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  1. @Frenk Great visuals! I will definitely try that. Thanks.
  2. It's about genre? Or story? I don't really understand how to put game in some stage. Shooters are mostly red? I can understand that. Is Turquoise games necessarily a simulator? Or it would be that in story explained specifical stage values. I'm always loved adventure genre in video games like I have no mouth and I Must Scream, Myst, Legends of Kyrandia. Some of RPG too like Planescape:Torment. What stage in dynamics are these games? And I will appreciate you name Turquoise/Yellow/Green Quests-Adventures if they exist.
  3. @Kross Yeah I too have this problem. It can be very frustrating in many situations from work to just going to party at friend's house. You can't enjoy yourself when your bladder is full and really hard to concentrate on important task when you need to. I've seen people who just do not going to pee all day long because of that (do not do this! It's a huge mistake and mockery on your body!) You can try these tips that worked for me: 1) Go to the toilet saying to yourself "Okay, if I will not be able to take a piss now I can just always return here again later" 2) Distract yourself, think of something relaxing so that you just piss. 3) The longer you stay and do not pee the less the chance that you will be able to pee at all! Think less about standing like an idiot. See point 2. Some advice expose yourself to such situations so that get used to it. And find a friend that you fully trust and try to piss in his(or maybe even her) presence. Maybe that will help.
  4. @soos_mite_ah I 20yo too and will share my thought. Because I'm not a girl my social "challenges" is different. I was working mostly in only men environment and seen mature and self-developed people who is only few years older than me, have a goals in life, do not waste time on some shit. So called "climbers". Not only in career but in education, their own business or just in everyday life. On the other hand, I've seen men in their early or even mid thirties who is just piss their life off. They are working in the same petty jobs very long time and have no perspective, no interests and killing their health. Personally, I have friends that only older than me but! the most mature and smart is 22yo guy. In any case, your biological age is not so big denominator. Especially, in our times when easier to become who you want to be. When you visit many places and meet many people you become more comfortable with this "age" thing. Just take it easy. Oh and I want to give you another perspective of "dating with older man". Lately my 27yo old friend fall for 18yo girl from his work. So he started to aquaint with her. The even go date several times. Everything was going smoothly until she asked him about his age and then "eewww you so old hehehe". Then she teased him and eventually they broked. What the matter? I know him as decent guy and sure that he did not have "dirty" intentions. And now you talking about this here. I just don't understand such thing.
  5. Not actually. I thought that I have experience but on a first day at the job I understand that I didnt. I get through it and worked there some time. But that another story. My point is: you can say truth knowing that they may not understand and will feel all nervous about it and employer even may think that you lying. And in the end you don't get that job. Or you may lie and pretend competent, work here some time and maybe they will kick you out because you incompetent. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Thats works for me. Just sharing it with you. I my teens I had problems getting a job. Of course that only my opinion and may not agree with me.
  6. @Shiva99 I don't know details of your employment (are you worked officialy or not and are you just worker or some specialist), but you always can lie them. Write in your resume what you expect them to expect:D from 27yo guy. In my experience I found one of my jobs this way: "Have you any experience in this branch?" "Yes". Thats all. Also I recommend you to read a book by Chin Ning Chu " Thick face, Black heart". This may point to you how to act in such situations.
  7. @Marcus1968 then why meditate anyways? It's such a time waste.
  8. Maybe that already been discussed. But anyways, do you have friends or family members who caught this virus? Have they recovered? Any advices from living people and not just talk from tv or internet or another mass media.
  9. @Buba Hey. Do not internalize fears and prejudices of your environment. Maybe you do not disgust your homosexuality, but just can't make difference between you and your culture? Travel in another country, if you can. Be well
  10. @Serotoninluv You are right. I depend on her in some degree. She's my only close relative and I want to see her as companion in my path.
  11. @Moreira Maybe it is about your expectations. I too sometimes had naive expectations about something and sad when real life don't match them. Choose another restaraunt and library for example. You may try many techniques about get rid of frustration but remember that you don't have to frustrate about your frustration and beat yourself up.
  12. I know what you mean. I doubt that she will talk openly with therapist. She have complexes about many things and love to lie to others to get what she want. And there is option one too. You write objectively good options to take. Thanks for reply.
  13. Incredible. I don't know that even a books on such matter exist. Thanks
  14. Hello everyone. I'm need a some advice from people which maybe have more experience in this matter and in life at all. At first, about myself. I am 19 years old and like many young people learnt about self-actualization from one of Leo's videos. It was about meditation. Just some day I feel like I want to start meditate and find this no-bullshit guide Of course I become interested in other videos and find it very helpful for me. Very helpful because it works. But my post not about it, but about my mother. I live with my mother almost all my life and have a relationship with her quite different from most of families.She divorce with my father when I was 2-3 years old, because he drunk very much and beat her up. She was always like a child even when I was born; go partying, drink alcohol; don't care about how to make living, don't even really work. Her grandfather, my grandgrandfather spoil her, I think. When child, she had no need to care about anything. Then he passed away when I was 8 and I and my mother left without money, only old house with yard. Thus my school years I suffer that is to say, poverty (I don't even say about subsequences of it). We live on because of some relatives helping us. My mother didn't work at that time, have part-time job sometimes, even then she whine how she hate it. After school I find my first normal job at 17 and from that time we start living better. Make some renovations in house and so on. For example, in my childhood we living a shitty lifestyle, shitty diet. I change this. And because of that that I manage money my mom too not eat junk food anymore. I like it, I feel better, and this is economic. But she don't like it. Roles in my family change somehow. I feel myself like parent of some mentally handicapped child. Last few years she suddenly grow old, become more stupid, neurotic and watch tv and internet most of time. She treat me like some weirdo because of my healthy lifestyle, meditations and yoga. She whine that I don't love her. When I said her that I from now will not eat white bread, she says something like "It's because of that fucking bald guy you watching?"(about Leo I presume). Today I had a very good party that my company organize for coworkers. When I come home she says that I go to party and don't give a shit about her. I know she envy and angry. But I don't know what to do about it. You say that all about she sit at home and degrading slowly. I proposed her some courses, she refused; work in company that I work myself, refused. She do not want to leave home, do something even at home. She does cook and cleaning but in a very painful manner. I see that she fall apart somehow, like sand castle. She's 46, but emotionaly like 60. Complain about headaches too. Before diet change she has complained about stomach aches, but now, after stopping eat junk it alright. I think she have some disease and propose her to check in hospital, she refused. But I love her though. I have good memories with her too. It's very painful to see something like that.