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  1. @Virgo it means to stop projecting negatively onto someone else in a way where you try to make that person the scapegoat for your own fears. or if it was meant to release frustration in a sexualized way towards the woman because she is a woman and that’s a way to release frustration, it’s very low because it means you try to release yourself subconsciously aggressively into a power position above the woman what means that you will act towards women in your everyday live from a low level of red - lower chakra aggression loop. in some sense, why is it not the friend who left him but the woman who took the friend? - i would rather find out how tricky the subconscious plays on me than solving the situation by tying everything to that one person. real shadow work will reveal more about himself and maybe give him the chance to find the real source for the problem, instead of suppressing it.
  2. mhhh i have a complete different understanding of non duality. in some sense we could discuss every one of these positions and probably would come to completely different outcomes for at least half of them. but he somehow makes the talking about it already a no go which makes it difficult to talk about the essence of „what“ he is really talking about which he also denies being of any importance. the sheet therefore is critiqueless in itself. but nonduality for me means to see the juxtaposition in everything.
  3. what if you would start changing all of that? except for the video gaming maybe it’s good that you don’t like that so much anymore. you could start with not being ugly anymore, first you start with accepting yourself and then slowly you find a way of changing yourself also in a physical sense. also can you say exactly when your brother and sister feel strange/anonymous to you? are these special situations or is it bound to certain conditions which trigger the anonymity.
  4. rage, fury, sadness, frustration, non tolerance, denial, destruction, fearlessness, damage, physical overreaction, confrontation, explosion, choleric character, self feeding, brute, brutal, forcefull, non apologetic, vulnerability, (no) defence mechanism, cruelty, revenge, sadism, spitefulness, intoxicated, justice, injustice, unforgiving, seeing red, power game, attacking, pre thought, emotion... not all at once and not always in the same constellation or in any constellation at all. (and first of all just an observation no ego involved.) upper stomach, solarplexus rising to head.
  5. oh i like that one. the but hole was better though. i mean of course looking into the sun while putting on the plastic glove was. but during christmas some of them were looking like the window decoration of a kiosk. something like that was only possible by trial and error.
  6. yes we should only make threads about where amerika turns right, from now on 😂
  7. come mr tally man, tally me banana! of course cuba is a country with almost no industry except tourism. all they export is luxury goods. and of course cuban politics is in many ways blue and sometimes maybe red. and infrastructure mhhh, what to say, they need some more industry to produce themselves what everyone else is importing. and one of the things they would really need are architects and paint - to live in healthy homes. what they probably don’t need is investors who push them out of their homes to live in huts, (or help them renovate with asbestos). one of the most amazing parts about cuba are indeed the people! i could walk down the malecon at night and didn’t have to fear getting shot or raped or being robbed - of course that’s because the punishment is high for that but it’s also because something is indeed going „social“ there, despite all things that are not so nice. but hey when i went to the us i could have been shot or raped at every corner. cause everyone can live free here.
  8. in the last video @Leo Gura claimed that the purer you are the purer will be your trips on psychedelics. i really don’t like to say it but that’s exactly the kind of belief that makes people get into contracted belief of not being pure or worthy because they maybe see more horrible things than others - actually it might be the opposite. people who are purer than others might see much more shit and have much more terrifying trips than others. it depends on the drama and trauma they have been actively or inactively processing or not processing and the ability to make sense of it. if you are living in an pink elephant bubblegum bubble might be that everything seems pink elephant style but the moment that bubble bursts it’s the contrary of pure it’s absolutely sticky and difficult to wash off - but for some people that’s what it is like - that’s what pureness means for them. i‘m a little bit disappointed about that explanation. i think even with psychedelics it’s possible to selfdecept oneself that a child from irak would probably never possibly get a depression or getting maybe aggressive after being put into an american home and then being put back to irak again - sorry for the fingerpointer, get that one out of your pure pink beards guys.
  9. yes of course not... that would be a conspiracy, wouldn’t it...huh ähm that’s somehow mine-land. whatever that mine means - let’s say my ego is out of this game.
  10. no conspiracy theories!!! i was just joking - i think they genuinely have had enough of that kind of politics, they want change. not saying that they then wouldn’t also act with military in war situations, but maybe trying to find more sustainable solutions.
  11. @TheSomeBody actually because there are chief of staff i would think that it’s interesting - they must have had enough. yes probably not the intuitive choice to trust more into military officials than into politicians. but israel has a very unique history. i guess these people know best out of direct experience. usually military does what the head commands, if the head is corrupted what could military do? but i don’t know, you have to look into it for yourself - maybe it’s the opposite of what i am thinking and they all just plot something - probably together. have to be careful now or i get thrown out of the forum.
  12. @TheSomeBody i‘m not sure if having an opinion is always the best choice, in sense of self biases. sometimes it’s maybe better to not have an oppinion but wait until a problem shows up and then trying to find a solution. in that sense i guess the blue-white are kind of interesting, not making too many promises they then maybe can’t keep up to. at the moment they try to make a change of course all energy goes into that, they target the one problem which is the biggest for now. i guess it’s not a bad strategy. what to talk about what happens after, if the situation is that problematic - it’s very strategic what benny gantz does in a sense. you can’t look away because he is standing in the now completely.