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  1. It does not look like it is better
  2. It is entertaining like when Cenk wanted to fight Joe. More entertaining are the comments. TYT might end like CNN
  3. Never thought that this is such a huge topic
  4. How does his game differ from other PUAs?
  5. Maybe a link to good websites who then do the job. Giving pointers to the quality of the information in that website.
  6. Jordan Peterson argued that women do not want to slave themselves 12 hours hours a day for a high level position. Whcih sounds reasonable. I would say additionally men have the motivation to be more attractive in doing so but for women it is not that relevant.
  7. He got cred from Spencer Cornelia that is at least something He has some sociopathic vibes. That might be good for calling out the PUA scammers.
  8. My ear got clogged too lately. I did use the shower for my ear to wash it out for more than 5 minutes. It was helpful.
  9. I guess it is because people do not believe that making the weak strong works. So basically the ideology is perceived as wrong.
  10. No it is addictive like a drug
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/apr/26/us-wont-rule-out-military-action-if-china-establishes-base-in-solomon-islands
  12. Trying to find blindspots systematically could be a good mission for that question
  13. You mean when I am 65 years old. lol.
  14. He works with new word creations can you put down a list. As a fanboy you may know some. He has quite an amazing energy and story telling skills even so he repeats a lot boring, humble bragging, marketing stuff as well.
  15. @bloomer @Knowledge Hoarder https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_by_deception
  16. So let us say a transwomen trickt a lesbian to sleep with her. But the lesbian thought the transwomen is a biological women and she is against sleeping with transwomen. What should the law do about it? Next things would be race in that context.
  17. If he is a transman some would say yes. A transman is a real man some say.