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  1. I was wondering if we could brainstorm as a community how to overcome this. I feel this a super important topic because one of the main problems with phone addiction is that it’s not simply that you can get rid of your smart phone like cutting unhealthy food or something that. The smart phone has a lot of great utility and therefore does improve aspects of our lives if used correctly, however the larger problem is how much of a distraction it is and how easily it is used in an unhealthy way. I find myself sometimes spending hours looking at my phone looking at mindless topics or videos. I think the first obvious thing is to cut out lower quality apps like Tik tok. Personally this one is utter garbage and has no personal utility or social interaction that’s valuable. The more difficult one YouTube. Which is especially difficult because it does actually have a lot of valuable content. The problem is that it’s programmed to keep our attention on it as long as possible and often pulls at emotions that will keep you engaged longer. Even if you were to only watch higher quality videos it’s still super tempting and easy to get distracted.
  2. @Asayake thank you so much for the words of wisdom. It is very helpful to have this concise explanation. Thank you again. I’ll try this out and experiment.
  3. Interesting. I will have to give this a try. Thanks for the tip. But I’m curious, why do you suppose this helps for you. Isn’t apple cider vinegar acidic? Do you think it has to do with the microbial content in the apple cider? I’ve been considering if probiotics would help recently or even if it’s a bacterial infection. the part you said about fats also confuses me. I get oils but fats and protein I would think would help. Do you understand some of the science behind this?
  4. I am writing this forum to gain some wisdom/ insight into gut health. I’m only 26 years old and I’m in pretty good shape. I do daily practice of yoga and I walk a lot, normally I eat two meals a day. Once in the morning after 11 after yoga. and a slightly bigger meal in the evening around 6 pm. I live a pretty non stressful lifestyle. My diet is vegetarian but I do eat a decent amount of protein from tofu and eggs. So it makes no sense to me that almost every night I have horrible acid reflux which causes me sleep apnea and this choking sensation, and affects so many other areas of my life. my diet is normally a lot of carbs. Like rice and vegetables and then fruit and tofu and eggs or Tempe. I am currently in Asia been in India and in Bali and so I’ve been eating Indonesian food and Indian food before that Is there anyone else in this forum who had experience with this? I know @Leo Gura you talked about this problem at some point in your spiritual journey. If you or anyone one else found answers it would be super appreciated (:
  5. Ya I’ll agree he says something’s that are just completely wrong and that maybe he has mental delusions about certain things. I’m purely looking at the WAY he thinks about things not what he is thinking. To that point when people start going tier 2 they tend to start having a lot of delusional thinking in the beginning especially in stage green.
  6. This interview with lex Friedman and Kanye seems to me to indicate this based on his knowledge of the relativity and subjectivity of different belief systems, history and culture and his unitive language at the beginning calling us one race and one species. Thoughts?
  7. It started a week ago maybe with this feeling as the boundaries of I are mixing with the space around me. Then two nights ago I felt this intense energy while singing as if it can shoot out the top of my head. I was frightened and I thought it will be temporary. Now it has been building it feels like with more and more intensity. I feel like my whole nervous system can shake from how intense it is. I have felt hot and cold energy in my spine. I feel as if I can make out vivid images of galaxies stars planets ect. I feel love and peace and bliss then Intensist as if my body is being ripped apart. It is super debilitating and I don't know what to do. Does anyone know about this or any it is day 3 and I feel it building as I wake up. It it is hard to talk, or do anything. Anyone know how long it can last or how to slow it down. I am not on any substances nor do I have a history of psychosis
  8. I heard a qoute in a neo advita type yoga school that went something along the lines of "Hopelessness is the secret medicine god gives to people " I'm butchering the qoute, actually I couldn't find it but the general idea is about surrender when you realize that you can't. Do anything to improve your situation. The general idea is that you begin to let go of the egos need to control things, to manipulate, and of all the social constructs and boundaries that were laid upon you as a child. This is replaced by a deep trust and surrender to life that eventually leads to the complete surrender of the ego. Leo talks about in his videos how their is a big difference between zeroing out your consciousness and self inquiry to the point of recognizing what reality all is. I was wondering if this relates at all to this. What role does surrender and self sacrifice play in the second path Leo points out? What can we expect would be different and how do we approach this second path? I don't totally understand what the difference is between deconstructing reality and the mind. Maybe I'm totally misunderstanding what you are saying Leo. If you had any insights I'd be really interested to understand how this second path is sought-after.
  9. Does anyone have experience with demons or bad spirits or something like that and have advice on it ? This is following a major awakening from doing yoga and meditation for 5-6 hours a day for 3 months straight. I've been experiencing nightmares and visions of demons or bad spirits when I close my eyes. Its not really nice I don't know if it's ego backlash or some kind of mental breakdown. Maybe I over did it with spirituality? I haven't ever experienced anything like this before ..
  10. Basically a video about certain abilities such as psychic abilities, reiki, telepathy, and various other shamanic practices and old eastern practices. A guide on how they work and how to improve them if you experience them.
  11. I was writing this post hoping to get some kind of support from the people here. I don't really know where else to turn to. I have been feeling kinda overwhelmed somatically and emotionally and physically as of late. What I feel is going on with me is that I just finished a long stint of doing Hatha yoga and silent meditation in a neo advita type yoga school for 5 hours a day for about 3 months straight. I have also In the past year and a half taken Ayahuasca 6 times and done peyote three times along with do 5meo dmt twice. To say the least I went on an adventure. I was thinking that I wanted to go super deep and find out the truth of who I am. I had some amazing moments and some rather intense spiritual experiences. I can't really describe them all because it's been happening pretty much non stop for the last couple years. it feels like my mind and world has shifted where I'm cognizant of very subtle energies. States of oneness and some profound states of consciousness. I know for sure that I could go deeper but to be honest I have little desire to at the moment. As of late the payoff has been low and the sacrifice has been high. My body has been getting sick multiple times a month. What also seems to be happening is that I am overly sensitive to everything. Almost like I went backwards and became some kind of toddler. I feel kinda in a rut because I've become cognizant of how my mind is fooling me constantly and I'm failing to follow through on basic things that I want to do. I also don't really want to take spiritual practices deeper for now but at the same moment I feel existentialism at doing anything else. I have tried to get back into hobbies and interests. Ive hit a barrier though with some depression. I feel a lot of anxiety with all the energetic things happening to my body. I just don't know what to do. Does anyone have any tips. I don't know I just wanted to vent more than anything. Thanks for listening. Any ideas to help my mind get out of this negative cycle.
  12. I am doing an Ayahuasca trip tomorrow. I have done this 5 times before and I have taken bufo also 3 times. And peyote twice along with some other psychedelics. I have had some deep insights into God and love and no self and oneness during meditation and also psychedelics. My baseline state of consciousness has radically shifted from when I began spiritual work although I am certain I'm not awake. It will be in total darkness with one person hosting for me and my girlfriend. Originally I had the thought to ask the Ayahuasca about some emotional things from my past. Such as to ask what happened in the first 7 years in my life. However today by happenstance I viewed Leo's vlog about his next level of awakening today. I know I am not willing to give everything up for truth yet but I do recognize the wisdom to a certain extent. My question is this: do you think based on my current level that I could ask the question to the Ayahuasca something like prepare me for Leo's course. Or maybe some other kind of deep question like to show me a deeper awakening into God. Or do you think doing emotional work is more productive in the longer term? Thank you for your support
  13. Recently while traveling in Mexico I’ve encountered people practicing magic and psychic abilities. I’ve come to find it’s real. There were two witches I met who wore this around there necks. Can anyone tell me the story behind this and the significance. I’m super curious.
  14. So I did a 10 day silent retreat and had an awakening during my meditation where it was like my mind had a quality of peace and bliss and love. Sometimes I feel love like a piercing feeling in the heart and it’s so intense it feels overwhelming. Each breathe feels like I’m breathing in peace and that I am peace. And the intensity goes up and down at times. I also feel like I took molly or something most of the day. I feel this energy radiating out of hands and in my heart and in my brain. I’m completely sober no drugs nothing. Also my mind had a peaceful quality to it of relaxation. I was wondering if someone knew about what is happening and if there is some religious or spiritual texts that maybe explain what I’m going through. I do have moments of normalcy. But it’s few and far between. I’m not sure what to make of any of it. This has been happening since the retreat pretty much all the time now. I will say there is a hint of mild anxiety at times as the intensity increases to be very strong to the point where it feels like my sense of self is dissolving but also ease and love at the same time.