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  1. Yeah Ive heard of people trying to manipulate him through unsubscribing etc, if he doesn't give you value anymore then go ahead but iconically this is all ego. He's already helped paved the way he can only do so much through videos anyway. And like I said he is very individualistic personality wise. If he wants our help or opinion he will ask for it. I can imagine we can be very annoying and a bit of an overload anyway He does get paid via YouTube and other means. So in a sense we do give via our time. We could be watching cat video or porn. He knows when you say profound things the tribe will attack but if you're saying something valuable and true some of the tribe will listen. That's just the way it is. And as far as him stopping with him giving anymore of his deepest insights maybe thats what's best for him who are we to say. Maybe for him its not worth all the backlash. Maybe YouTube has reached its limits and he can only go deeper in other forms one on one coaching who know or a nicher platform. For all we know it could take him 100 plus hours to think and create some of his deep videos and 2% really get it 20% only thinks they do and then he gets who knows how much hate or bad comments or stupid questions. We dont know lets just support
  2. Ive seen Leos solipsism video, great video. Its a really deep video of course. I don't really get what the issue is with the video or why Leo took it down. Ive noticed lots of people upset with Leo and making demands to Leo or opinions. Leo has always been an individualistic type which comes with its benefits and negatives but at the end of the day he is gonna do whatever he wants to do. Maybe I am interpreting it wrong but Leo also seems quite hurt by whatever happened based on his comments until now. So I think in this post we can remind him we are thankful for all the free content he has published through the years and to well take his own advice and he is not alone. Well actually he is but thats a closed topic
  3. The older I get the more I understand the opposite sex or lets say the feminine side of people. And it seems a big part of this journey is very private. Maybe in the future that will change but the position we are all that at some point in your journey to self actualization you will come in some sort of conflict internally or externally with the way your friends family or just your culture at large is doing things. Given not necessarily women but lets say the feminine are far more social in their nature than the masculine is. Is it harder as the pain of letting go or loosening of some attachments to relationships, influences and even having or maintaining the motive to self actualise I imagine would be an even greater challenge.
  4. I am referring to typically how western society defines as addiction with substance like alcohol, heroin, or gambling etc. I often hear from ex addicts that every day is a struggle and you never really get over it, but to me there seems to be a type of personality where that stereotype revolves around. Has anyone here been an addict before and is at the point where its seemly not a struggle or that you can drink a beer or whatever a thing back oh yeah i used to struggle with this and now its simply not an issue?
  5. Of course my data I have is uber small, but in my experience if I have ever mention any sprial dynamic elements or spiral dynamics itself to anyone who arnt at least a little bit stage yellow then it doesn't register or absolutely no interest what so ever. But I could also be horrible at explaining things. But just throwing it out there in theory land, dont you already have to be I dont know lets say 10% yellow to at least be able to say to yourself "Oh my this is really good stuff lets see how I can work my way to the next stage"? How is this for everyone else does it seem to be true for you as well?
  6. Hey guys, Leo has said in one of his previous videos that this would happen. Just a bit of my background to fill in the gaps. I've been doing self-help for 16 years, I've pretty much got the whole survival thing down (career, friends, family, contributing to community etc) I've had some unbelievable spiritual experiences, its been an amazing journey and I still have a long way to go. I can't help from time to time have the feeling of wanting to connect. I don't know how to say this without sounding cocky but I do not mean it in a condescending manner. But after doing this work for so long I just can't relate to friends and family talking about gossip and how someone essentially said something that they didn't like so now their mind is looping through it, office politics etc. Around last year I completely understood why one would become a yogi and just sit in a cave . I don't mean that in the sense of escaping from people but more so in the sense what else is there. In another way of saying it is I've found heaven on earth, but sometimes it feels like I am the only one there.
  7. He's really helpful for the average American, you will out grow his material if you combine it with relatively fast
  8. Great material there thanks, I am going to have to ponder that a bit.
  9. Thanks guys! @Leo Gura I definitely see, lets call it a mechanism going on in the academics mind "does it fit into X model that I was taught in school? No then it's bullshit" And the scary thing is it's reinforced or confirmed by the community which taught the model. @Forestluv this distinction between a truth being relative is handy, I guess there is the concern that well to me obviously everyone is to degree relatively diluted and then you have to think how diluted is my way of viewing the world/models from reality.
  10. I could really use some help on this topic any resources or input is welcome. We are basically imprinted with a models that we use to view and navigate the world. And there resources like other models you can adopt like Sprial dynamics etc. I think in a sense what we are doing here is updating our models to better fit reality or at least that is what Iam doing as i go through life, knowing that you will never have a perfect model but its important to course correct your model and as you learn and grow etc you are updating your model hopefully not getting attached to it because they are just models. For some extra contexr before i get on to my main question I was speaking with a psychiatrist friend about his career and if he takes a persons maturity into account when helping his clients (when i mean maturity i mean iam refering to sprial dynamics or 9 stage of ego model not that people are inheritly better than ). So long story short he doesn't nor does he even like to acknowledge that maturity and suggested that it was my subjective experience. Just as a reminder this is just an example the thing I am actually talking about is subjectivity. To me it is very obvious that people including myself are all on different levels of development and there is some direction we go as we get older or experience more and grow. But on the other hand how do I know its not just my subjective view and that it may be bullshit. And then how do you know when someone says well just your subjective opinion when it is there own defensive mechanisms or they dont really know what your talking about. And I mean in within the context of the human experience. I am aware that in reality outside of the human experience everything is subjective. Beauty is another good example there is subjectivity beauty mostly culturally defined but then again there is such thing as a beautiful person. If something is subjective does it mean that its not true? Again within the himan experience.
  11. I didn't mean it in an absolute sense more so in degrees. I mean it more so in terms of investing your time and energies just like money if you have no time and no money after your bills its a much smarter move for that person to just work on getting a better job rather than learn that money is just a made up concept of the mind etc, advanced concept about money in this finance analogy are much more value when you are not struggling with it and you understand how it works at a base level.
  12. @PurpleTree I am saying definitely do them simultaneously, but lets say 95% material/baseline when your life you are struggling through life and then as your life is together then far more time can go towards conscious work like as much time as possible getting lost in the material yet another trap.
  13. Hey guys I love this forum and there is some really good content here. I come across often many many posts where it seems to me that the person is trying to pursue enlightenment and higher stages of consciousness and I have to say this in itself is a huge trap for a vast majority of people. Leo has said it himself many many times for the vast majority of people get your life together. Enlightenment or high level consciousness is not like reaching level 100 like an RGP character. It will not solve your material problems, or the material pain that you are in. If anything its the realisation that your problems don't exist. You cannot reach high level of consciousness as an identity ( I am an enlightened person, or I am a super conscious person named Bob) and the tricky thing is its really really difficult to know that you are doing this. I often see people trying to skip stages like you have heard from a math professor that all numbers are bullshit and your using his message something he discovered have years and years of doing maths, but you have done basic maths and are skipping calculus not doing the proofs, there is value in taking the courses and doing the work even though you know that its all bullshit in the end you will not really get it without doing the math. Make sure you have materialism down because it is really important and crucial. Here is a small check list. Know your career path and are pursing it you've got your money situation where you want it/or are on the path Have a good understanding of relationships and social skills social network you can attract the opposite sex you indirect unspoken social cues people generally like you you are ok with people not liking you your health huge percentage of people don't get enough vitamin D for example being overweight has huge impacts on your life you dont drink or smoke too much, (same goes for weed smokers and no it doesn't not improve your life or make you a better person) mental health if you are not depressed (you feel like you are a victim or that you are losing in life) you can sit down alone for long period of time doing nothing no entertainment without feeling horrible your base state is not anger, boredom, anxiousness, sadness, emptiness you know who are as an ego does your mind manipulate/motivate you more so by emotions or logic are you too busy living in your head and need to live out in the real world or the opposite. where do you go when you are in a low state and what are you gonna do about it what teams do you belong to and how has this influenced your thinking? Are you team science? Team middle class white collar? Team man? team woman? Are you denial that your even on any team? Not are you deceived but what the ways your mind deceives you what excuses does do. (Does it say this is the last time! I swear!, or does it go on the attack) What are your minds methods it uses so that you don't have to change, when someone says hey here is something you should be doing, does your mind just forget, or does it go into scepticism, does it go on the attack? skills can you plan to do A B C and D and actually achieve at least A and B? can you focus and do things that are not simulating with passion? do you actually have skills that offer tangible value to society? I am not saying Leos current content is useless it is very practical, just I would spend most of my time on the stuff above and ponder while your pursing the things above. And if you are young also consider that your brain hasn't even really matured until your 25 for me around the age of 26 it was huge shift for me. Also with spiritual work just have a good base understanding of just text book physics and biology and maths and all that stuff before saying it doesn't exist. I does and doesn't exist at the end of the day its not contradictory is it a dream but just understand the dream within the rules of the dream first! Do others agree with me here? Also with the levels/stage thing I feel like this has kind of backfired a bit. Even though Leo has said it a million times in his spiral dynamic episodes and 9 stage of ego development. People still think of themselves as Pokemon and are trying to evolve to level 3. I think this is a language problem the terms levels/stages are screwing things up in a sense it is a good term for it but the associations we have with terms like "higher level" is the main issue I think.
  14. I think your theory is a bit off. When you speak more than 1 language you are more likely to intuitively understand the language problem. That when you say the word sofa or whatever that the other person may not be thinking of a two person loveseat or whatever you are thinking of. And if you speak more than one language then you have probably been exposed to more cultures. Or more bubbles thereby also intuitively realising you yourself life in one of many bubbles. But there are plenty of people who speak another language for purely survival purposes and I wouldn't say they are more open-minded. For example when you move to another country just for economical reasons know how to communicate to get what you want but dont immerse yourself in the new environment.
  15. @Forestluv for sure! Then do you think it is an issue advising then people who for example score low on open-mindedness to BE more open-minded wouldn't a different strategy for actualisation be needed for different personalities?