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  1. @Ampresus In my opinion, most, if not all of the haram foods are considered unhealthy. So there is no need to eat it. I used to be a muslim. Now, as an atheist, I still don't eat the haram food because it's unhealthy. Just get rid of the ideological beliefs you have of islam and you'll be ok. A good way to do that is through contemplation.
  2. I've been doing binaural beats every now and then. They can be extremely powerful. Generally, I use them when I want to heal something. Although I cannot guarantee, I feel that binaural beats have the capacity to heal.
  3. @Apparation of Jack I agree with you. I'll just try to avoid these conversations with him. @Aeris Yes but the problem is that i live in london but my parents were born in turkey so that means that i occassionally have to visit turkey. And, really, most people are at a stage blue or lower level. My friends in london are orange and higher. @John Lula hahaha i like beef more than turkey and chicken combined
  4. Another bad part of stage blue politics is that they rely on the afterlife. When i asked my friend why is denmark better than turkey, he just said how this world is pointless and how heaven is the thing everyone should be going towards.
  5. I forgot to sat that he said how turkey has a strong military force and that this means that they have a strong economy. That's the main reason why he thinks the corruption rate is fake. P.S. he does not support the law that saudi arabia passed the other day where women can travel without having to ask their husband. I find that absurd 😂
  6. @Leo Gura Agreed! I even feel that my friendship with him is starting to get cold. Even though i'm an atheist and i dont like religion, i kinda cant admit it because he would literally not talk to me if he found out. And it would be kinda painful for me because we have been strong friends. But as i study spiral dynamics, i can see where people are at and where i should be. This means that i must be honest. That's why i told him about the corruption map. But i could clearly see that this literally dangers his survival. Just to note another interesting thing. He told me how the turkish president erdogan is extremely intelligent and how all the rest of us should just shut up because we(he included himself) will never be as intelligent as him. This utterly shocked me. He also said how sufis can put a sword through them and still survive. He even guaranteed to me that no non muslim can do that. I laughed
  7. The worst thing is when i start getting into the logical aspect, he literally goes mad. The worst thing is that he has been my friend for over 10 years. But as i develop myself, it becomes harderto communicate with him because i fear that he will bring me down
  8. @Serotoninluv yeah, i identify myself at orange. But I do have some compassion for him because he lacks the ability to reason. He's too ideological
  9. When i saw the corruption map, i immediately went to see the corruption rate of turkey, which was 41. Now, my best friend is a devout muslim who adores turkey. I am an atheist but i have not revealed it to him or my family yet because it's considered taboo. When i told him the corruption rate,he immediatwly started defending turkey. He said how everyonr in the world is against islam. He thinks that they made up the statistic.He also says how turkey is extremly evolved. Whenever i say words such as proof, evidence, he just says how i am too logical and mathematical. Another interesting thing is that he believes that the sharia law is similar to democracy. I completely disagree because sharia does not allow free speech. What stage of the spiral is a person who loves turkey, loves islam, loves the ottoman empire, loves war? I find it difficult to even talk to him about these matters. He even brings science in the equation by saying how there is some mathematical logic in the kuran! It all sounds very primitive.
  10. I feel that i'm solid orange. But I can see the excesses of orange, e.g. food, lack of environmental consciousness.
  11. @Bojan i think that Yugoslavia was at stage blue of the spiral.
  12. @Psyche_92 now, i'm not really that good at giving advice in regards to nofap. But i recently realised something important. I am only on day 4 of nofap but i feel like i will finally defeat my addiction. The way i did it is by using consciousness. I just looked at myself on the mirror for about 10 minutes. I looked at my acne, which was caused by fapping. I also thought about all health problems, which were also caused by fapping. I didnt play victim, but looked at it in a detatched way. And i feel like it clicked. If you want a video that explains this is better detail, i recommend watching leo's video: awareness alone is curative.
  13. @Bill W i agree. But hopefully, someday, i will be able to do a retreat properly. For now, i'll just continue meditating, doing some tai chi and nadi shodhana.
  14. @Chi_ No, because i have not purchased the booklist. Even though i'm 19, i still live with my parents so i'm not financially independent.