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  1. @Someone here Me too ... I took antidepressants too, but you should not rely on them for long. They are toxic to the body. In my opinion it's the toxicity of our industrialized world that is making us sick. Back in the 90s when we were born, there was mercury and aluminum in childhood vaccines. Two toxins, that accumulate in the brain and stay there for decades. We eat food loaded with pesticides and plastic components, and drink water containing arsenic, lead and fluoride on a daily basis. Every time we walk near a road, we inhale the toxic exhausts of the cars. We sit near wifi routers and stare on screens for hours every day. No wonder we are miserable.
  2. @Someone here @RMQualtrough Far too many mentally sick people these days. How old are you, if I may ask?
  3. I don't think you can classify music that strictly. Spiral Dynamics is not about music.
  4. It has to go through legislation. The parliament will vote tomorrow and another council will decide on it on February 3rd. It is almost certain that it will pass. It will require almost everyone above 14 years of age to get the current booster, even people with booster shots, when their validity vanishes. Exceptions are mentally handicapped people between 14 and 18 years of age, pregnant women, people to whom the vaccine may pose a lifethreatening risks (must be certificated by physicians, who risk their licenses by doing so). People with diagnosed COVID-infections have an excemption of 180 days. The determination of unvaccinated/unboostered people will be handled through the centralized vaccine database not the green pass.
  5. @Tangerinedream Here in Austria unvaccinated people are not allowed to enter non-essential shops. So basically one has to use the green pass to get anywhere other than supermarkets. Masks are mandatory outdoors if you cannot distance yourself from other people. And vaccination will be mandatory by law beginning in February. At first police is forced to control people. Than people will get fined automatically using a database in which every citizens vaccine status is registered. As far as I know there will be automatic fines reaching from 600€ to 3600€ (680-4800$) twice a year for unvaccinated people. The law will apply until Febraury 2024. Off course this law is opposed vigurously. Hundreds of thousends of people go on the streets to protest it.
  6. @Michael569 I don't say that the vaccine is a disaster, but if you would have asked people in 2020 what they expect from it and compare it to what it actually delivered, there is a little conflict. It isn't the game changer people expected it to be, thats what I wanted to say.
  7. @Michael569 Seriously, the vaccine is disappointing. Or did you anticipate getting it !three! (or more) times and still have suboptimal protection and be infectious. @Elton These pills will have a toll on you. They don't make you healthy, they only suppress symptoms of illness. Proper nutrition and elimination of toxins will make you healthy.
  8. Every political group/ideology has it's conspiracy theories not just conservatives.
  9. There's the theory that colds are endogenous detoxes and that viruses and bacteria help in a symbiotic way. Therefore fevers, runny nose, coughing, sweating, diarrhea are functions of the body's own toxin elimination. Altough I don't say this is 100% true, it makes sense. n a big picture view humanity might be in a collective detox from all the toxins we inhaled, ingested and injected.
  10. A huge problem for the "West": Declining health because of the huge amount of environmental toxins I believe this causes the population to be physically sick and emotionaly unstable, causing all kinds of conflicts. Many people will be debilitatet with conditions like autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety, CFS, Burnout Syndrome, Parkinson's, cancer, gut conditions,... Mentally sick people will adhere to devisive ideologies, ruin their health with drugs, get socially isolated, commit suicide, ... Less people will reproduce leading to senile population ... less workforce, more people needing care than can get it, economic decline,... Off course society will adapt to it, but I believe this has and will damage society dramatically
  11. Docu about the toxicity of mercury amalgam fillings
  12. Just want to add that you might need to detox. But please do a LOT of research about it before you try it out.
  13. @decentralized If you are unconditionally happy you can be blissfull at every party Imagine yourself being blissfull at a country music festival IMO, psytrance parties have the best atmosphere and folks tho Techno is good, can put you even more into a trance than "trance"
  14. @Yarco Cadmium is a toxic heavy metal I removed mine because the rubbing made my tongue numb