is a coercion of the mind. Either you give in or not.
  9. That's dependence
  10. I have the intuition, that there is no distinction between what is called monkey mind and writing here, talking to others, contemplation and the phenomenon of language in general. The only factor that seems to seperate the above terms is the level of consciousness. THE mind is generating sentences, some hardly noticeable others very intense. So called monkey mind is very unconscious, whereas the ideas written here penetrate deeper into consciousness. First monkey mind or THE mind generates words than these words penetrate into awareness and finally they are typed here as a post, black on white. And that counts for every sentence on this forum.
  11. Typical thoughts of an 26 year old Turn your passion into a regular practice. Take little steps and be creative.
  12. Damian Michaels - Energy Waves Check out his manyfold other works if you like it
  13. I don't necessarily defend these conditions, but how I would define enjoyment is as an perceiving of well-being. I totally agree that the dark aspects are powerful teachers. That I have already witnessed several times.