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  1. I'm in my mid-twenties, and texting seems to be really important in the dating scene at this age. The attention span is so low so if there's not near daily interaction, people can't handle it. I'm fairly confident in my ability to read body-language and flirt in person, but over text there's so much room for misinterpretation, and people are going on about their daily lives, so girls are either not fully focused on responding to me or I to them. How do I make conversation engaging over text? I've been texting this girl that seems relatively interested in me, we've met in person and had sex and our conversations have been deep, but over text I just don't know what to say because I'm just going about my day, and I feel like just talking about my day is boring. She doesn't continue the conversations forward much, mostly just reacts to it in some way, usually enthusiastically but not with any effort to build on it. Yet she will still message me first, usually with a "good morning, how did you sleep?" or a "what are you doing?" and I'm essentially put in a position to carry a conversation when I have nothing to talk about. How can I develop my texting game?
  2. Creativity is a muscle that you need to build as much as possible. Techniques that you use to create music will suddenly give you a new sense of dimension when it comes to engineering, and vice versa. Learning and playing with many different hobbies and ideas and concepts is how you become a more well-rounded and intelligent being and come to conclusions that somebody who studies strictly engineering likely would not have come to. Write one song every day for a year, without spending too much time judging it. Create a SoundCloud profile and dump every song you make, no matter how bad it is. Just make sure you complete it in a day, and whatever is done at the end of the day is uploaded and out in the world. The results will speak for themselves.
  3. I'm a music major at a community college, and I consider myself to be a pretty damn good guitar player and singer, and have been told I am by many others. Yesterday, however, the time came for mu performance jury for the end of the semester, and I crashed and burned hard. I felt like I blacked out halfway, my leg kept bouncing and I got real shakey, possibly having a very minor panic attack. This extends past just music performance, though. I get just as nervous when having sex with a woman for the first couple times. Once I get comfortable, I'm fine and I can perform at my best, but for whatever reason I cannot control my anxiety. It doesnt matter how big or small it is, if I am doing something and people are watching or I'm aiming to showcase what I'm capable of, my brain shuts down and I panic. I try meditation, I try breathing slowly and clearing my mind, but for whatever reason the moments right before and just as I'm starting to perform I start shaking with anxiety and my breath gets short and I can't stop it. Besides further meditation and exposure, what can I do to combat this?
  4. There are a lot of communities out there based around hobbies that involve food and alcohol. Many people who are heavily passionate about food and experimenting with it will likely use ingredients that are generally considered by nutritionist's standards to be bad such as wheats, alcohols, sugars, etc. Even deeper than this, there are similar things with wine and whiskey, where people are genuinely passionate about the craft of these things rather than the "binge and get drunk" factor. Is there any balance to be had here? Is there legitimacy to these passions? I know there are chefs who will have a higher goal of cooking only with fine ingredients that are pure and healthy, but what about bakers? How does one maintain balance between partaking in what they genuinely feel passion for doing, and living a healthy lifestyle? This topic can be stretched even further outside of nutrition with people who are passionate about video games and film, even. At what point does passion become addiction, and how can one maintain it as a passion without ever falling into a harmful addiction? Or is there no difference?
  5. I'm no stranger to weight loss, I've done all sorts of diets and calorie counting and I've lost a significant amount of weight since high school. However, as I get older and more into personal development, I find myself pushing to eat more raw foods and do more cardio. My goal is to get as lean and toned as possible. I can usually go a week or so with a near perfect diet, but then I hit a point where I just binge and I don't know why. Should I have one day a week where I eat bigger meals? I thought I'd gotten over binging long ago but the closer I get to my body fat goals the stricter I need to get and it just brings me back into binging.
  6. How can you do it in such a way that you can market something that will provide benefit to society? That's probably the biggest question.
  7. Definitely a point there but I wouldn't believe it to be inherently harmful, definitely susceptible to being harmful though. I.e. animal abuse.
  8. An ex girlfriend recently has been trying to get back in touch with me. My relationship with this girl was very toxic and she ended up cheating on me. The person that I was during this time was terrible. I was mean, selfish, and hurt a lot of people during that time. I've made the firm decision with myself that I will, under no circumstances, be seeing her again. However, with all of these thoughts and emotions arising, I'm feeling a lot of shame and guilt for who I was during the 2 1/2 years I was with her, and I don't know how to forgive myself or move on.
  9. What would be the benefit of supplementing vitamin D over anything else? I probably should take it as I don't particularly get much sun exposure where I live or with my lifestyle. I also fast most of the day, generally I only eat one or two meals a day so I fear being vitamin deficient, especially with having gut issues.
  10. I'd like to take supplements but I just can't afford to buy individual vitamins and minerals once a month. Is it worth taking multivitamins or is the quality too low to bother?
  11. Don't worry so much about ego and spiritual death and all of that if you're so new to the work. Focus on practicing personal development and self-love. Playing and modding games is fine, do it for passion if that's what you enjoy. The whole point of self actualization is to see what it is that you can offer this world and to explore your own existence with love and passion driving it. Don't listen to spiritual people with a stick up their ass, you don't need to sit around and do nothing all day to be awakened.
  12. I actually work at a liquor store now, and even though I can agree that it's extremely damaging to people and many fall victim to severe alcoholism, it's unfortunately extremely important. With so many doing construction, nursing, or any other abysmal yet EXTREMELY necessary wage slave job, it's the only thing some people have to look forward to. Besides, like others have mentioned it can be done consciously. There's a huge difference between downing a 12 pack of cheap beer or a bottle of booze, and buying a high class bourbon or wine and enjoying it amongst friends on occasion. It's a great thing that requires a lot of responsibility that some just don't have, but it's one of the most necessary evils imo. It's not going anywhere.
  13. If it has calories it's going to break a fast. Coffee and tea have been debated but I don't believe they break a fast, also I've heard of bone broth being a good option but I have yet to try it
  14. I'd never even heard of SIBO but all the symptoms sound exact. I see that there are tests you can buy yourself online, can I trust them?
  15. I've noticed that I have a very sensitive stomach. It does not take me much to feel satiated when I eat, and it also does not take much for me to feel bloated. So far I have notice that a good number of nuts, beans, dairy and an overabundance of cooked vegetables makes me feel bloated, but I'm not sure what else I should look out for. Does anybody else have a similar problem? I've been to a doctor but all I received for advice was to experiment with my diet, and maybe get allergy testing.