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  1. Am I Right in Thinking I'm Too Young To Be A Life Coach?
    Am I Right in Thinking I'm Too Young To Be A Life Coach?
    You could go and get involved right now. Or you could try to build your own way. That will take time. 
    Its easy to go to a Gym, fall into line and become a health coach. Or even go to a University, consume their standards of information and bring it out into society. But this will not serve an awakened person. 
    The real motivational people I respect are the ones who came from nothing. The ones who decided to walk their own way. I'm sure you feel the same. Fuck the Standard. Its 2020 Bitch, time to walk your own path or watch someone else create it. Find your own way. Throw all the rules and standards away and create something that no one has ever though of. I am excited to see what you will bring. As long as you don't conform to the norm. Because I'm not normal, and I won't learn and grow from anyone who is. 
    And regarding not liking your job. FOLLOW YOUR HEART. Quit if it gives you pleasure and just watch how quickly you will grow and forget about those limitations. If you can afford it. And if you need the money, grind, and fucking work your ass off. That will only enhance your story. But always realize at what level you are willing to conform. Will you stay at a shit job for the money? So that you don't have to experience your perceived failure? So that others won't look at you like a loser? Or will you stay uncomfortable and press the reset button over and over again until you get the desired results that you know every fucking person deserves to have. Your choice. Don't sell out. Ever. 

  2. Question for Chronic Fatigue
    Question for Chronic Fatigue
    I do suffer from it and from my research and experiments I learned:
    1. Beliefs play a crucial role in how we feel, chronic fatigue usually comes from low self-esteem and living in fearful states. Alexander Lowen talks about this indirectly in his books. I highly recommend you to research bioenergetics and learn to untangle this fatigue patterns. Start with the book "Fear of Life" and "the denial of the body", both by Alexander Lowen. Also, see: 
    Great videos. Your body and mind are 100% connected and close in a feedback loop. If you stay laying down all day, the body and mind will want more of it, and if you get used to exercising, your body-mind also gets used to it and asks for more. 
    At some points in my life I had a few jobs where I had to be standing up and walking for 8+ hours. At first, I thought I wasn't capable of it but when I HAD to do it, I found that I had way more strength and energy that I previously thought.
    2. Negative thought loops, decision fatigue and personality fatigue (not being your self) all deplete our energy way more than we like to think. Here is a book that talks about it: Poise And Power
    Be extremely aware of your thought pattern. Envision yourself constantly full of energy and enthusiasm but with poise and power (not that jumpy jittery weak kind of energy). 
    The mind can heal ANYTHING. 
    3. Raw foods diet, sunlight, nature, pure water. Don't put anything in your skin that you wouldn't put in your mouth, that included industrialized soaps, shampoos, medicines, etc. Avoid coffee and stimulants.
    4. Work on your first, second, and third chakras. They affect your adrenal glands that it is probably shut down right now. Most people live in a constant state of tension and fear, secreting adrenaline and cortisol all day and causing adrenal fatigue. 

  3. So its all over when you turn 30?!?!
    So its all over when you turn 30?!?!
    I get where you're getting at with this! And I've noticed the same. I think in some things you benefit from being under 30, but some things are not even achievable at a young age. In some things you need so-called crystallized intelligence and/or life-experience to achieve them. You're exactly where you need to be in your life right now. No worries, man! 
    EDIT: typos

  4. So its all over when you turn 30?!?!
    So its all over when you turn 30?!?!
    Figure your shit out NOW
    30 is basically nearly dead.
    You know how fast technology is expanding?
    You wont be able to keep up as you get old
    Kids will be smarter than you
    They will learn from their own generation how to make money and you will be behind.
    Normally you should start at around 14 to work on yourself but men dont teach men anymore.
    You now what else? TIME
    You have a job which drains and occupies your mental space AND then you have a body and mind who is degenerating.
    Great combo. 

    Dude youre done if you "start at 30". No one ever started at thirty. Most successes came from people starting at age 0-17 with EXACTLY what they wanted. Even tony freaking robbins started being mentored in self help and nlp being 17!!

    Your value decreases with your age.
    A 21 year old student ? Aw so cute young man!
    A 29 year old student? Ehh you smell!

    Stop listening to people who make you feel better, Yes its never to late to start but YES it is to late to reach something significant when you shit away the rocket fuel of your youth. 
    Thats just facts. But youve basically shot yourself already when you said "Im fairly satisfied with my life" Are you joking is that your vagina talking?
    AT 26, you should be balls deep uncomfortable sleeping on the fucking floor having nightmares about your business collapsing tomorrow yet holding on to the fucking vision you have for it written down on a dirty cum napkin from wendys which is the only thing in your wallet next to a picture of your dick and 20 dollars

    And yes, a 20 Year old who cant reach his toes if his life depends on it, HE IS 30 already because of soda pops and Videogaming. 
    Blame it on their ignorent boomer parents but it doesnt matter.
    Man move today, you have no idea how much work it really takes.


  5. The World Could have been better this way
    The World Could have been better this way
    Lol, one thing's for sure, you certainly won't have to spend much time waiting for death in the world that you are envisioning - you'll be literally bored to death after three weeks tops!
    Alan Watts explained this really well in one of his talks; he asked his audience to imagine what it would be like to be an all powerful and all knowing entity that can create absolutely anything without the slightest effort. What kind of a world would you create? Obvious answer (or rather it should be obvious, but obviously it isn't obvious at all to the overwhelming majority of people living on this ball of dirt): You definitely wouldn't create some boring place where everyone is spending their time sipping on Earl Grey tea and watching the butterflies flapping their wings 24/7, HELL NO; such a place would be as dull as ditchwater. Instead, you would create a reality where you could experience a real adventure including joy, pain, challenges, suffering and redemption, light and dark, beauty and ugliness --- in other words, this place right here.

  6. Integrating the lowest stages of spiral dynamics
    Integrating the lowest stages of spiral dynamics
    It's my impression that if you don't acknowledge or integrate the lower stages of development, that will arguably lead to more disruption in your life than neglecting the higher stages. The lower stages act as a foundation: the higher stages act as a refinement of that foundation. Without a stable ground, you're nothing but a house of cards, a tumbleweed, a snowflake.

    For instance, if you don't integrate stage purple, you'll ignore the most basic aspects of belonging to a community: it will make you an outcast, a schizoid, an alien to society. Granted, this is a rare phenomenon, but it can happen.

    If you don't integrate stage red, you'll neglect the most basic parts of your individuality and become too agreeable: not being able to say "no", and ignoring your emotional impulses. A typical example would be women who are "givers" and get taken advantage of easily.

    Neglecting stage blue leads to a lack of order, grounding, purpose or a sense of direction. Examples would be career criminals, deadbeats etc.

    Failing to integrate stage orange will leave you poor, unresourceful and without ambition. Examples: hippies.

    Of course these ideas only give a general picture of how an individual is formed (nothing is set in stone), but it's a good map to follow nonetheless.

  7. Wanted: Voice timer app telling me how much time has passed in my meditation
    Wanted: Voice timer app telling me how much time has passed in my meditation
    This is so unnecessary and antithetical to the purpose of meditation.
    You might as well ask for an app that shows you porn every 5 minutes while you are working.

  8. An Experience of Infinite Universal Love. April 5th 2020
    An Experience of Infinite Universal Love. April 5th 2020
    On April 5th 2020 at around 11:00 PM I had an experience that changed the way I perceive life and an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. I had a nondual experience unlike any other I’ve ever had before. It was an experience of Infinite Love, complete and total Infinite Love. Recently I have been thinking about and meditating on the areas of being, manifestation, suffering and love. In the days leading up to this experience I have had an increased feeling of calmness, freedom and intense mindfulness. Despite the external appearances of my personal life currently as well as the current affairs of the world right now I feel more free and calm than I ever have in my life. It all feels quite ineffable.
    On this particular night I could feel the intensity and depth of the mindfulness I was experiencing. It was a depth, calmness and present moment awareness that I have noticed always precedes my past spontaneous nondual experiences. At the time I was listening to my favorite ambient song and taking in the profound beauty of it. While I was mindfully listening something happened. In an instant everything in my experience of reality just collapsed down into a singularity the experience of perceiving time ceased and I was overwhelmed by a massive torrent of Nondual Universal Love. I began crying and this crying quickly grew to sobbing as my perception expanded almost instantaneously into everything in all of existence. I was everything that ever was, is and will be. I was all of it. However there was no experience of I the self was obliterated the moment this infinite love overwhelmed my being. I have had several nondual and psychedelic experiences on my journey thus far but this time there was an incomprehensibly large flood of ultimate Universal Love like a transdimensional dam had burst and a flood of love from the totality of all existence itself completely engulfed my being. This Love was so much, so powerful that human language entirely and completely fails to describe the absolutely profound level and depth it had.
    I immediately knew that existence is Love. I saw the ever present nondual beauty of everything from this state of overwhelming Love. I felt so much love flowing through my being that I felt was melting. Everything that constituted any sense of separation was melting. All I could do in the presence of this Infinite Love was cry in its infinite beauty. Tears of sheer joy and love streamed down my face as I had never felt love so intensely before. I could feel this energetically affecting my physical body on multiple levels, subatomic, atomic, molecular and so on. The feeling of melting away from the intensity of infinite love was ever present. More and more all forms of individuation were melting away. It was as if the Infinite Love of all of creation was a red hypergiant star and that my individuated ego and body instantly melted into disintegration when coming even into contact with this profound absolute Love. It was the most profound thing I have ever experienced in my life. Out of all of the nondual and psychedelic experiences that I have had I’ve never felt such profound Love like this. As I was totally enraptured by this experience I felt the love that a mother feels for her newborn child, the love that the earth has for all of the lifeforms on it, the love of the fabric of existence itself. I felt love that I would instantly sacrifice my physical life for and even beyond that. Love beyond what I thought was ever possible and still that love bloomed and became even more intense. It was an infinite absolutely unconditional love for everything; for all beings, for all phenomena in existence.
    As I looked at the room around me I noticed the objects around and I was one with everything. I was on an existential level no different from the bed, the walls, the clothes, the air in the room, the carpet, the dirt on the carpet, the computer. In the binding unity of love I was everything in all of existence without exception. I picked up one of my shirts nearby and folded it up and I held it and hugged it as if it was a baby. As if it was my baby, my child because really all of existence is just that. I felt and exuded this love more intensely than I can put into words. There was a pillow nearby and I picked it up as well and I held it with all of the Love that I could muster. And still the perceiver of the experience was totally melting in contact with this infinite and profound love.
    The intensity of the experience got to the point where I felt that my body began vibrating. And I felt this very strange and intense feeling of vibration specifically from my heart area. This strange pulsating vibration branched out from my heart across my entire chest, neck, shoulders, my upper abdominal area and upper back. This pulsating vibration was so strange to feel going through my body. With every breath this pulsating vibration expanded more and more through my body. The intensity of this Love was so great that I didn’t know how I could possibly take anymore, however it continued to expand and even further more engulf me even though there was no me left. As this continued there was the overwhelming feeling of gratitude and reverence that arose as well. I totally embraced obliteration by love and totally gave into the massive tsunami of universal love. The feeling of reverence was too much for words. Tears continued to stream down my face. The pulsating vibrations I felt in my body became even more intense as I placed my hands on my heart I just wanted to open my chest and blast out Love everywhere infinitely. I am not too knowledgeable on the chakra system about how energy flows through it but I feel that that in this experience I had a powerful heart chakra opening. With each heartbeat and each breath I felt my entire being vibrate and reverberate with Love. There is just pure Love.
    I came into a state of awe for the enormous love which always emanates through the totality. I just began to say, “wow”, over and over again. Followed by; “this is too much”, over and over again. The level of love that existence is and has for all incarnations is so profound that I don’t think we’ll ever have a way of describing it. You just have to directly experience it to know. As I was fully embraced by the infinite Love of existence I grabbed a blanket and I just wept uncontrollably into it. This went on for what felt like a while. I wept into it from the existential bliss, the existential joy and the sheer incomprehensible amount of love that I was experiencing. And I realized that the substance of existence is Love; that without love that nothing and I mean nothing could exist. Nothing could exist without love. You and I are love. We are love incarnate. We are a love that is so profound that when we know ourselves it’s the most amazing and beautiful thing that you could experience.
    The peak of this experience lasted for about an hour. For the rest of the night through sleep and into the next day I was in the afterglow of experiencing the profound infinity of love that constitutes all of existence. I had the realization that everything we beings do in life without exception, we do for love in one way or another and it is expressed in a spectrum of countless ways. This is the first time in life that I have experienced the Love of reality as it actually is; pure nondual infinite Love beyond the illusion of individuated ego experience. Love that will obliterate you because it’s just so much, Love that will break you down and make you cry, make you sob intensely.
    A part of my being is fully awake now. I feel energetically different than before that experience. I feel energetically different now, as if I am a different person from before this experience. Experiencing that level of Love permeates every aspect of our being and our experience.
    One realization I had was that my entire life up until this experience I thought that suffering was bad. Now I know what suffering is. Suffering is what happens when we knowingly or unknowingly turn away from Love. Because a person who truly understands Love, a person who truly loves themselves would never turn away from Love whether it be the Love of existence itself, the Love of another being, or Love of themselves. The only reason truly that we suffer individually and collectively is turning away from Love, that’s it. And that can breed many other things as a result but fundamentally it’s very simple. If you turn away from Love you turn away from what you truly are and when you turn away from what you truly are you’re out of alignment with the loving flow of the totality of existence and when you’re out of alignment with the loving flow of existence itself; it is so painful. That is when our experience becomes suffering. And we don’t have to suffer. What would serve us best in this life is to constantly and consistently choose Love at every second of every day. Forever. To choose whatever is the highest expression of love. And bask in its radiance and live in this place for our entire time of incarnation.
    I felt true freedom in this experience. True freedom. Love is the substance of existence. Love is what you are. There is never ever anything to fear. There is never ever anything to fear. There is never ever anything to be afraid of. Just Love. Just be Love. Just choose Love every single time. Because that is what existence is built upon. That is what existence is. It only hurts when you turn away from love. But if you dive completely into love and totally melt into that experience of being love you will truly know and experience what you are, what the universe is, what God is and that will change every aspect of how you look at life, on the deepest level in every way and thusly change your experience of being forever. I Love you, whoever you are, for we are One.
    I want to thank @fridakaia for helping me so much to truly understand what Love is. She is a beautiful and profound being and a lightworker. I also want to thank @Consilience for encouraging me to dive more deeply into Love on my journey.  

  9. Insights while watching Leo's video about Salvia Divinorum
    Insights while watching Leo's video about Salvia Divinorum
    Every sense of self depends on a memory. Material reality is nothing else but manifested memory (Karma).
    Memory and imagination refer to the same construction process, past and future meet themselves in the present.
    A memory could be described as the reflection of raindrops on a spiders web inside one of these drops.
    The mathematical analogon for a memory is the number of illetarations within the same self-constructing algorithm.
    A multidimensional fractal, splitted into an infinity of temporary „selves“, each experiencing different start- and ending points
    (different illateration/zooming-levels = perspectives) of the same underlying process called creation.
    This self-defining process can by defintion have no memory of its own beginning and is not capable of imaganing (and therefore manifesting)
    an ending for it-self, because every (first) memory is being constructed by imagination and every imagination (about the end) is beeing constructed by memory
    (=relative to, dependend on it) within the present moment.
    It can always imagine a beginning further back and the notion of death must relate to a memory going extinct.
    This mysterious algorithm/process itself exists „outside“ of time creating (imagining) it and „inside“ of time experiencing (remembering) it.
    Time is just a limeted-information yet infinite inward/outward-zooming (-∞; +∞) and only appears for „selves“.
    Their information-limit stems from the lack of knowledge about their own starting point (and ending) and everything before or beyond it.
    A self is just a little section of the infinite self-mirroring echoic wavestructure,
    existing through a relative, limited, quantified gap within the never-ending self-referential attempt of the self to know it-Self.
    Nothing can contain itself (but nothing itself).
    Similarily you can't become fully conscious of yourself, unless there ist no self.
    Keeping in mind that there probably exist different parallel algorithms/timelines/etc. beyond our limited imagination and experience as selves,
    we can clearly see the impossibility of understanding reality completely let alone putting it into words and symbols without confusion.
    Language and the dualistic viewpoint in general is a memory (a reletive perspective) about the process (the absolute, reality),
    and the process is nothing but imagination of relative perspectives.
    This version of reality you are experiencing right now must be the way it is, in its tight, tough and stiff appearing structure,
    for you to be able to refer to yourself as a (consistent) self.
    Therefore no matter how enlightened you are, your limited bodymind-avatar consisting of condensed cosmic memory is unable to
    create/imagine and experience/memorize more than its own little section of reality allows him to do.
    All the teachers only have grasped some dimensions of beeing (as you do),
    some are even stuck in the idea that a tap into god-consciousness revealed everything to their little egomind.
    Anything relative in this world is an imagination of god, every object, every self.
    Beeing able to read, you obviously don't experience full god-consciousness (no particular limited memory such as language) right here at this very moment, though the existence of it is everpresent in the "background" of course. So don't let anyone fool you about it.
    Any teacher using communication to express the highest truth buys into this corrupted reality
    so his words are coming from a one-dimensional limited memory.
    There are always higher levels and deeper understanding. But no one else can tell you what reality is like better than you can.
    If someone tells you he experiences god-consciousness and you don't, he has not really understood.
    The realisation of the guru beeing one with everything, imagining and experiencing it, including all present perceptions of your here-and-now reality, is nothing but your own realisation of yourself beeing the highest authority.
    God-consciousness is not personal, though the individual bodymind can feel liberated by the knowledge about an existence of the Self outside its limited boundaries. If you experience limited, condensed reality right now, there's nothing wrong with it. If it has happened, it will happen again.
    Don't desperatly try to hack your way out of reality pursuing enlightenment, for it is attaching you to the memory you try to forget (your bodymind).
    The true acceptance of the here-and-now-experience will give rise to the wise, humble, empathetic and authentic guru you love the most.
    He knows about awakening and sleeping, the absolute and the relative, the eternal and the temporary.
    Realising that you were sleeping is only possible from a woke perspective. But you should keep in mind that sleeping is possible, too.
    I felt quite inspired by Leo's video, how about you? What are your thoughts about it?

  10. The Grandmaster of Personal Productivity
    The Grandmaster of Personal Productivity
    In my opinion this is one of Leo's most underrated video's:
    In this video Leo introduces us to his personal knowledge management system. He closes by emphazising the importance of figuring the "how to build one for myself" part on our own. I agree that blindly copying someone else's system isn't an effective way of building one's Commonplace Book, but at the same time I wanted more information on the topic. So I did some searching and found someone truly remarkable. The guy's name is Tiago Forte and his speciality is "Building A Second Brain" (other phrase for Commonplace Book). Very yellow. He has an awesome blog, densly packed with goodness. Highly recommended for everyone trying to get the most out of their learning/ personal knowledge management! Great for building one's digital productivity infrastructure in general.
    Here is a great post to start & gain an overview of his teachings: https://praxis.fortelabs.co/the-digital-productivity-pyramid/ 

  11. [Games] Playable Explanations for Understanding Collective Issues and more
    [Games] Playable Explanations for Understanding Collective Issues and more
    On Segregation:
    On the US voting system
    To build a better ballot:
    The Wisdom and/or Madness of Crowds:
    All of it:
    There's even a game on some of Wittgenstein's Insights, though it seems longer and isn't online.

  12. Special Books by Special Kids
    Special Books by Special Kids
    Chris Ulmer goes around and interviews people with different disabilities.  This channel is so great for learning about their perspectives.  Here are some of my faves:
    So much love! <3  These will really make your day.

  13. A list of +300 documentaries of a wide range of topics
    A list of +300 documentaries of a wide range of topics
    I think this was shared somewhere in the forum way before, but I thought it would be fitting to repost it here, enjoy.

  14. How can we know its not all come from the brain?
    How can we know its not all come from the brain?
    The brain is a hallucination.
    Do the work and see.

  15. New Girlfriend With Severe Depression
    New Girlfriend With Severe Depression
    I've been in that exact situation before.
    It's gonna be really hard to make that work.
    Usually serious depression, anxiety, and low self esteem are a sign of some deeper trauma which she is avoiding/denying. Often it could be sexual abuse, rape, death of mother or father, etc. Serious stuff. This tends to go hand in hand with alcohol and substance abuse. So watch out.
    Such women get very needy, very clingy, very emotional, and they are almost impossible to help because they perceive suggestions to get help as an attack on their identity. As in, "Why don't you love me for who I am?!!!" A needy person is so desperate for love they cannot handle truth. The slightest suggestions for self-improvement trigger them. This creates a self-fulfilling prophecy effect where their fear of being abandoned makes them so clingy that no healthy relationship is possible, thereby leading to abandonment, reinforcing the idea in their mind that they are unlovable. No serious communication is possible because such people cannot handle truthful communication. They want fantasy and sweet lies.
    Such people need deep therapeutic help, enormous self-help work, and lots of spiritual development. Unfortunately they tend to refuse any such thing -- making their relationship impossible.
    And finally when you try to end the relationship, there will be huge waterworks and the threat of suicide.
    Try to see what you can do. Try introducing her to some basic self-help and self-esteem work. But also understand that this person has deep inner wounds which you probably cannot fix. Such wounds usually take 10-20 years to resolve, and that's IF the person is interested in working on herself.
    Try to figure out what the root cause of her depression / anxiety is. Usually it's a traumatic childhood or teenage event. She is likely to hide such an event from you because she's scared that if you find out you will leave her. Such women often lie a lot to themselves and therefore will lie to you. It's part of her coping strategy to avoid deep truth or deep self-reflection.
    In practice such women can only be in highly dysfunctional relationships until they do some serious self-help work.
    If she has serious low self-esteem, chances are high she's got a history of abusive relationships. Try to dig into her history to get a sense of what you're dealing with. It could be some dark stuff.
    Don't blame yourself. Some women are just like this and cannot be helped until they seek help for themselves.