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  1. I'm sorry. I meant schools should go online. I didn't phrase that correctly. Yes, I mean ROI. i just say Ireland because it is more convenient. A deficit in the budget is never good. The EU will help ROI but for how long? Usually, they give out loans so I don't like the prospect of returning all that money through taxes.
  2. The only problem with this is that schools are apparently going to still be open. That means, nearly all non-essential shops will close leaving businesses dead. There is also a load of people that don't want to wear a mask. There was even a protest in Dublin regarding the fact that masks are "dangerous".
  3. I just read some article that says how Ireland is going into another lockdown because of a rise of cases. Now, I know that protecting people's lives is very important but, yet again, the Irish Economy is getting worse and worse. They are already in a deficit for this year and they suspect an even greater deficit next year. What is your opinion on a new lockdown and do you think that it is necessary at this time? Should the schools close?
  4. They are not lying about it consciously. They REALLY do think that the virus either does not exist or it is as weak as the seasonal flu. They are the type of people who believe in us vs them thinking.
  5. I live for this day ?
  6. The same can be said about me. Throughout our day, we switch from colour to colour. Also, I saw a comment above that said that wagw slavery is blue. I feel that this is an over-generalisation as there are people who work who are at orange and green (e.g. computer programmers, pilots, scientists, etc..). This is why I do not really find myself at one stage.
  7. I totally agree with you. I realised that about a month ago. Literally, it is near impossible to map yourself onto this model. We are complicated species that cannot be mapped on a model.
  8. I am in stage orange with some aspects of green and all of my friends are roughly at stage blue ?. I don't think it really matters where your friends are on the spiral. As long as they are good people, you will have no problems. As far as how to interact with them, just tell them what you think and how you disagree with them. Try and talk with them about trivial things that have nothing to do with religion, morality, success, etc...
  9. Lol. I never knew that ?
  10. That would be a good idea for a video.
  11. I would like this
  12. After watching this video, a couple of things need to be said: The police dealt reasonably well with Brooks until the moment of handcuffing. There was even some small talk about when his mom died, where he was, etc... When he resisted handcuffing, the police shouted out loud "you're going to get tased". This was a warning for him to stop. But he still resisted arrest. While he was wrestling the police on the floor, you can see that the police guys were probably losing it. The police are pictured as people who deal with people easily and arrest them without any problems. They definitely don't want people to see them being wrestled to the floor and pushed around. That hurts their ego. He then runs away and the police guy fires three shots. I would not concentrate too much on how many shots were fired because they were fired so quickly. He didn't think about it I think it is unfortunate that the guy was killed. From this video, he looked like a nice guy up until the arrest. But he did take the taser and this could be very dangerous. He could potentially do a lot of damage with it. But, in my opinion, if I was that cop and I was wrestled to the floor by some drunk person who is resisting arrest, I would definitely not be calm and relaxed. I am not saying that I would kill him but I am just saying that I would not be relaxed and peaceful. But I do think that the police man could have shot him in the leg or any other body part that would not kill him. But then again, I never handled a gun in my life. I don't know is it even easy to aim at a person while he is running. This situation is way more complex than the way the news and the protesters are showing it. Also, I do not think that he killed him because he is black. The police guy would have shot the guy even if he was white, asian, arabian,black, religious, non-religious, male, female, transgender...
  13. I don't think that there are stage red atheists. I think that, if you are stage red and don't believe in god, you just call yourself a non-believer in god. To be an atheist would require more knowledge and nuance which stage red does not have.
  14. I agree with the perspective that Leo has presented. The police go through some tough shit out there. I want to say something very important now. Imagine that this was a white man instead of a black man. If the police guy shot him, no one would have made such a fuss. But because he is black, the whole story gets turned on its head and now, it was apparently because he was black. P.s. i know that black people are dissrespected and they need more rights. It is evident. But we have to be objective here and look at the situation without bias
  15. Well, that's what I was saying. However you turn it, the news topic will be subjective. I have not met any topic that was delivered in a non subjective fashion. The only way to make people aware of this is through educating them about this and similar problems. Everyone needs to think for themselves and realise what is happening. But this is extremely tough in practice and our mind is tricking us every fucking second of our life.