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  1. In a sense, democracy is populism. In our modern times, the parties are competing for the most votes. And what are the means trough which they do that? With charismatic candidates. There are despots though, and not all parties are using drama and fear in the same unethical way.
  2. Oh my I have a very similar experience right now. Weird cardiovascular symptoms, like pressure in my rib cage, numbness in my left arm, unfamiliar intrusive feeling of the heart bear, vertigo. All in combination with anxiety and slight panic attacks. I was visiting a hospital three times already. ECG and blood testing reveal "perfect" results as the doctors said. In between I was sick with the flu which perpetuated the symptoms. But the symptoms came as part of heavy metal detox side effects. I had atlas correction therapy too almost two months back and the therapist said that corrections can have temporal worsenings. What did you do just before these symptoms arrived originally? Where you moving, did you change diet, did you take drugs, etc? Btw, you are not alone with this.
  3. That seems to be the insight I have to get.
  4. Death may be non-existence, then deep sleep and unconsciousness have the same quality. Or a new creature gets born after the continuity of this life. After all, a new day follows the emptiness of sleep. This experience right here got born, so what is stopping a new one being born after this? Btw, it makes me happy to accept death
  5. While listening to my favorite music I find it ecstatic at times.
  6. I don't understand death=infinite life Because infinite life for me is creation
  7. So, awakening through death contemplation?
  8. Sorry to hear that. How are you know? Is your condition stable? Impermanence is ruthless. Life is ruthless.
  9. Depending on your age and fitness. If your old and dead tired, you could even feel relieved. Who knows.
  10. I may need a lot more insights to see what I am. But the things to be accepted are precisely the ones that you are conscious of to happen anyway.