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  1. Good to know that oxygen deprivation and breathing in microplastics is a healthy habit.
  2. If you can get it from an unvaccinated animal, then it's a mega-superfood. Whenever I had a real good raw liver, it literally got me high. Vaccines are full of heavy metals, and the ones they give animals are even worse than they give humans. The heavy metals, along with the other poisons, are stored in the organs and in the fat tissue.
  3. Listen to your body. Don't give up good food because some hippies call it non-spiritual.
  4. I thought about this quite a bit because I'm a barista and I quit coffee over a year ago. I'd always loved coffee, I loved the smell of it even as a child before my parents allowed me to drink it. At work I drank a lot because of the addiction but also because tasting makes you better at your craft. Eventually I decided to make health my #1 priority and I quit caffeine altogether. I'm happy with the choice. All in all, I think it comes to what you value more in life. I'm passionate about health and natural living, and even though I like my job and I'm good at it, it doesn't align with my values. Imo values should come before your cravings and addictions, and even appreciations. Another path one could take - continuing with the coffee example - is to ensure you only deal with the highest quality beans, and to find your balance in terms of consumption. For me, I've done so much tasting in the past that I don't need to anymore. I can tell quality of the coffee by the look, smell, consistency, temperature, latte art, the sound the steamer makes when I turn it off, the customer's feedback, and so on.
  5. My mom and grandfather took it and both became very sick afterwards (my grandfather ended up in the hospital with 40c fever, vomiting and headaches). Needless to say I didn't take it.
  6. They're specifically designed to leach as many chemicals to the food as possible.
  7. You looked great in the before photos. Now you're quite emaciated and anemic.
  8. That's a big if. I've never met a healthy vegan in my life. Almost all of them have been depressed, pale, skinny, hormonally disrupted (feminine men and masculine women) and chugging pills, who yet claim that their blood tests are fine and they are therefore healthy human beings. The whole notion of each person being able to thrive on a completely different diet is fiction. A bulldog, a labrador, a Siberian husky - all have the same digestive tract and eat the same diet. Every cow on earth has the same digestive tract that is designed to digest grass, be it in Switzerland or in Canada. Every single indigenous human group on earth ate an animal product based diet. Yet religious new-age people nowadays bring up the idea that we can just turn into herbivores overnight. It's laughable.
  9. How can you lump all of these together in one category? You crave fat because you are literally made out of it and it is absolutely necessary for survival and health. Even if you avoid fat and eat carbs instead, your body will do whatever it can to convert the carbs to the saturated fat you tried to avoid. You crave sugar because it's a quick source of energy, which in nature was scarce (tiny wild fruit in season and honeycombs). The modern sugar industry preys on your natural senses and bastardizes them, which leaves us confused at why something tasty is so bad for us. Our bodies were made to utilize these natural sources of sugar in the small amounts they were available at. Eating pounds of processed white sugar every year is a whole other story. You crave salt because you are mineral deficient. Eat plenty of raw dairy, drink celery juice, and eat oysters - see how disgusted you will grow of salt. Your senses are made to guide you in nature. Unnatural foods were created to confuse your senses and have you happily digging your own grave.
  10. Meat is the most living and conscious food there is. "Spiritual" people ego tripping with their starvation diets is the most cringe thing there is.
  11. Well, that's a debate for another day. The point is that your senses are designed to guide you in nature, not through a modern city in the 21st century. When you're aware of this, listening to your body becomes very easy.
  12. I agree, as long as it's polished like the old school ones.