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  1. oh ok i just have another coding. fire muladhara, air in this picture manipura, water swadhistana, earth anahatta - thats the chakra colour coding of the symbols. first, third, second, fourth. but personally in the ayurvedic circle i would also say aether was at heart in my personal imagination and earth would be at muladhara - so that`s why i got confused.
  2. this is such a nice concept drawing, regarding symbolism - although i still don`t get it from an alchemic point of view, i always think the symbols are not in the right order. it`s not a critique in that sense because i really like drawings like that but the symbol of the star, shouldn`t it be a connector? it is not really a harmonic picture for me - do you have any experiences with it? would you say it works that way? like: one, three, two, four and up? does it work in the other direction, too?
  3. @tsuki i know how everyone is giving tips and such it`s really nice and such and all the vids and such and all the models and such and all the different perspectives. but tsuki who counts? stop letting others bullshitting yourself, these are all nice concepts, don`t get distracted again from what is important. it`s nice to listen to all these soothing theories that are not manufactured for our actual problems and just diffuse the real issue again. this forum is an addiction we better get that into our heads. letting go of it once brought me further to myself, all these nice pretty stories and pahantasy person we created just distract us from really listening inside. if you really care for that body you are, not your immaginary body not your mind story, stop getting confused with where the answers must come from, you will not find them here, no one really cares for your relationship if you don`t do. and if you would brake apart everyone would just say accept the now, let go. what you then really do is giving yourself up, no tsuki you don`t accept it, but you can not change it, or can you? you probably know what that means: COMMITMENT not a lot of people here get how to commit really to others in their direct experience it starts with commitment to yourself. i`m sick of this purple washing everywhere. love the blindspot, the bunny didn`t come from nothing. start working on it, forget who tsuki is, it`s not what you are! it`s only one identity you have to let go. what is real about it, will not vanish because of that. it will probably grow. i`m here for you because you really need that advice, don`t be afraid throwing it away with all its 3,671 posts.
  4. maybe because she`s a female who integrated her masculine part quite well, i like how she approaches karma. i sometimes have problems with the softness approach of male gurus or buddhist teachers, because it always seems they push me more towards my soft side and asking me to surrender to that what i already am and give up on that what i already have, because of course they come from the other side to the middle path. also i go sometimes more into denial because of exactly that self bias which is to a point an xy xx problem.
  5. @Raptorsin7 the third eye is never closed, it is one of the false beliefs that it can be opened. it is like the eyes you are opening after every closing, it is always opening with them. be aware of it. be aware that there is a massive confusion in our world between focus and non focus or diffuse concentration aka awareness and this affecting how you use the third eye. the third eye is sometimes confused for a tool of power alone and some people even believe they have opened it while all they unblocked is a sharp weapon of controll. the third eye is not just an eye it`s a complex tool to visualize bio/spiritual dynamics. school the wandering eye first, before you unlock the prism.
  6. because we have blindspots, a little like the man who mistook his wife for a hat, but that regarding ourselfs.
  7. @tsuki hey, sorry i didn`t follow the conversation like i used to do that before. i realized that you have a manipura problem long ago. you probably are a person with a lot of pitta energy. if you want any more book recommendations i would recommend you to read "true love" from thich nhat hanh. it`s a very thin book, you can read it in a short while, but maybe you could stick with it, and just read it more often. the traveling as a shapeshifter is nice for a while but at some point your form starts to vanish, you start to dissolve and the illusion of you and the true you are maybe not coherent with what others percive of you anymore. remember what really counts! all this bullshitting about you being "just" a spiritual being makes you really want to be that because that`s where you feel good in, but it is a lie if you forget the nature of your surrounding - sometimes people have to tell us hard truths, i`m going through some similar awakenings since a while. i`m not sure if you are a narcissist, narcissism is usually held up by putting others down because the ego can`t accept being on a low hirarchical level or feels devalued verry fast and then can only maintain its position by devaluing others. i`m not sure if that`s the problem with you. what about simple chauvinism? or machiavellianism? maybe you need to search a little more - but be aware that every doctor usually suffers of hipochondria when learning about illnesses. maybe you just go more openly into the next meeting with the psychologist and find yourself one who can manipulate you better than you can manipulate him. agression problems and hirarchical problems are always red, i`m sure you are going through a phase where you observe these aspects about yourself to figure out how to coap with agressions/frustration - focus on that first. it`s not a walk in the park, it can take years. but a psychologist who treats you alone could help you target that goal over a longer period of time.
  8. but that can`t also be true, because if it`s absolute you would limit love through saying meaning limits love. what about the other way round love limits meaning? in a poetic sense i would not say that`s correct. i would even deny it on a scientiffic level, and i would deny that on a spiritual level - not because you try to say: love itself is a meaning because it`s meaningful, but because you say something (and it`s a critique on the english language) doesn`t really catch the meaning, a whatthing would be maybe a nice word or a iswhat or whatever word you would want to replace the thing that is not really an object. maybe in the sense of: meaning limits love: love itself is a meaning because it means somelove. i find that very limiting.
  9. notice it, and next time you are in the same situation you remember how bad you felt and you stand up. the best situation is when you really stand close you just need to know how then, you can even observe the next time when you enter the bus how the mechanism in the bus works to help that person, sometimes even the impulse to stand up makes people help who know how to help better, because even there sometimes people have a hurdle in them. for example i never knew that it`s possible to hold up a subway door for someone who comes running and wants to reach it until i moved to a city where this was normal. now i also do that in another citty, although you have to be careful not every city has trains with that door mechanism so it could be dangerous. get aware that you want to help, notice it everytime you feel bad and then notice how it would be possible to act differently. you didn`t have the feeling of successfully helping out yet probably, maybe because your body doesn`t know how yet, learn how and learn how good it feels. it`s good if you notice what you don`t like yourself doing and then change your ways - you can`t return to that situation, but you can prepare for a similar one.
  10. you render all of it, the incident, rendering the incident, rendering people who render the incident, render people who render they are rendering the incident, and rendering people who render they are not rendering the incident, and you render people who render there was never an incident to render because there was no incident therefore it`s fine to render there was no incident, and people who rendered the incident and deny rendering the incident because they deny their rendering as their rendering, and you even render that there are people who render not anything at all. although photography in that time was projected directly with light through a lense on negative and from the negative directly on paper, there was not much rendering.
  11. my whole life i have always been trying to understand this and still i don`t understand it and still i don`t get it and still i want to wear this star on my chest. remove all labels and write human in the midlle and there is nothing that devides anyone from what it means, i probably will never understand how anyone can use this otherwise after all this history of slaughter and murder and still not want this to end still not want to wear this as a sign against war and hate. put human in the center not war, we carry that burden together, i`m sorry for what i didn`t do, because i wasn`t alive then. don`t be a silent watcher don`t be a murder don`t become the victim by letting everything happen in quiet, at least be ready to stand on the victims side. there is no difference between victim and victim there is no difference between agressor and agressor we all are born naked we all are made of blood all we ever wanted was love, acceptance, freedom but some want more, they don`t give in to love, they supress, murder and devide.
  12. UN is struggling with money issues because some countries don`t pay the dues - it`s really interesting it`s like the world wouldn`t care to have an humanitarian immune system anymore. how especially weapon industry profits from it is also interesting, of course why should anybody care where their money goes to, or where it comes from. it`s especially interesting how people think if we earn money with selling weapons, then why should we invest in helping people. if we sell all these weapons, at least we must give the buyer a chance to have some fun... paying money to a country to care for refugees instead of paying an organisation is a huge political trap. europe is as dumb as the us. sometimes i wonder if anybody even remembers why we where in need of these structures in the first place. who doesn`t pay shouldn`t have veto rights.
  13. @EternalForest what you describe is in a sense already nostalgia because i bet with you some small villages have massiveley changed over time but still are stuck in some aspects in other centuries, general-worldly. don`t confuse the outer appearence for what is happening underneath, nostalgia sometimes also means that the value system is still backwards and very self biased, of course not always, some small cities or villages manage to preserve nostalgic values in a way where they still adapt to a sense of general openness towards the "strange" coming in, but some are not open enough. i doubt that cowboy culture is something to be preserved in the nostalgia of weapon ownership - when cowboy turns rambo or platoon or whatever movie of that kind i didn`t see, it`s maybe the wrong kind of nostalgia. in that sense of course preservation of culture is a source and culture is something that can be preserved in form of books and language and different media to be available, and you can create selected archives of such, but what you maybe overlook is that every travel into old culture of oneself is a work of archeology into oneself, or archeology into culture and always archeology into the past. not everything to be preserved not everything to be revived. regarding the usa i really still sometimes miss the reevocation of native american culture in its more original form instead of the hybrid but i also can see that a lot of people try to walk that road and i can see the formal language of it in recent years appearing also in european diy and decorative fashion because it has some really beautiful aspects to it and merges good with the actually unfortunately already very comercialized hippie revival in the decorative product area. it`s still something that should be grown besides it`s comercial sell out, then in the areas of revocation and historical surrounding. i also find the whole space future styles very controversial, how they are lived out in fashion, as like in the panthon aera it`s very difficult to achieve these looks without plastic, the futuristic style was plastic for such a long time that it`s difficult to get it out of peoples heads, with the nice clean surface look and the smooch seamless freestyle form best of all transparent ore rainbow metallic - a waste problem mostly and comparable to the cleanliness of atomic waste, on a much smaller skale, if it`s not recycled plastic. but who says the future looks like that? maybe the future looks more like a self tinkered toaster (search for that it`s funny). our time is a time where we have to be archeologes and if there are really things to preserve, yes they should be preserved, it`s not always culture what claims to be culture or history. it`s easy to preserve such things on a medium it`s difficult to preserve it in people over generations, if there is so much more of the world to discover. or maybe it`s the opposite some things get preserved for too long, often not what is really preservable, because we are already in twentyfirst century. future starts now. it has always been a travel into the past to make sense of it.