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  1. recently you are spouting so much nonsense - or you just write off - but hey maybe you can make a career as a right wing populist because i don’t see much left ideals anymore at least truth is just an empty shell word. its kind of interesting how you use spirituality and psychology to psychologically abuse people and use codependents to support you - cancel culture would at least serve you right, but you are too deep in the abusive mud as if anyone would care. we are not yet able to even get a hold on abusive behavior from the right, how would anyone be resilient enough to make sense out of what’s going on on this platform. this is so sick. how mad to believe this could be some kind of help to anyone - its all lies and a massively blown up sick abusive ego. nothing happens here - it’s just a psychological abuse machine driven by a perpetuum mobile - probably states subventionated, but at least infiltrated. or maybe it just grew much too much over your head. interesting isn’t it, i still wish you well - might be because that’s exactly what i‘m talking about. ah yeah, forgot purple is deeply racist anything below orange will be racist... you didn’t get that right, but i give you that you have a lot of purple toxicity, it’s not racism though.
  2. that’s your belief and therefore untrue - why should there be truth if you don’t value it? that‘s exactly how people create lies and that’s how exactly people loose trustability. well ofc you already said to not believe you - so i guess truth is not part of your value system.
  3. did you not ask yourself if feeding a dog ice cream can be still counted as green? i‘m not sure what colour label i‘d put on that either orange-red or toxic purple.
  4. its a desaster because it’s labeled wrong.
  5. you know there has been a practice once to not only wash hands before dinner but also the ears.
  6. well yeah def not because there is something sharp about „its not a competition for who dumps first“. if you want to have a conversation about the weather: no, it’s not yet raining heavily - but i guess you‘d need to open another thread for weather updates and talking about if you closed your window or not.
  7. are you stu*** or are you not reading properly? i have no interest in talking to you - stop commenting to my posts. you can’t speak for women’s perspective and you obviously miss that you are not really hitting the spot with women.
  8. yeah obviously no one gains by not waiting. except that guys seem to like to get lost as fast as possible and that’s exactly why girls in a lot of cases if going for sustainability instead for getting dumped fast are usually on the winning side by dumping the guys who are not willing to invest emotions nor responsibility. that going fast narrative is exactly why there are more single mothers than children growing up in families - i‘d wish women would shit prove their relationships even more in sense of how interested guys are really. you basically can’t talk for relationship interested guys you might even mislead them. it basically would rob especially younger guys of their first innocent experiences - you don’t seem to understand bonding rituals at all, or how trust is built. without that stuff the first sex will also not be special for a couple. porn industry destroyed all of that deeper understanding. even having these witch hunter mentalities around in this thread who try to imply falsehood and scheming on the women’s side because they cock manipulate themselves through life.
  9. well yeah and it works - if you are a witch and have a supportive social network. its as if you gain some kind of protective shield. i use an ahimsa at home, and some other stuff and like to burn white sage and do some personal cleaning rituals from time to time, not let negative stuff affect me - although i‘m still into problem solving and confrontation. happy to see you writing again
  10. @Moon if you are interested in the theory mainly, magnetism is only the surface part. but you can also observe a dynamic of response and repel within your social interactions through this. i sometimes rather be not too popular or likable for example than having intense emotional phases with a rough awakening. although evil eye stuff is all this mobbing related shit. wherever is light, must be shadow and it’s not always us who choose. LOA in a sense can sometimes have effects of extreme positivism which can have this bubble effect of denial, the LOA-self-bias. ofc positive thinking is important, although we all are sometimes stuck in negative patterns and ++ while in reality it’s +- is not the same. awareness is best if understanding -+ . evil eye can be like - - within a person but also represent a real social dynamic, i mean if people in a family for example make bad comments to the new wife of the son (sorry i use a purple example because evil eye is in a sense a purple belief) or not even that but always look at her in a mischevious way and she notices and maybe also while she is pregnant (using the example you mentioned) it will def have effects on that woman’s mood and psychological constitution and could even lead to depression, that’s what i mean with mobbing related stuff. ofc in a non purple setting this stuff is much more complicated. in a purple setting the eye symbol though as protective charm may indeed have some kind of moral function and remind people of being nice, polite and kind and supportive, if in a traditional surrounding - so the symbol in some sense must be known to be a real protective charm.
  11. i guess she mainly wanted to show how much time, energy and money women spend to be attractive - not every woman does spend that much money but a lot of women spend a lot of energy in testing different kinds of cosmetic products and methods to do their hair or for fashion to be attractive, a lot of males have high expectations which are not done by natural looks alone. her example is in a sense really representative how guys take all of that for granted. not even the motherhood argument of nine month + health or life risk is enough for some guys in this thread or that we ruin our figure and have to do post natal workout to get into shape again, no of course the guy could stay home after we have done the main work. its actually hilarious if you think about how little some men are willing to do to be attractive, maybe that’s because they feel safe with their money. but wait until women do all of that alone and men earn less money - i know a lot of strong women, mostly friends of my mom, no man could handle because most men don’t like independent women, they use to put out the emancipated flag but if confronted mostly the same old story. that‘s actually why i liked your first response in the thread - don’t let yourself get corrupted, focus on the emotional stuff and figure out the financial stuff together - the same with having children, some people want some don’t, i know some women who don’t want, i know some men who don’t want, i think it’s a personal decision and in no way selfish in both directions, but somehow if it does not fit there it does not fit there, and the own decision then must be consequentialy accepted and not to be pushed as responsibility on the partner - different life plans ofc can be a reason to not stay together. sorry the last part is def infiltrated by my earlier posts. i liked your first response ? that is the main message. and ones life and happiness is a precious re-source, it re sources through giving and taking but certainly not if counted in money because no one could pay back what they owe their mothers.
  12. am i talking to you? or date you?
  13. and you need to stop trying to tell women how the world works. its not about victim playing. in these modern times if i would sit face to face to you in a date i would stop the conversation with you asap because you would just annoy me. #go back to start don’t take 400$
  14. its a general phenomenon and you guys are just showing off your incelhood. everyone who is that clueless does lack experience. (and lacks watching female target group movies) @Kiko if you want to play safe go for the kiss, you can try ofc to close in for sex, if she denies does not mean she is not interested, just means it’s not the right mood yet. don’t ruin it because you want to show off to some guys about how hary your balls are.
  15. @blue orange (it’s not taken yet) girls go for it it sounds tempting. @electroBeam yes and some girls don’t expect men to provide but are in situations where they earn a lot less money and in general its more about sharing your cake or get a woman who is not interested in sharing hers and you don’t need to exploit for it, so you can still feel like there was gender equality.