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  1. It depends on the sincerity and the Truth behind the whining, the purity of intention, and the reasoning as to why why a person is calling out to God for assistance. Those who call upon the Lord with a "genuine" conviction in their hearts are "saved", either through promise of an elevated future, mitigation of their current circumstances or guidance that they can count on in their lives, and often an inner Light that reforms the person in time. Look at this video with a discerning eye as this is the True nature of God. It is in my personal interpretation of this video alluding to a recently deceased person who has lived in poverty and overlooking their old memories one after the other. It has a very disembodied feel to it, as though the person themselves is not attached to the past, but just taking note of the sensation of life despite what it became. At the end of this, it is then elevated and moves on reflected golden waters through the gates and towards the Holy Trinity - represented by three Lights. The language of God is one of metaphor, allegory and symbolism and so you have to get good at interpreting its "calling" to you. God's mercy is sometimes given in life and sometimes death. There is struggle, but the reasoning for this is that the polarity of pain and pleasure is what allows things to evolve. Within limits. There is a natural balance to it and if you overstep it, there are consequences. When I had my first awakening, I knew nothing about God or spirituality. It unraveled on its own, after getting sick, being on my own. I did call out a few times and spoke out as though there was a person there waiting to hear what I had to say. There wasn't any selfishness, or greed or anything within this - just the baseline state of "I hurt. I don't know what to do. Help me. Come to me if you are there. Comfort me." A few months went by and I started to do research into the nature of my problems in an honest way. I got out of my way and just peered down at each thing, every fear and discomfort and wall that I could find that would keep me from being whole. As my sickness got worse, it was a last resort in order to get well enough to survive. The fear of death came to me, authentically. I couldn't run from it anymore, it was riddled in my body - and so I just sat with appreciation for the design of nature, of music - and then... God was there. And within that experience came a road that I have always been able to follow back - so long as I am loving, honest and humble and continue to seek the Truth - to never get stuck on one thing and to do my best. And to repent. To be honest when I have done wrong. Over time, my awareness would come and go, new puzzle pieces to play with, new insights to collect, disassemble and integrate - and what I can tell you is this: God is mercy and love. It will absolutely listen to you as it does not want its creations to suffer. There is a much larger perspective plan to evolve out of this. This is not the final "form". If you want mercy, be prepared to offer it. You get what you give. The more mercy you wish for yourself, the more you need to bring it up and out into the world through your intention in such a way that every action moves like a dancer in accordance with divine Law. "Love your neighbor as yourself." And do not infringe on the rights of others. God can change, grow, add on - but it was always destined to be this way. If you are a person who can make a difference, then it was put into you as a potentiality from the start. The chess board is multi-dimensional. The more you give, the more the doors open. You need to do this as a daily practice, where you eventually get to the point that you carry this in your heart most of the time. I am by no means there, but I work at it every day, and each day those doors open up more and more. It isn't that you don't have the power to change the design, it's that the design is predetermined, and so if you are to change it - it already knows and has laid out the potentiality for this. So what is the plan, the prophecy for why it's doing all this, pain and pleasure?: To bring an awareness of heaven to all of its creations. To bring awareness to itself through you, while you also remain yourself. Like a hive mind, or better yet, a dancer that knows and works through all its parts, aware of every cog and gear, and yet those parts have autonomy. The truth? You are so important, that how much you are able to do this in this version of yourself changes the whole game for everything on a level that is not apparent in the outer world. Follow your Heart. Would you kill for love? If everything else falls If their kindness betrayed You Took all I had in me Made my dreams so pale Now they want you to Bleed When shadows call Lay your eyes on me Find the light hiding inside We stand against the fear The gods will bow We'll make it out alive One more tear, one more bloodshed Their golden crowns will fade So weak under my blade they'll Fall right into their grave When shadows call Lay your eyes on me And breathe through me once more We stand against the fear The gods will bow We'll make it out alive Rise and take Them down
  2. I won't wake A wealthy man someday 'Cause the sun don't follow me I won't wake Without a song to sing Nothing to some Everything to me In my worst I'll do my best To make it seem Like I am happy 'Cause I've grown numb Dry as my tear ducts Have grown dumb And empty But don't give up on me Give up on me Give up on me
  3. Feels like I'm standing in a timeless dream Of light mists, of pale amber rose Feels like I'm lost in a deep cloud of heavenly scent Touching, discovering you Those days of warm rains come rushing back to me Miles of windless summer nights Secret moments shared within the heat of the afternoon Out of the stillness, soft spoken words Say it, say it again I love you always forever Near or far, closer together Everywhere I will be with you Everything I will do for you You've got The most unbelievable blue eyes I've ever seen You've got Me almost melting away As we lay there Under a blue sky with pure white stars Exotic sweetness A magical time Say you'll love and love me forever Never stop, never whatever Near and far and always everywhere and everything I love you always forever Near or far, closer together Go within, look into everything that is holding you back, making you lack self and other love, into anything that is preventing you from having compassion and mercy for Other. Anything that comes up, look into it from above - no judgement into yourself - just write it down from as many angles as you can. Look into your fears. Make it known to the universe that you are reading and willing to understand. When the genuine fear of death arrives, don't put a mental layer over it. Feel into those sensations in your body - bring your awareness up, and in the present moment offer Love, appreciation and gratitude - use music and beautiful images if you need to, to remind you of how stunning reality can be. Literally send your gratitude while you are going through the fear of death - send it out and meet God in the middle. Practice this and in time God will give you the answers personally tailored to your own path. It can't be explained through words and there is a lot of nuance that blossoms from that first encounter. You will know it when you feel it - an illumination in all things around you, it will tell you exactly what it is and there will be Love, Truth - like wiping the grime off a dirty window and seeing for the first time.
  4. With the sting of the whip on my shoulder With the salt of my sweat on my brow Elohim, God on high, can you hear your people cry? Help us now This dark hour Deliver us Hear our call, deliver us Lord of all, remember us Here in this burning sand Deliver us There's a land You promised us Deliver us to the Promised Land My son, I have nothing I can give But this chance that you may live I pray we'll meet again if He will Deliver us (deliver us) Hear our prayer, deliver us From despair, these years of slavery Grown too cruel to stand Deliver us There's a land You promised us Deliver us from the bondage And deliver us to the Promised Land (In a "funny" mood tonight - sorry, kind of vague humour. In my experience, most people mirror your subconscious/karma/trauma so focus on bringing Light to it and these things should help - I wish I could offer better advice, but I am a permanently single person - saving it all for something else. Another thing, though, relationships can be a distraction and take you off your path. I think people in general can take one another for granted, or perhaps they have their own issues to work through? Having a long-term meaningful connection is a lot of work, and I think a lot of people, me included, don't want to or simply can't put in the work that is required. When you meet someone initially, it can seem easy, like the newness of it generates energy and it kind of tricks you into a false sense that this is a feasible connection, but over time when you see the person or talk to them a lot it can become more apparent that it isn't the right relationship. I think that happens to a lot of people and instead of breaking it off, people sort of "counter surf" like a pup looking for a quick bite to eat. I wouldn't take it personally, it's the age as well. Connection is much harder to find/maintain than it was just a generation below mine. This newer generation of 20 somethings has it rough.
  5. Welcome Goddess Healers Medicine woman Mother’s This is the g-code I am all that I preach to be I invite you all to take a leap with me Astral projecting through frequencies Let's vibe it out, smoke this leaf with mе Keep it enchanted I really want to hit up Palm Springs With my queens We be manifesting finer things All our dreams Rulers of the green reign supreme Game clean Surround myself with ultralight beams That's the thing Defenders of the kingdom of Kush Down in Venice smoking blackberry Kush I do what I want I do it for fun I do it for us I do it with love Celebrating life on the daily The more I do that, the more they pay me Elevation everyday, I'm committed First I see it, then I go out and get it If you wanna feel love, you gotta give it Don't ever let 'em knock you off your pivot Keep your vibes high, don't you get it? It's a journey, so your work is never finished If you wanna see it happen, write it down That's law I usually like to cop it by the pound, for my dawgs Keep a couple rose quartz around, for the heart Be confident when you are wearing a crown, you are art Compassion Forgiveness Live with more intention Speak life Give thanks Stay dedicated to ascension I am all that I preach to be I invite you all to take a leap with me Astral projecting through frequencies Let's vibe it out, smoke this leaf with me Keep it enchanted Tap in, stay in tune with your cycle Let it flow Every Moon welcomes in its arrival Let it glow Free bleeding on the earth is tribal Let it flow If it isn't vital for your survival Let it go Protect your energy, make time for yourself You don't have to work for nobody else Focus on your spiritual wealth Watch it manifest in perfect health Meditate then your payments escalate Hope you're thriving, and you're living your best today What's great is that you're better than yesterday Practice self-love daily, that's a power play Compassion Forgiveness Live with more intentions Speak life Give thanks Stay dedicated to ascension Give love Stay young Make the most out of your existence Live healthy Self-love Be consistent Did you know that your womb, is the gateway to heaven on earth? Stay inspired Confident Aware Stay positive Enlightened Keep rising Keep grinding Take breaks Keep shining Keep it sacred Have patience Have trust Believe the universe is always conspiring in your favor You are blessed You are exactly where you need to be Continue loving unconditionally Continue being the light Lead the way Set the examples You're doing a really good job
  6. Just keep going with it, keep working on your practice and eventually an experience will hit that will give you the answer into why charity and being generous to those less fortunate is important. I could tell you, but it won't do the raw experience justice. Essentially, reality is like a water that imprints the various things you do in your life for good or bad - and when you get either to the end of that life, or if you have an awakening into this, the clay-like structure of it falls away and shows itself. The more you give to others and show them empathy, mercy, compassion, in an authentic manner - this comes back to you either in this life or the next. How you move forward spiritually hinges on doing these things, the more you do them, the more "secrets" are given to you. You are creating everything, but to do so in a way where it changes outcomes in a way that you can see - in a way that goes down the line with some degree of importance - and makes a difference for yourself and humanity - this is given to "conscious creators". Your senses literally extend into the outer environment and so instead of just building upon what the body and ego desires, you see that the outer world is your garden that is your duty to tend to as well. You will then see karma working in real-time and it just grows, it gets better, you become more lucid, life gives to those who give back. The do this, the Universe, the Earth, watches you and opens the gates accordingly. "Ascension." Rather than doing it inauthentically - try to simply open your mind to it and let it wake up within you. Alright, it's only a pizza, fellas. C'mon! You mind sharing? Now, now, c'mon, don't fight! Alright, I'm gonna - I'm gonna tell you something about sharing! What's mine is yours What's yours is mine The more you share, the more the sun'll shine! Hey! Will you put that pizz- look! Stop it! This is not right. You shouldn't be fighting! Listen to Uncle Charlie! Whether you're the boss Or someone's pet The more you give The more you're gonna get! You've got a little or a lot That's it! You've got to share 'cause you know what? That's it! Hey, I'm proud of ya! Each other's all that we have got The sun'll shine, if you share all the time! What's mine is yours You've got a little or a lot! What's yours is mine You've got to share 'cause you know what? The more you share Each other's all that we have got! The more the sun'll shine The sun'll shine If you share all the time! Whether you're the boss If you're a boss or just a pet Or someone's pet I will be glad to make a bet! The more you give The more you give, the more you get! The more you're gonna get! More than you had! The more you're gonna get! All your life! The more you're gonna get! All your life! The more you're gonna get!
  7. I am a question to the world Not an answer to be heard Or a moment that's held in your arms And what do you think you'd ever say? I won't listen anyway, you don't know me And I'll never be what you want me to be And what do you think you'd understand? I'm a boy, no, I'm a man You can't take me and throw me away And how can you learn what's never shown? Yeah, you stand here on your own They don't know me 'cause I'm not here And I want a moment to be real Wanna touch things I don't feel Wanna hold on and feel I belong And how can the world want me to change? They're the ones that stay the same They don't know me 'cause I'm not here And you see the things they never see All you wanted I could be Now you know me and I'm not afraid And I wanna tell you who I am Can you help me be a man? They can't break me as long as I know who I am And I want a moment to be real Wanna touch things I don't feel Wanna hold on and feel I belong And how can the world want me to change? They're the ones that stay the same They can't see me but I'm still here They can't tell me who to be 'Cause I'm not what they see Yeah, the world is still sleepin' While I keep on dreaming for me And their words are just whispers And lies that I'll never believe And I want a moment to be real Wanna touch things I don't feel Wanna hold on and feel I belong And how can they say I never change? They're the ones that stay the same I'm the one now 'cause I'm still here I'm the one 'cause I'm still here I'm still here, I'm still here, I'm still here
  8. (This video, if done with sincerity and a willingness to change, will fix a lot of the toxicity on this forum and in one's life.) I wouldn't say that's entirely true. I noticed that my behaviour wasn't where I wanted it to be - it's still not perfect - but I realized that I was fighting with people around me and acting in a way that didn't feel right i.e. discordant/making me stressed/lack of sleep. A few people brought this behaviour to my attention and I mulled it over, after having some health/death scares as well as some awakenings and just in general not feeling "right" by these actions I started just working on being more loving and kind. I still feel it on some days, but what I do is this - for anyone who has trouble with this Write out what the ego is feeling. Read it. Delete it. Write out the underlying emotions and suppositions. Post that or delete it. Research how to change your viewpoint - don't judge - just watch and wait - eventually the bigger picture shows itself and you'll see right where you were wrong, and you'll also feel better about not acting on snap judgement. Forgive and send a blessing. When someone or something triggers you, it is a hidden blessing. Compassion - compassion dissolves all of these issues and is shown to actually facilitate more lucidity. As I started doing this, my inner landscape began to completely change. It was getting very dark and is starting to become lighter/more lucid. If it's a habit, like it was with me, or triggers from trauma this can take a year or two to really settle in - this new way of relating. I also took up Christianity, following Jesus's word (you all are free to follow your own beliefs/awakenings) as I found his path to be a good role model to emulate. I don't think I'll be the next Jesus, but the magnitude of his teachings are humbling. I feel... changed. Toxic people can change. But they need to see it in themselves. They need to be hit with the mirror in a way where they can't run from it, blame anyone, project - it's just karma and that's it. That's the accumulated reality. And then things can grow from that. I also find that maintaining humility, giving myself ego-checks and keeping an accurate assessment helps with this. Not every toxic person is a bad person, they just might be in a bad environment, they could be mentally ill, physically unwell - a whole host of things, really. I see why you need to do that, though. My wish was that we all could try to get along and build this place emotionally/energetically where each of us sort of "offers" aspects of this puzzle and everyone can build upon it - and maybe this is what it will take to help people.
  9. @lxlichael A song for your dad. Angels singing within it - the picture above is of insects on a window, but also similar if you look closely to that of lace angels' wings - showing that they/we are all in perfect order on an invisible "field/window glass", singing in unison to praise God's Light. The invisible field represents the connection, we are all on this journey together. I hope he gets well and that you feel better soon. You have to listen to the song and look at the picture with the scene in mind to really get the magick of the two combined. Sending prayers.