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  1. My experience with psychedelics was always that the feel "healthy". The invigorate my body and cause the life inside me to strengthen. It's especially interesting because psychoactive compounds, "drugs" generally are regarded as subtracting from health, causing bodily harm. Alcohol clearly dose that, stimulants, opiates. Even though the cause a pleasant stimulus, this stimulus runs into discomfort, pain, disatisfaction. After taking psychedelics on the other hand, I feel more alive, satisfied, peaceful, stronger. They are a general medicine in a way. In my experience the reorder the life in the direction of holiness, of perfection. I'm especially referring to light dose of psilocybin mushrooms and LSD The only way in which I would consider them to be unhealthy is, if the stimulus is to strong for the foundation to withstand, causing stress in form of anxiety, panic, strengthening psychotic thought patterns.
  2. Yeah, anxiety is potential energy blocked of it's way to get transmitted. That's seems to be why many "depressed" people also have "anxiety disorder"
  3. Thank you for the lengthy reply Yoga Nidra sounds interesting. It's kind of what I meant by the direction the energy flows.
  4. It's not that easy. Many people have chronic illness these days, with which the basics alone do not help anymore. I can attest to this. Heavy metals and especially chronic viruses and bacterial infections can drain a lot of energy. And even if you have generally enough energy, it can run in unhealthy directions or be stagnant and not accessible for personal growth or consciousness work.
  5. Thank you. This questions will help me a lot
  6. Reality can be seen as a machine. And a machine needs fuel. In the pursuit of higher consciousness, different things are tried, like concentration, meditation, contemplation, being disciplined in an effort to untangle from habits, etc. But what factor determines the degree of growth the most? The amount of energy one has is critical. As someone who struggles with being asleep in an upright posture while meditating or starring blankly at ones contemplation journal most of the time I get aware of this a lot. I think most peoples success hinges on proper energy cultivation. Of course the amount of energy is not everything. High intensity can lead to derailments like anxiety, delusions etc. The ways the energy is structured and it's direction is also important. What are your thoughts? Any methods on how to cultivate energy that can serve for spiritual growth?
  7. @mmKay I removedtwo little amalgam fillings four years ago by a dentist doing a fairly secure method, not the safest, but quite good. After all I checked for specks three times. Two times the x-rays where considered speck free by dentists in the Facebook ACC group.
  8. I had panic attacks like these last year while doing a parasite cleanse. The ones I mentioned above came about through chelation and subsided afterwards.
  9. I have tested for TPO and TG antibodies negatively. For some strange reasons, I can't tolerate iodine supplementation even in small amounts (<50mcg) I did an ultra sonic of the thyroid and it showed that my thyroid is comparatively small, although standard medicine only recognizes too large thyroid glands as being a problem
  10. @nuwu Isn't normal vitamin C already fat soluble? I heard some things about normal ascorbic acid not being the best way for antioxidant support and that one should use more "natural forms".
  11. @Michael569 From what I learned, the values listed on the laboratory sheets aren't health values, because they are using every patient as the sample size and then use the bottom and top percentages as limits. Apparently TSH values above 2 signify hypothyroidism. I'm not far above now, so I'm not worried about that. I was told by a experienced German doctor via a forum, that fT4 should be above 1.4 and fT3 above 3.3. I had decreased appetite, but it came back.
  12. I do take 3g of vitamin C a day for antioxidant support Which antioxidants do you consider being unsafe and why?
  13. I eat very healthy and sleep enough. I too work out twice a week. But at the moment I have very little energy and going through life, doing the bare minimum is pretty hard.
  14. My condition shifted. I am incredibly fatigued right now. At least I have no insomnia any more. My Thytoid levels: fT4 1,17 ng/dl fT3 2,54 pg/ml TSH 2,12 pU/ml
  15. @PsychedelicEagle Thanks for the suggestions I prioritized sleep like a maniac. The thing that helped me, apart from my body regulating itself was counterintuitively to go to sleep later and wake up earlier to get more tired. Now I feel no insecurity about sleeping anymore. It took three and a half months though. I tried Lithium Orotate, but I did not tolerate it really well.