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  1. I've managed to find quite a satisfactory amount of new music today.
  2. My dreams are like this music video, and also in high definition. The worlds - I start out in the middle and the entire way of life is different. Somehow the brain makes up a movie that is so incredible in detail that it could never be replicated, and I forget, because of the complexity. The sky reminds me of Kali, of time. I'm smaller than an ant, a grain of sand, a germ... I know what Kali is beyond the veil of just the image that people have portrayed, which is helpful. I never knew, but they seek out devotees, aimless people. The lost and long suffering. If I left earth after this lifetime, it would feel like an incomplete project. Life path number nine. "A place to belong." Homebound. Look out the window: The view. Directionless souls still lost in the "water" are out there. Many of them run blindly into the next human life when a wave hits them. Still a beginner. "Welcome to the panic room" "Life is "lifing" You feel me everywhere I go. Remember. Fragments. Prayer. Change room. Opening the door. Incoming deep water! A Beacon School. "It's late..." I know. "The long way home." "The hidden forest." "Faith engine." Alright, come close Let me show you everything I know The jungle slang Spinning 'round my head and I stare While my naked fool Fresh out of an icky gooey womb A woozy youth Dopes up on her silky smooth perfume "Chasing rainbows." Before you exit - The Butterfly Effect. I don't really enjoy this song, but the background works well. A blank canvas, plants growing all around in the dark. The canvas is illuminated. You can be anything you want to be, that's the best thing. Deep end of the pool. "Hey." "Soak it up." "Transfigure" Oddling - anomaly Accidental poet. New grass The kisses of the sun were sweet, I didn't blink I let it in my eyes like an exotic dream The radio playing songs that I have never heard I don't know what to say, oh, not another word Just la la la la la, it goes around the world And now the night is gone, still it goes on and on So deep inside of me, I long to set it free I don't know what to do, just can't explain to you I don't know what to say, oh, not another word Just la la la la la Organize this l8r. It goes around the world. I'll leave it there. My karma is clearing up. I've been working on all of these.
  3. I'm in alignment. I went to make a vanilla cake and got too stoned and left it in there for an hour - it is super burned, but still good. I'm just taking a long reincarnation road to learn as much as I can. Melted butter is good with this. There's a different power with deep yin. Stoneburner Lane. For this lifetime, I am a pale, invisible architect. Stairs upon the temple I climb and I'm crawling Wonder how much further I go Ooh Feet that fall apart till I walk on my ankles Can I finish I just don't know...
  4. I wish I could try it. Maybe someday, the soft come up sounds nice.
  5. Hi John, I am glad to head that they helped you. I love that scene, it kind of comforts me in a way, it's a pretty good movie. An old roommate showed it to me one night, he always had strange movies like this. Thank you!
  6. My soul is fine, I've found more of it lately and have also been vaccinated. I don't think it does anything to the soul tbh. Sometimes healers take this kind of stuff a bit too far imo.
  7. @SQAAD I feel that way too sometimes, most nde experiences happen during cardiac arrest.
  8. @RickyFitts you're welcome. 🍻
  9. I think it takes practice. I have had insights that seemed super real, that turned out to be false, but learning they were false was part of learning what was true. It can be really hard to tell, because you can have like... 90 percent truth, and 10 percent falsity, and picking through it takes some work. That 10 percent can mess up everything else! It's certainly not a linear process, that's for sure. I like to write it out and roll with it, and have had some insights into truth so if something proves false, I just take a step back and try again, a different route. Sometimes, it is both! Sometimes karma hits you. It's all a lesson really, like learning a new skill.
  10. @JuliusCaesar Wouldn't that be nice, though? I'd love to get rid of that last one there. ;P Kidding, kidding.
  11. What was it that he took? edit: Salvia, didn't see that. Yikes, not my cup of tea, I hear you can get stuck in "forever" as like, swiss cheese with holes being punched into you or something very terrifying and abstract like that.
  12. @Preety_India Oooh nice. I have a few on etsy I've been eying. Good luck!