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  1. All stages do this. Not only blue
  2. Indoctrination is one of the main reasons. When a person is born, he/she is fed with belief systems that the previous generations passed on. And that basically continues until the person finds out that they are being indoctrinated.
  3. Which youtube channel(s) do you use to listen to them?
  4. Happy birthday Leo. You are an amazing person who changed my life for the good. Thank you for everything! P.s. Treat yourself for your birthday by fapping 😘
  5. That's really good. Even though i am not part of any religion, i will be fasting during the islamic ramadan. I want to see what a different state looks like
  6. Can fasting bring us into a different state of consciousness?
  7. Does the level of consciousness stay when you "die" and reincarnate in your next lifetime. E.g. when a hippie "dies", will he be reincarnated into something more conscious or will he be reincarnated into a nazi
  8. We cannot fully solve the problem of covid 19 without a vaccine. This is quite unfortunate as many people will lose jobs and many businesses will go bankrupt but that's where the country comes in. Our countries must help people who have financial difficulties now. That would be better than what Trump is doing now
  9. Some people confuse orwells "1984" novel with todays situation. Even though there are some similarities, we are in a period where covid 19 is threatening to kill millions of people. In orwells novel, he talks about a repressive regime, which was already the political system in that fictional country. In short, we are facing dangerous times where we need to act in order to save people. Many of those proposals are needed
  10. Thanks for the reply I don't consider myself a full blown conspiracy theorist and i don't believe in bs such as: - flat earth -9/11 hoax - fake moon landing, etc... But some of them sound quite realistic. Especially the fact that the coronavirus started in wuhan, where the biggest lab in the world is located. Again, I am not saying that I believe it but it is possible
  11. Hey guys! I was contemplating today about an interestong question. Where would you peg conspiracy theorists on the spiral? I am kinda confused because I see them as skeptics and that would mean that they are orange. But I still don't know is that true. What do you think. I am especially talking about conspiracy theorists about covid 19. Thanks
  12. @Ampresus In my opinion, most, if not all of the haram foods are considered unhealthy. So there is no need to eat it. I used to be a muslim. Now, as an atheist, I still don't eat the haram food because it's unhealthy. Just get rid of the ideological beliefs you have of islam and you'll be ok. A good way to do that is through contemplation.
  13. I've been doing binaural beats every now and then. They can be extremely powerful. Generally, I use them when I want to heal something. Although I cannot guarantee, I feel that binaural beats have the capacity to heal.
  14. @Apparation of Jack I agree with you. I'll just try to avoid these conversations with him. @Aeris Yes but the problem is that i live in london but my parents were born in turkey so that means that i occassionally have to visit turkey. And, really, most people are at a stage blue or lower level. My friends in london are orange and higher. @John Lula hahaha i like beef more than turkey and chicken combined